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Alien: Covenant Prologue Feeds Us a Last Supper

Posted by Debi Moore on February 23, 2017

Ready for a treat? 20th Century Fox dropped a new teaser for Alien: Covenant during tonight’s episode of FX’s “Legion” as promised, but we have something even better… a whole four minutes better!  Settle in, and enjoy “Prologue: Last Supper,” a short film that introduces the crew of the mission.

Set aboard the Covenant, a colonization ship on its way to a remote planet to form a new human settlement, the main crew (all couples) and their android, Walter, enjoy one last meal together before cryosleep.

It was conceived by Ridley Scott and 3AM, directed by Luke Scott, and produced by RSA Films.

Sci-fi thriller Alien: Covenant, directed by Ridley Scott, hits theaters on May 19, 2017. The cast includes Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, Demián Bichir, Carmen Ejogo, Amy Seimetz, Jussie Smollett, Callie Hernandez, Nathaniel Dean, Alexander England, Benjamin Rigby, and James Franco.

The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise but is actually a dark, dangerous world. When they uncover a threat beyond their imagination, they must attempt a harrowing escape.

Alien Covenant

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Recollecting The Crimson Rivers, a Seemingly Forgotten French Horror/Thriller

Posted by Jonathan Barkan on February 22, 2017

For a while there, French horror was the big thing. We horror fans were getting genre flicks that were so gruesome and grotesque, it almost boggled the mind.

Films like Inside, Frontier(s), Trouble Every Day, and the like were shocking viewers with their visceral and almost gleeful demonstrations of gore and terror. Remember when High Tension was considered to be one of the goriest films ever seen? Or how about the shock factor – not just visually but also content-wise – of Martyrs? These are films that have stuck with us because they have damn good reason to.

But one film seems to have slipped through the cracks and is continuously left out of discussions. As the headline would obviously suggest, I’m talking about Les Rivières Pourpres, aka The Crimson Rivers.

Directed by Matthieu Kassovitz, whose next film was the poorly received Gothika, the film features the inspired cast of both Jean Reno (The Professional) and Vincent Cassel (Brotherhood of the Wolf). Both are detectives who team up with a local student/glaciologist to investigate a series of murders that seem to be centered around a prestigious university located in the small town of Guernon, high up in the French Alps. The victims each seem to have some relationship with the university, leading Reno and Cassel into a strange and dizzying conspiracy that involves Nazi-like eugenics. While that may seem absurd when read, the execution of the story is surprisingly well done; and it seems entirely and eerily plausible.

While The Crimson Rivers is nowhere near as blood-soaked as Martyrs or High Tension, it uses sporadic scenes of gore to great effect, really driving home the macabre nature of these murders. When we see the body of Remy Callois, there is a miasma about the scene that makes it extremely uncomfortable. The description of the horrors he endured, as explained by the forensic pathologist, is nothing short of chilling.

An interesting phenomenon in The Crimson Rivers is that it uses stunning cinematography that makes full use of the beautiful locale while simultaneously managing to evoke an interesting sense of claustrophobia amidst the vast openness of Guernon. There may be beautiful shots of mountain ranges that stretch as far as the eye can see, but that only serves to make the viewer feel as though the town is completely cut off, that everyone living there is on their own.

Now, I would be remiss if I were to not discuss the beautiful score by composer Bruno Coulais, whom you might have heard in Henry Selick’s 2009 stop-motion film Coraline. Half of the reason that this movie feels so effective is because of the music, which feels as cold as the winter the story takes place during. The melodies weave sinuously through various instruments, leaving the listener on the edge of his seat wondering what will come next, much like the story of the film.

The Crimson Rivers is a film that I find myself coming back to with frequent regularity. It’s a fun story that has great music and fantastic performances from the main characters. It plays with the viewer and offers teases that we want but don’t necessarily need, preferring instead to use the power of suggestion so as to ignite the imagination. While a Neo-Nazi fight scene relatively early in the movie feels wildly out of place, the rest of the film has a consistent tone that builds to a thrilling ending.

As a bonus, if you enjoyed The Crimson Rivers, there’s a sequel called Crimson Rivers II: Angels of the Apocalypse that ain’t half bad, to put it mildly! Reno is still on board although Cassel is nowhere to be seen. That being said, we instead get horror legend Christopher Lee as the villain! How cool is that?!

All right, I hope this inspired you to check out or potentially revisit this gem. If you’ve seen it, let me know your thoughts on the film in the comments below. If you haven’t seen it, check it out and then weigh in with your opinion!

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#SaveDreadCentral Update #4

Posted by Steve Barton on February 22, 2017

For over 10 years we’ve done our best to give you guys the greatest possible content we could here at Dread Central. It’s because of you and your support via our Patreon initiative that we have been able to weather the myriad of financial storms of the past several months, and we cannot thank you enough.

You carried us through the toughest time in our history, and your dedication and passion are things we’ll always value.

The time you gave us to continue on has also given us an opportunity to grow both personally (we did LOTS of soul searching) and – I’m happy to say – professionally. Though we’re not completely out of the woods yet…


In fact, something really cool is on the horizon for us, and you’ll be learning more about that over the coming weeks as things continue to take shape.

Now, regarding our Patreon initiative: We STILL need your support until this next step for us can be finalized so please continue to have our backs, and we promise we will always have yours.

On behalf of everyone here at Dread Central,

Thank you… Thank you… THANK YOU!

Save Dread Central

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Frank Grillo and Joe Carnahan Talk Remaking The Raid

Posted by Steve Barton on February 22, 2017

The Raid is a true favorite amongst fans, and with a remake on its way, Frank Grillo and Joe Carnahan know all too well that they HAVE TO deliver. Recently Collider caught up with the actor and director to get their take on the project.

In terms of the differences between the original and the remake, Carnahan offered the following:

It’s [about] heightening elements of The Raid that were already there. I’m taking these story elements and kind of weaponizing them. Just giving them a shot of steroids, because again everything is about zagging—where The Raid zigged, we’ll zag.

He went on to explain that the level of violence WILL NOT be toned down…

There’s a level of brutality, a level of violence. If our movie felt like the knife fight between Adam Goldberg and the German in Saving Private Ryan the entirety of the movie, then we’ve done exactly what we need to do. Something that grueling and tough.

Why remake The Raid and not something new? Grillo explains:

“First of all, we’re not the Hollywood version of anything. We come through the back door all the time. I’m not Tom Cruise. I’m not the Hollywood version. I’m not knocking Tom Cruise, but he’s Tom Cruise. He gets to do whatever he wants. So my point is we don’t have to do this. We can do anything we want to do. We want to do this because there’s something we see that we want to show to American audiences and audiences globally. Many people have not seen The Raid.”

From the Prior Press Release:
WarParty and XYZ Films have announced that they will partner on the reimagining of the hit Indonesian action film THE RAID, which Joe Carnahan (The Grey, Narc) will direct and write and Frank Grillo (The Grey, The Purge: Anarchy, The Purge: Election Year) will star in. The film will be produced by WarParty and XYZ. Gareth Evans, the martial arts auteur who directed the original Raid film, will executive produce.

Premiering in 2011 at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Indonesian martial-arts movie THE RAID (also known as THE RAID: REDEMPTION) secured unanimous critical praise, rocketing to cult film status across the world and making stars out of the leads Iko Uwais (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and Joe Taslim (Fast & Furious 6). The movie captured audiences with its boundary-pushing, inventive choreography and a lightning-paced narrative where a lone, isolated SWAT team is trapped by a ruthless mobster and his army of killers and thugs inside a tenement block, and they have to fight through to the top.

Directed by Gareth Evans and produced by PT. Merantau Films and XYZ Films, the high-octane franchise has garnered great success since its release. The first film won the People’s Choice Award in the Midnight Madness section of TIFF in 2011 and had 10 nominations at the 2012 Maya Awards.

“I am extremely excited about Frank and I boarding this property and hopefully doing something fresh and inventive with it,” says Carnahan. “The original is masterful, so we’ve given ourselves a pretty big mountain to summit. But I have great faith in the story and approach to the material that we’ve taken.”

“Joe and Frank are ideal creative partners for this film,” XYZ added. “They want to pay homage to THE RAID, not do a paint-by-numbers remake.”

More as it comes.

Frank Grillo

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Eat Local When You DI(n)E

Posted by Steve Barton on February 22, 2017

The first poster and a few images have been released for the new film from Jason Flemyng, Eat Local, and we have the early goods right here for your perusal.

Flemyng directs the film, which stars “Daredevil‘s” Charlie Cox alongside Mackenzie Crook (Pirates of the Caribbean, “Game of Thrones”), actor/writer/director Dexter Fletcher (Eddie the Eagle), Freema Agyeman (“Doctor Who”), and Eve Myles (“Doctor Who,” “Torchwood”). Danny King, a BAFTA nominee for Wild Bill, penned the script.

Eat Local revolves around unwitting Essex boy Sebastian (newcomer Billy Cook), whose promise of a night of passion with a ravishing cougar quickly turns into a fight for survival after she decides to introduce him to some of her friends — a coven of hungry vampires — at a remote farmhouse. Added to the mix, a heavily armed band of mercenary vampire hunters crashes the party.

Eat Local

Eat Local

Eat Local

Eat Local

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Tom Savini Designing a Custom Jason Skin for Friday the 13th: The Game

Posted by David Gelmini on February 22, 2017

If you haven’t already pre-ordered Friday the 13th: The Game, you’d better get onto that shit immediately. That’s because makeup maestro Tom Savini is designing his very own custom version of Jason for the game, which will be available for $6.

And before you ask, no, we don’t know what this version of Jason will look like, because the trailer only gives us a brief glimpse at a shadowy silhouette. Although I think it’s safe to say that his eyes look pretty damn hot.

You can pre-order Savini’s Jason skin alongside the full game and a ton of other cool shit including an art book and the soundtrack on its official website.

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Eye Candy for SXSW Midnighter Game of Death Bodes Buckets of Blood

Posted by Howard Gorman on February 22, 2017

SXSW is upon us and one particular Midnighter flick that’s resolutely dead set on causing a bloody stir amongst festivalgoers this March is Sebastien Landry and Laurence Morais-Lagace’s Grand Guignol Game of Death.

Whilst touted as Jumanji meets Natural Born Killers, the first trailer has me predicting Game of Death is about to do for “Simon” what Jackson Stewart’s Beyond the Gates did for “Nightmare” this time last year.

Starring Sam Earle, Victoria Diamond and Emelia Hellman, the film finds a bunch of partying teenagers compelled to embrace their killer-instincts when they unwittingly unbox a retro electronic game with evil intentions: The only way to win is to kill or be killed. As is gloriously portrayed in the trailer below, things get gruesomely out of hand and I’m dying to see just how far the filmmakers dare to push those bloodshed boundaries.

Game of Death will be debuting at SXSW this March 13th, with a couple of encore screenings on the 14th and the 17th. In the meanwhile, we’ll leave you to soak up the blood spatter in the following new stills.

Game of Death

Game of Death

Game of Death

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Get Out (2017)

Posted by Steve Barton on February 22, 2017

Get OutStarring Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Catherine Keener, Bradley Whitford

Directed by Jordan Peele

I’m of the following mindset – it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, yellow, purple, orange, gay, straight, Republican, Democrat, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, whatever… there are only two types of people in the world; those who think for themselves, and idiots. Unfortunately I’m also in the minority. Stupidity and racism, though not as bad as it was decades ago, are still alive and well in this world and that’s very much a frightening thing.

Rose and Chris (Williams and Kaluuya) are a great couple. They give us hope of finally transcending the racial boundaries that prevent some from living and loving fearlessly. Things are going so well for our duo that it comes time to meet the parents (Keener and Whitford). There’s just one thing; Rose’s parents have no idea that Chris is black. This fact is met with some trepidation on his part, but for love of his girl and against some of his better instincts, Chris throws caution to the wind, packs up, and heads for the country.

Upon arrival Chris is met, much to his relief, with open arms from Rose’s family, but as the days and nights drag on, it becomes apparent that all is not what it seems. It’s not long before things turn deadly and the intensity of the situation eclipses the film’s many laughs.

On its surface Jordan Peele’s Get Out is extremely socially aware of many issues facing society today, but there’s so much more to it. It’s easy to say this movie is all about race, but, without spoiling anything I’d say the white family in the film, though nefarious in every sense of the word, is more guilty of objectifying African Americans than they are hating them.

Peele has delivered a world in which each character has both motivation and distinct intention and that paints a great and vivid picture for the audience to get sucked into. There are no throwaway moments and the film ticks along at a furious pace thanks to a good combination of slick direction, wonderful performances, and perfectly timed editing.

Get Out will have you laughing one moment, gasping the next, and cheering the whole way through. See it with a good rowdy audience and magic will happen. In my theatre people were shouting, screaming, and stomping! It was a rollercoaster of the best kind, as Get Out is the PERFECT blend of frights and thrills. It will also have you examining your own moral compass and these days it’s best to be reminded to keep that in check. This flick is one hell of a fun way to do just that!

Bravo, Peele! More please!

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Brandon Stacy Hunts The Creeper in Jeepers Creepers 3

Posted by Steve Barton on February 22, 2017

With filming now underway in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on the third Jeepers Creepers flick, THR is reporting that The Creeper has found someone new to terrorize.

Brandon Stacy has been cast in Jeepers Creepers 3, the long-awaited third installment of writer-director Victor Salva’s cult horror series. Stacy will play Miller, a deputy who in his off-hours leads a band of people on the hunt for the Creeper.

The original 2001 movie starred Justin Long and Gina Philips as a brother and sister who run across a creature known as the Creeper, who feasts on body parts to make it part of its own. The sequel Jeepers Creepers 2 followed in 2003.

The third film sees Philips return as Trish, who now worries that years later, the Creeper (once again played by Jonathan Breck) will take her son, just as it did her brother. Her solution is to go after the Creeper herself.

Brandon Stacy

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Kyle Chandler Fends off Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Posted by Steve Barton on February 22, 2017

The casting news continues rolling in for Michael Dougherty’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters. According to Variety Kyle Chandler, star of “Bloodline,” is set to join “Stranger Things” break-out Millie Bobby Brown in the monster sized sequel.

Chandler will play Brown’s father.

Dougherty is directing the project and wrote the script with Zach Shields.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston, Ken Watanabe and Elizabeth Olsen starred in the 2014 Godzilla reboot, directed by Gareth Edwards, though sources say only Watanabe is likely to return for the sequel.

Alex Garcia will oversee the tentpole for Legendary. Godzilla: King of Monsters is set for relase on March 22, 2019, with the monster mash-up Godzilla vs. Kong slated to bow the following year on May 29, 2020.

Kyle Chandler

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