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Fantastic Spooky Animal Skull Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on September 19, 2019

A detail that I enjoyed about this Animal Skull Makeup Tutorial by Really Mili, aside from the spooky concept that’s perfect for Halloween, is how quickly she gets started with it. There’s no lengthy intro, no filler, just a direct explanation on how she is creating the look, something that’s very refreshing because it allows you to see the whole process without wasting any time in getting to the artistic areas and how the whole style is put together.

I also deeply appreciate how Really Mili managed to create a realistic look with the highlights on the yellow base makeup with the blended white color on the cheeks and forehead, along with the brown details that she contrasted with the black makeup to create a great skeletal effect that truly makes the overall style shine while it invites you to try it out immediately after you watch it come to life.

Happy Halloween! This was not supposed to be an animal skull, but sometimes when you want to be creative – Something else appears instead, hehe. Hope you like it – Remember to share, like & SUBSCRIBE!

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The Elegance Of A Witch – Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on September 18, 2019

Focusing on a classic Halloween look, LadyParadoxx has a super quick, easy and amazing tutorial for you where she’ll show you how to recreate her Witch makeup so you can cause a great impression at your next Halloween party.

I like how this Witch makeup pays special attention to subtlety and making the best of the shades you use, which is an aspect that LadyParadoxx demonstrates by starting with green colors for the forehead, nose and cheekbones, to then continue adding different highlights to further accentuate the style, and this is all done while still maintaining that finesse and keeping the focus on these key places of her face before moving on to adding fake eyelashes and glittery colors on the eyes to give the design a mystical touch that displays a refined and powerful appearance, which is everything you expect form an elegant Witch.

Can you believe October is almost over?? Well here is the 12th look in our 13 Days of Halloween series, I hope you enjoy!

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Pet Sematary – A Fine Spooky Tale

Posted by Ingram Draco on September 17, 2019

Based on Stephen King’s novel, Pet Sematary focuses on Dr. Louis Creed (Jason Clarke), his wife Rachel (Amy Seimetz), his daughter Ellie, his son Gage, and Church, the family pet, who move to a new town where they discover a pet graveyard near their home where a strange place exists that, unbeknownst to most but their neighbor Jud Crandall (John Lithgow) and later Dr. Creed himself, has the power to bring back to life everyone that’s buried there, only they don’t necessarily come back exactly as they were before. They all seem to come back wrong, warped, and evil.


The base theme of the movie is loss with a dash of denial, and this becomes apparent as the characters are shown having a hard time coping or explaining death to their loved ones, like when Church dies and, seeing how worried Louis is about this fact, Jud decides to guide him to the cemetery to have the cat come back to life, hoping it will return pure and unharmed since his rebirth was surrounded by good intentions, only to later notice that the cat is back, but it does seem to be more aggressive and feral.

Later, when Ellie is also killed by a truck in a way similar to Church, and with Louis being aware of the magic of this place that can resurrect the dead, he decides to take her to the place near the graveyard so that she too can come back, and just like last time, the reanimated life rises with something evil within it.


Pet Sematary takes you on a terrifying ride where you get to see the characters trying to convince themselves that some deaths can be reverted, even if there’s something twisted about how that strange place brings the dead back, and they seem to be only husks of their former selves, puppets for the evil that has now taken over them, something that doesn’t wait to reveal itself and is not subtle about its desire to bring death and destruction upon the land they now walk once again.

This dark rebirth forces the characters to deal not only with their loss, but their own sins in the form of their possessed loved one as they are hunted by those they brought back from the afterlife, and who promise a fate worse than death if they get to succeed in their grim mission.

“Sometimes dead is better.”

Impeccable Jack Skellington Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on September 16, 2019

Get your makeup kit ready, because Madeyewlook is here to show you how to create a fantastic Jack Skellington makeup style that stays faithful to how the character actually looks, making it perfect for your next Halloween party, and the best part is she only uses black and white colors, letting the shading effects shine on this one when she combines them with the overall look, while at the same time maintaining every detail looking crisp and impeccable.

The amazing thing about Madeyewlook is how descriptive she is in her tutorial, because she doesn’t just apply the makeup while you see every step unfolding before your eyes, but she actually stops and tells you exactly what she’ll do, why she’ll go for that particular idea or technique, and what effect she is going for before she takes the brush and shows you exactly how it’s done, which of course helps with making this Jack Skellington makeup tutorial a perfect guide so you never feel lost and can recreate the look straightforwardly.

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► PRODUCTS USED ◄ Type these products into GOOGLE to find a store that sells them near you, or where to purchase online! Most are ordered online DIRECTLY from the COMPANY THAT MAKES THE PRODUCTS.
Products Used:
• Graftobian Pro Paint (white, black)
• Wolfe Body Paint (white, black)
• Inglot Eyeshadows (greys)

The Perfection – An Unsettling Journey

Posted by Ingram Draco on September 15, 2019


The Perfection tells the story of Charlotte (Allison Williams) a former music prodigy who had to give up her musical career to take care of her sick mother, but when she finally passes away, Charlotte decides to get back to the world that she had to abandon, quickly discovering that it has left her behind, and now even boasts about Elizabeth (Logan Browning), another musician who has now taken the place that it seems should have been hers in the first place.

This is how The Perfection starts, and it quickly evolves from there, as it gradually turns into a unsettling story of revenge that presents a perturbing atmosphere from start to finish, giving you enough pieces of the puzzle so you can speculate about the overall motivations of the characters, while at the same time throwing revelations that shake what you believe to be a set reality within the world of the film, surprising you with new twists and turns that drive the narrative to more complex depths, as you witness Charlotte preparing the stage for her retaliation against a truly sick and twisted antagonist.

A Cracked Visage – Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on September 14, 2019

The effect that dope2111 manages to create on this Cracked makeup tutorial is incredible, because it really does look like her face is made of porcelain or a similar material and has been freeze-framed as it is about to shatter all over the place, and the overall 3D idea is easier to achieve than I initially imagined.

The base makeup on this style goes for a natural look that doesn’t distract from the details you will be adding on top of it, which dope2111 mainly does with black lines and spaces with white highlights to give each area a three-dimensional look that comes together beautifully with the added bits that give an added punch to the illusion that your face is coming apart.

For the three-D look from this makeup, you require some external elements, but even those add-ons are easy to put together, because all you really need is a latex piece you can cut and paint over with the same makeup you used on your face, then stick it to the black parts of the makeup and it creates the magical broken appearance.

This a great last-Minute Halloween Makeup Video or anyone. I wanted to do something easy but super crazy looking. You basically need a Black Liner and White liner to pull this off. I was also excited to try the popular blue Microfiber sponge. Juno & Co Website : http://smarturl.it/PROMISEJUNO

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Products Used:
Juno & Co Velvet & Fusion Sponge
Jouer Liquid Foundation
Washable Elmers Glue
Hourglass Veil Setting Powder
Ben Nye Cake Eyeliner
Colourpop White Cream Liner
Benefit Contour Brow Pro
Mac Contour Powder
Too Faced Tutti Frutti Pineapple Palette
Makeup Revolution Liquid Liner
Thrive Causemetics
La Girl Usa Lip Liner
House of Lashes Lash Glue & Lashes
Latex Face Mask skin (Can use paper too)

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Marianne Episode I Recap

Posted by Ingram Draco on September 13, 2019

I’m very excited about this show for many reasons. First of all, it’s about a writer, and it was released on Friday 13th, which is perfect atmospheric-wise, so I’m already hooked on the show premise.

I do recommend you watch this show with the lights off, at night and in an environment where you can watch each episode from start to finish uninterrupted, so you can pay attention to all the details and also so the tense horror moments get a better chance to find, because, believe me, you’ll want to experience them in this fashion so their full effect is felt.

That being said, let’s start with the recap for Episode One, shall we?

Things start in a very promising manner in this show as the intro to the whole season sets a nice unsettling tone by showing a woman at home with her mother, who’s acting in a strange way, so much so that, when the daughter, whose name is Caroline, comes into the room, she finds her mother leaning over a sink. The mother then turns around to face her, takes a knife and buries it into her gums, making them bleed.

This moment alone had me cringing early on, because, as you probably already know by now, the pain that anything happening to teeth causes is serious business, and here we see this strange old woman hurting herself and taking out her own tooth willingly and for no apparent reason. After she’s done this, she shows the tooth to her daughter, and the intro sequence ends after setting up this great tone for the rest of the episode.

Now it is time to meet Emma, the main character, a horror novelist who’s looking to move on from a Lizzie Larck, the character that she has been writing about for years.

Emma is participating in a reading of her most recent book, and she decides to spoil the ending for all present, stating this is her favorite part of the book. This prompts a member of the audience to ask what’s the point of even buying that book, now that they know how it ends. Her reply? That she doesn’t care if they save up the money and don’t buy the book. This, I think, sets a strong point about the main character’s willingness to move on.

Later, while at a signing, Emma is approached by Caroline, whom we recognize as the daughter of the old lady from the beginning, and it is revealed that she knows Emma from a long time ago, as they both used to live in the same town, Elden.

Emma signs a book for Caroline, who begs her to go back to Elden and speak to her mother, who has become obsessed with her stories and now believes herself to be the antagonist. Caroline blames Emma directly for the strange changes her mother has been displaying because of her obsession with the books and demands Emma to undo the damage she believes her to have caused.

This is where the name “Marianne” is first spoken to Emma by someone else, and when she hears it, there’s a flash of something on the screen, in the same way that you could see flashes of Tyler Durden at the beginning of fight club. It is so subtle that you could miss it in a blink, and it makes you wonder what it is that you just saw, which builds up to the strange sensation you now share with Emma during her encounter with her old acquaintance.

The disquieting sensation that Caroline’s appearance has brought to the show continues to build up when she gives Emma a little bag that contains her mom’s tooth wrapped up in it, and this revelation is followed by a story about how Caroline’s mother now stalks her while she sleeps, and how terrified she has become that she cannot even rest at her own home because of this.

This is where Caroline reveals that she’s got some strange marks that her mother carved on her skin, presumably while she slept. Upon this revelation, Caroline is taken away by security while she begs to a creeped-out Emma to go back to Elden and help her.

Leaving the horrors behind for a moment, Emma and her assistant Camille go to a bar where Emma goes heavy on the shots, and tells her assistant about the nightmares she used to have about Marianne, and how she created the character of Lizzie Larck to fight against her, even revealing that her nightmares stopped after she started writing, which leaves us as viewers open to wondering if things will start to come back to haunt her now that she has decided to quit writing.

After drinking too much, Emma goes back to her boyfriend Pierre’s home and cuddles up next to him for a quick shuteye that gives way to a nightmare sequence that, even if you can sense is not real as soon as it starts, Emma’s reaction and the tension that the scene creates with the shadows is perfectly achieved.

Emma sees a strange creature in her dream, crawling on the floor and slowly reaching up the bed, and she discovers that Pierre’s gone, and she is next. This sequence makes Emma wake up startled, and her first interaction with Pierre takes place. She asks him to turn around, seeking some form of reassurance that helps her mind get rid of the nightmare, but when Pierre turns around, his face is revealed to have turned all demon-like.

Upon seeing this, a terrified Emma starts to tell herself to wake up from the nightmare, but Pierre holds her down, stating that she’ll only wake up when he allows her to. After this, Caroline’s mom, who is apparently possessed by Marianne, makes an appearance and once again tells her to come back to Elden in this classic “dream within a dream” scene.

The next morning, Emma joins Camille again, and she tells her that Caroline is there and has been waiting for her to arrive. When she hears Emma, Caroline yells at her from a balcony on a top floor and she lets everybody in the building stare in horror as she prepares to hang herself while she tells Emma that her mother, or rather, Marianne, wants to keep her writing, telling her that Marianne would come after her parents if she didn’t, and asks Emma to give her crucifix back to her mother before she throws herself over the balcony she was standing on, breaking her neck.

After the horrible event, Emma calls her parents since a man advises her to do so after Caroline’s death, stating that she did threatened them before dying. Back at her place, she calls them, but they don’t answer, to Emma’s lack of surprise, showing a hint of how estranged they are.

Emma and Camille decide to take a road trip to Elden, during which the writer’s assistant asks her about Marianne, prompting another sudden flash to the character, as Emma explains that Marianne is a witch without a body of her own that can enter people’s soul and possesses them, and she cannot lie about who she is, which appears to be the only weakness she has.

Camille asks Emma how Lizzie beat Marianne in the books, to which Emma replies by saying that she never came up with a way for Lizzie to beat Marianne, and that she died in the end, leaving the horror story with a tragic open ending as most horror stories conclude.

Once back in Elden, Emma gets out of the car and walks towards a place that overlooks the lighthouse. When she is there, looking at the lighthouse, she hears a song about Marianne, and whispers in the old lady’s voice that tell her to go to see her.

A priest with a restrained barking dog arrives, ordering Emma to leave Elden, revealing that nothing terrible has happened in that town since she left fifteen years ago, and now that she is back, the horrors have come back as well. She is not welcome there, not even for Caroline’s funeral which is the main reason for Emma’s return.

Before leaving town, Emma tries to honor Caroline’s last request by visiting her mother and giving her a crucifix that Caroline used to wear. It is here that we see that Caroline’s mom is the first person in town who seems genuinely pleased to see Emma, and even greets her with a smile.

When they get inside the old lady’s home, Emma sees that she has lots of Lizzie Larck books on her table and all around the house, a callback to the obsession Caroline told her about.

The old lady acts strangely, and calls her daughter Catherine, instead of Caroline, which we also saw her do in the beginning of the episode. Disconcerted, Emma offers to sign one of the books for the woman, and asks her name, possibly testing to see if Marianne is actually within the old lady, which she confirms by telling her to sign it for her under her name, Marianne, and tells her that she is excited to find out how the story continues, even though Emma has decided to stop writing altogether.

Emma tells the old lady this, and her reaction is calm, stating that now that Emma has stopped writing, her nightmares are back, which is something she has no way of knowing about, unless she truly is Marianne and not just a delusional old woman. The old lady then confesses that people reading Emma’s famous horror stories feed her somehow, and she wants her to keep writing.

After acting unphased about her daughter’s death once more and saying she hopes Emma stays in Elden for a long time, the old lady scares Camille, and she and Emma leave the old lady’s house quickly towards Emma’s parent’s house, with an overexcited Marianne screaming at Emma to continue writing about her, or she’ll go after her parents, and many others.

Upon arriving at her parent’s house, Emma finds a similar bag like the one Caroline gave her at the book signing tied to the doorknob. However, remembering her experience with the first one she got from Caroline, she quickly throws it away.

Emma knocks but there’s no answer, so she decides to enter the house. Her parents are not home, and she sees a spilled drink on the table and scattered stuff on the floor, which causes her to worry about the things that could have happened there, especially since she calls out to them and nobody answers.

Emma walks further into the house, and hears her mother moaning, which brings her more worry about the possible reasons for this, but instead of the sound being from a supernatural threat, Emma discovers that her parents were sharing an intimate moment at the top of the stairs.

After this embarrassing moment, they all share dinner and Emma reveals to her parents that she’ll stop writing horror novels but is unsure about what her next project will be. Her parents react normally to the news, and the conversation shifts to more hints about why people in Elden hate Emma so much. Her father even states that the priest who came at her when they arrived would have forgiven her, and so would many others as well if she had just asked for it, leaving us as viewers to wonder what Emma could have done to deserve such animosity.

When they finish dinner, they all go to bed, and Camille stays with Emma in her old bedroom, but she is in an unknown place, so she has trouble sleeping and gets up to go to the toilet. This is a tense moment, because you know she is in a horror story, and something could happen at any moment now that she is away from Emma.

Camille goes to the restroom and hears steps outside, and then a violent knock on the door. The doorknob turns slowly, and she announces that she is using the toilet for whoever is out there to go away. This scene is made even more unsettling because the doorknob has a face carved in it, which is one of the creepiest things I can think you could be looking at when using the toilet at night at a stranger’s house.

Camille comes out of the bathroom and sees Emma’s mom walking around the house, and then she starts throwing up on the floor. After getting startled by watching this, Emma’s father pushes Camille towards a wall, and you see similar carvings to the ones Caroline showed Emma at the book signing on the man’s back. They seem fresh and they are still bleeding.

After slapping Camille and telling her that they are not Emma’s parents at all, the man and the woman walk outside, leaving her scared on the floor, and the alarm goes off to complete the horror moment with perfect timing.

Camille tells Emma that there’s something wrong with her parents, and the writer sees them staring into the night with smiling faces, and they hold hands and walk into the woods. Emma chases after them while she yells at them to forgive her.

It is here that you wish that this too was a nightmare sequence, but that’s not the case, and as Emma follows her parents through the woods, her father comes out of nowhere, ordering her to write with a yell. Emma falls to the ground and the screen fades to black.

Expert Lydia Deetz Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on September 13, 2019

If you are looking for the perfect Halloween makeup, Jbunzie’s got you covered, because she has prepared an incredible Lydia Deetz makeup from Beetlejuice that you can recreate easily, because she doesn’t just show you exactly which products and colors you’ll need to use for it, but she also explains the whole process in a quick and easy to follow guide.

The most interesting part of how Jbunzie put together this great Lydia Deetz Makeup tutorial is how professional it ends up looking. It is so expertly done with the combination of colors that create a stylish effect that is so superbly blended together, that it doesn’t really look like a Halloween makeup at all, but something you could wear on your everyday life!

Happy Halloween! If you are looking for an easy last minute halloween costume or cosplay, Lydia from BeetleJuice is the way to go. Her makeup is easy to do and her costume is easy to find or DIY. If you enjoyed this costume transformation Subscribe! http://bit.ly/behindthebunzie

Products Used:
Celebre HD Pro Foundation.
BH Cosmetics 88 Palette
Besame Cosmetics Red Velvet Lipstick.
Too Faced Highlighter.

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Face Your Fears With Man Of Medan

Posted by Ingram Draco on September 12, 2019

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man Of Medan is the first installment of the new horror series by Supermassive Games, and it tells the tale of a group of friends that go on a dive to uncover the secrets of a wrecked plane, only to have their adventure turn disturbing as they are led to what appears to be a ghost ship where unimaginable horrors await them. From here, the characters must work together and gather up all their courage if they plan on escaping that nightmarish place alive.

The game follows an interactive storytelling format, where you take control of a single character at a time and guide them through the story, which features several points where the narrative changes based on the choices you make with each character, as well as your successes and failures during the gameplay.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man Of Medan is beautifully captivating with its tone and environment. It starts you with the “ordinary world” where nothing spooky or supernatural happens, leaving only the eerie feel of the unexpected, and it slowly builds up the disquieting elements from there, up to the point where there are true horrors being thrown to the characters, and the tension continues to mount as you help each of them get through their adventure to the best of your ability in the hopes of keeping everyone alive, or meeting whatever fate you decide for them within the story.

What story will you tell?

Chilling Pennywise & Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on September 10, 2019

I absolutely love this Halloween makeup tutorial by Sydney Nicole, because she does a fantastic job of fusing together the scary clown Pennywise and Harley Quinn with a style that’s guaranteed to shock and awe at your next Halloween party.

Sydney Nicole demonstrates the awesome look at the beginning, which shows you how creepy the result is and how realistic it actually looks when it’s done, and then she proceeds to explain every single one of the elements you need to focus on to recreate this spine-chilling design, allowing you to take note of every makeup item she utilizes so you can get the very same ones while you follow her instructions on how to apply them.

The many effects that she creates are beautiful here, because not only does the mouth appear larger and menacing, but the eyes also seem enhanced with the masterful use of blended colors, and the shades Sydney Nicole uses to give the laugh lines a three-dimensional feel is incredible, giving a superb impression of realism that will have you doing a double take before you realize it was all done only with makeup.

Halloween Makeup Tutorial

I love Pennywise, and I love Harley Quinn. So what’s better than mixing them together? Be sure to check out @heidimaetrix to see her original cosplay, and check out @jordanhanz for her Pennywise look that I got inspired by!
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My original Pennywise look.
Wig is from @evahairofficial
Collar and gloves are from Party City

Paint –
Ben Nye MagiCake paints in “Calypso Blue” and “Marine Blue” and Clown White Lite Cream
Graftobian “Swan White” paint
Mehron Makeup Paradise Paints

Eyes –
Huda Beauty Ruby & Sapphire Obsessions Palettes
NYX Professional Makeup Faux Black Pencil in “Oxblood”
Wunder2 Cosmetics “Essential Royal Blue” Super Stay Liner

Face/shading –
Kat Von D Beauty Shade + Light Eye Palette
NYX Professional Makeup White Liquid Liner

Brows –
NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil in “Blonde”
Kat Von D Beauty Super Brow Pomade in “Bleach”
Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow in 1