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Get Ready to Beg The Evangelist for Forgiveness in May

Posted by Debi Moore on March 29, 2017

Back in 2015 we told you about the psychological thriller/horror film Clean Cut, and now it’s heading our way on DVD with a new title, The Evangelist, and artwork. Of course we have all the details you need right here!

From the Press Release:
ITN Distribution has acquired the rights to worldwide distribution for the highly anticipated horror/psychological thriller The Evangelist with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and eOne Entertainment releasing the film in the US and Canada.

On May 9th, enter the sadistic world of The Evangelist, a Bible-quoting serial killer who has a small New Jersey town gripped with fear. Is he the same maniac from the past continuing his moral cleansing or a new, merciless angel of death?

The film, which won two coveted awards at the Atlantic City Cinefest Film Festival for Best Horror and Best Actor, stars Keith Collins (The Meat Puppet), Doug Bollinger (Waltzing Anna), Samantha Artese (The Coffee Shop), and Michael Billy (The One) with Billy Sample (Former NY Yankee), Gervase Peterson (“Survivor”), and Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns N’ Roses).  It’s directed by Joseph Pepitone (The Jersey Devil), produced by Keith Collins, and written by Joseph and Billy Pepitone based on a story by Collins.

Executive producers are Steve Wolf, Jonnie Rockwell, AJ Mattioli, and Cory Green; co-executive producers are Doug Bollinger and Joseph Pepitone. Editing and cinematography are by Green with original music by Thal.

Pre-orders are now open for The Evangelist, and you can learn more on the film’s Facebook page. Just remember: Your sins are not forgiven!

The Evangelist tells the story of Bill Horton (Collins), who at seven years old watched in horror as a serial killer murdered his mother. Known as The Evangelist, he placed a Bible next to her body and quoted scripture as he left Bill alone and destroyed.

Thirty years later, Bill has grown up and appears to be a model citizen, spending his days cleaning his house and baking. He has, however, picked up the mantle of The Evangelist, killing those he finds wicked and evil and leaving a Bible by their bodies. Bill only opens up to Dr. Laura Cooper (Artese), a psychiatrist who discovers Bill’s dark secret. She contacts young Detective Edward Legros (Billy), who is working on the case with his cynical, veteran partner, Detective John Vance (Bollinger). But what Vance knows about the original Evangelist will lead to a bloody showdown.

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Andrew Lincoln Has a Majestic Idea for How Rick Grimes’ Story Should End

Posted by Jonathan Barkan on March 29, 2017

It’s never been a secret that “The Walking Dead’s” Rick Grimes will eventually die. Creator Robert Kirkman has made it very clear that Grimes is, at some point, going to die and Carl will be taking over as the main character of the comic and possibly the show. Since this is common knowledge, Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick in the show, decided to have some fun at this year’s PaleyFest and let the audience know just how he envisions his character’s arc coming to an end. It’s pretty funny and I love the Biblical nod at the end, as though Rick becomes the next Moses.

Check it out below (via UPROXX) and then let us know how YOU think Rick should meet his demise. Is it sacrificing himself to save a loved one? Is it a cruel twist of fate? Is it some random excursion that no one saw coming? The possibilities are endless!

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Season 7

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Such Sights to Show You – 03/29/17

Posted by Steve Barton on March 29, 2017

Such Sights to Show YouArtist Kevin D. Clark brings his unique brand of cartoon humor to us here at Dread Central weekly. Read on for the latest in horror-themed chuckles.

About the Artist:
Kevin D. Clark is a cartoonist from Scotland who grew up watching classic monster movies, cartoons, and wrestling as well as reading comics. Kevin started drawing at an early age and hasn’t stopped since. His sense of humor is a veritable cornucopia of the wacky and weird inspired by the likes of Monty Python, Mel Brooks, “MST3K,” and Rab C. Nesbitt as well as his older brother.

Kevin was diagnosed with Asperger’s and because of that tries to push himself to work as hard as possible. He has self-published his own comic book and helps run a film club for autistic people. He’s also pretty sure he can take an octopus in fight.

Such Sights to Show You

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War for the Planet of the Apes Takes Over Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace

Posted by Jonathan Barkan on March 29, 2017

Tomorrow will be bringing us the full trailer for War for the Planet of the Apes, the third entry in the rebooted franchise that began in 2011. In anticipation of this release, Twentieth Century Fox projected images of Caeser, the main character through the three films, onto Caesers Palace in Las Vegas! Additionally, a teaser for tomorrow’s trailer can be seen below.

An explanation on how everything works comes from the press release:
Famed contemporary street artist Shepard Fairey in collaboration with Studio One has created a stunning image which is being projected by twelve 35,000 lumen projectors with true 4k images all digitally mapped together to create one large image on the hotel. The final image is over 495′ wide and 261′ tall and required over a football field of cabling running from roof to roof at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. All of the lights on the Caesars Palace Augustus Tower will be turned off while the image is projected.

Fairey states, “After reading Matt Reeves’s script, I was excited to work on art for War for the Planet of the Apes because the story presents a visceral but sophisticated dichotomy of dual perspectives on the struggle for survival. Unlike most films in which the audience immediately identifies with their fellow humans and the threat is from the “other,” this films asks questions about compassion, empathy, and other traits that we usually only associate with humans.

War for the Planet of the Apes is directed by Matt Reeves and stars Andy Serkis, Woody Harrelson, Steve Zahn, Amiah Miller, Karin Konoval, Judy Greer, and Terry Notary. It comes out July 14th, 2017.

Caesar and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless Colonel. After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind. As the journey finally brings them face to face, Caesar and the Colonel are pitted against each other in an epic battle that will determine the fate of both their species and the future of the planet.

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It Lives In The Attic (2017)

Posted by Matt Boiselle on March 29, 2017

Starring Steve Hudgins, Michael Coon, Jessica Leonard

Directed by Steve Hudgins

There certainly are unconventional ways to open a film, be it a rousing action scene, intense dialogue, or something so shocking that you’re reeled in right from the get-go, but when the movie you’re screening gives you an uninterrupted 11 minute run of one man tracking cigarette butts in the forest…well, let’s just say that you’re in for something special.

The film is called It Lives In The Attic, and it’s directed by Steve Hudgins, and there is a trio of stories that will unfold, all interwoven, and each starring one character. The aforementioned cancer-stick detective is named Andy (Coon), and it becomes frighteningly obvious that the kooks he’s run across while carousing in the woods aren’t exactly who they appear to be at first glance – this one will tweak your mind a bit so be patient with it. Next up is the tale of a meek scientist (Hudgins himself) who completes his day’s work time and time again, and heads home to take care of a woman in a vegetative state – seems like the good professor has some devious intentions to boot. While the film progresses, we see all three of the characters at hand at a crossroads, and while I’d normally babble on about a film that uses a nicely spliced storyline – this film is severely lacking in far too many departments to be considered as anything more than a one-timer, and even that’s a stretch.

The acting is suspect at best, the scenes look as if someone shot them with a cellphone, and the editing is…well, agonizing. The notion that all three characters had a hand in each other’s activity was a nice touch from Hudgins, but it seemed as if after the plot was put into place, everything just fell apart at the seams. Overall, this film really should have been left up in the attic, far away from any delicate eyes to take in – skip this dog at all costs.

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Halloween Horror Nights Unveils Their American Horror Story House Attraction

Posted by Jonathan Barkan on March 29, 2017

Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights has announced that they will be bringing back their “American Horror Story” house to their lineup. Beginning September 15th, guests will once again be able to walk through an anthology experience based upon the seasons of Ryan Murphy’s horror show.

From the press release:
Universal Orlando’s all-new, incredibly-detailed maze will bring three new installments of the “American Horror Story” anthology to life. In Asylum, guests will travel through the decades of the notorious Briarcliff – evading Dr. Arden’s grotesque human “Rasper” experiments and coming face to “face” with the serial killer, Bloody Face. In Coven, New Orleans aesthetics will surround guests as they’re drawn into the bloody rivalry between the descendants of the Salem witches, the voodoo Queen of New Orleans Marie Laveau, and the sadistic Madame Delphine LaLaurie. And finally, guests will relive the horrific story of the Millers in Roanoke – where they’ll be at the mercy of Piggy Man, the grisly Polk family and the ghosts of the blood moon.

Michael Aiello, Sr. Director of Entertainment Creative for Universal Orlando Resort, explains, “We are thrilled to bring the incredible storytelling and iconic characters of ‘American Horror Story’ back to Halloween Horror Nights for a second year. Last year, ‘American Horror Story’ was the highest guest-rated haunted house in Halloween Horror Nights history – and we can’t wait to immerse our guests in all-new horrors from the show.

Below is a video teaser for the attraction.

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TONIGHT! #Brainwaves Episode 38 – Amanda Wyss

Posted by Steve Barton on March 29, 2017

The original nightmare girl from A Nightmare on Elm Street and many other films, Amanda Wyss, is getting set to deal with the ultimate nightmare by coming on Brainwaves: Horror and Paranormal Talk Radio! After dealing with Freddy Krueger she may find dealing with me and Knetter a walk in the park, but who knows?!?

Join us this TONIGHT at 8:00PM PT/11:00PM ET for all the shenanigans fit to be had! It’s radio without a safety net, kids. It’s Brainwaves: Horror and Paranormal Talk Radio.

Amanda Wyss Brainwaves


Listen to Stitcher

Brainwaves: Horror and Paranormal Talk Radio is available to subscribe to on iTunes. Not an iTunes user?  You can also listen right here on the site.

Spooky, funny, touching, honest, offensive, and at times completely random, Brainwaves airs live every Wednesday evening beginning at 8:00 PM Pacific Time (11:00 midnight Eastern Time) and runs about 3 hours per episode.

Knetter and Creepy will be taking your calls LIVE and unscreened via Skype, so let your freak flags fly! Feel free to add BrainWavesTalk to your Skype account so you can reach us, or call in from a landline or cellphone – 858 480 7789. The duo also take questions via Twitter; you can reach us at @BrainwavesRadio or @UncleCreepy, @JoeKnetter, or @MrDarkDC using the hashtag #BrainWaves.

Have a ghost story or a paranormal story but can’t call in? Feel free to email it to me directly at UncleCreepy@dreadcentral.com with “Brainwaves Story” in your subject line. You can now become a fan of the show via the official… BRAINWAVES FACEBOOK PAGE!

Brainwaves: Horror and Paranormal Talk Radio is hosted live (with shows to be archived as they progress) right here on Dread Central. You can tune in and listen via the FREE TuneIn Radio app or listen to TuneIn right through the website!

For more information and to listen live independent of TuneIn, visit the Deep Talk Radio Network website, “like” Deep Talk Radio on Facebook, and follow Deep Talk Radio on Twitter. And don’t forget to subscribe to Brainwaves on iTunes.

Brainwaves Contact!

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The It Trailer Is Here and It’s Magnificent!

Posted by Jonathan Barkan on March 29, 2017

The first trailer for Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of Stephen King’s It has arrived, and it’s simply fantastic! This is the trailer that I saw at SXSW, and the crowd I saw it with was ecstatic, so I hope you’ll enjoy it as well!

Jaeden Lieberher, Finn Wolfhard, Nicholas Hamilton, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs, Jeremy Ray Taylor, and Sophia Lillis star with Bill Skarsgard, who portrays Pennywise. In addition, creature performer Javier Botet has signed on as The Leper, and Owen Teague plays Patrick Hocksetter, part of a group of bullies who torment The Losers’ Club.

It hits theaters on September 8th.

The behind-the-scenes creative team includes director of photography Chung-Hoon Chung (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl), production designer Claude Paré (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), editor Jason Ballantine (The Great Gatsby), and costume designer Janie Bryant (“Mad Men”).

When children begin to disappear in the town of Derry, Maine, a group of young kids are faced with their biggest fears when they square off against an evil clown named Pennywise, whose history of murder and violence dates back for centuries.

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Need More Horror at Your Fingertips? Win a Free Year of The Killer Movie Channel!

Posted by Jonathan Barkan on March 29, 2017

How many times have you scrolled through Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, and Shudder only to think to yourself, “Gee willikers, I’ve seen all of these horror movies! I wish there was another resource that I haven’t tapped out yet!” To be honest, if any of you thought that, I’d be very surprised. Who says “gee willikers” any more?!

Coming back to the point, if you feel like you need another streaming channel to suit your cinematic needs, allow me to introduce you to The Killer Movie Channel! Run by SGL Entertainment, The Killer Movie Channel features hundreds of films in horror, sci-fi, cult, explotation, comedy, and more. Everyone who wants to give it a shot can sign up for a free 3-day trial at the official website.

However, if you want something a bit more lengthy to really sink your teeth into their collections, The Killer Movie Channel has opened up a contest where one lucky winner each month will get a free year of subscription!

The rules are pretty simple:
Here is how you enter. Just join our Free Facebook Group and then post your story why you should win a one year subscription to The Killer Movie Channel. Tell us why you are the greatest horror movie fan on the planet and we will buy you a one year subscription. We will announce the winners on the first day of every month. And, if you can’t wait you can always subscribe at any time.

Best of luck to all who enter!

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Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet Renewed For a Second Season

Posted by Jonathan Barkan on March 29, 2017

Netflix has announced that they have renewed their horror comedy series “Santa Clarita Diet” (review) for a second season. No official release date has been given, aside from saying that it will premiere some time in 2018.

The series stars Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant as Sheila and Joel Hammond, married realtors who live in the titular Los Angeles suburb. Their co-stars are Liv Hewson as Abby Hammond and Skyler Gisondo as Eric Bemis.

Showrunner Victor Fresco (“Better Off Ted”), Barrymore, Olyphant, Aaron Kaplan, Tracy Katsky, Chris Miller, and Ember Truesdell are executive producers on the series. Nancy Juvonen is a producer. “Santa Clarita Diet” is a Netflix production.

Joel (Olyphant) and Sheila (Barrymore) are husband and wife realtors leading vaguely discontented lives in the L.A. suburb of Santa Clarita with their teenage daughter, Abby, until Sheila goes through a dramatic change, sending their lives down a road of death and destruction… but in a good way.

Santa Clarita Diet

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