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Scary vs. Gorey

Posted by Horror Grinder on January 8, 2013

I love scary movies and I love blood and guts and severed heads and tangled up intestines everywhere. I guess tangled-up intestines are kind of the same thing as guts, but, wow, do I love grisly gore. It seems like older horror movies often focused more on the psychology of how horrifying a situation or act was and newer horror movies put more attention into convincingly showing every stab and every spurting artery on camera. For example, especially when you factor in what audiences of the time were used to, Last House on the Left was really shocking in 1972. It’s slogan was “To avoid fainting, keep repeating it’s only a movie, only a movie, only a movie.” Most of the most horrible events in the movie, you hear the suffering, but you can’t really see what is going on. By contrast, the 2009 version seems to be shot somehow higher quality, partly just due to the technology of modern cinematography. To my modern eyes, the color palette is more pleasing in the 2009 Last House on the Left. More of the gruesome parts are visible, although they could still go more extreme with that, for my taste. But the new one somehow loses some of the aura of menace, while at the same time vastly improving special effects and general overall look. Partly I suppose Aaron Paul just didn’t seem very scary to begin with and he already seemed like a tragic hero to anyone who had seen him play Jesse in Breaking Bad. You can research more about both the 1972 film version and the more recent 2009 remake at Wikipedia and you can read a bit about Last House on the Left distribution channels for horror at Blue Blood.

Horror special effects definitely have come a long way since the seventies. Now though, the special effects are, not to sound ironic, to die for. Trust me, if the quality of movies were still the same as they were a few decades ago, you can bet that I wouldn’t drop what I was doing over at http://www.partybingo.com just to watch some crappy special effects, and acting that we will just label as sub-par. Thank god though, that isn’t the case! To prove my point, just go watch one of the many (I think there are eight) movies in the Saw series, or if you are really up for some cringing, then watch Hostel.

So, in conclusion, I’ll watch the seventies movies for the acting and the newer ones for the special effects, but the special effects really have to be pretty impressive. I’m thinking about going to see Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D. I figure, even if the acting is all Disney Channel, the special effects on that have to be worth a theater ticket.

Wake Up to a Sneak Peek of Supernatural Episode 10.19 – The Werther Project

Posted by Debi Moore on April 18, 2015

This week’s episode of “Supernatural” seemed to set the show back on course for an interesting, if not especially groundbreaking, season finale.  The possibly game-changing team-up of Sam with Rowena (Ruth Connell), who’s been doing basically nothing but annoyingly pussifying Crowley for weeks on end, is on display in this clip from Wednesday night’s Episode 10.19, “The Werther Project,” which sees Dean now being called on to save his younger brother.  Are these guys ever going to catch a break?

“Supernatural” Episode 10.19 – “The Werther Project” (airs 4/22/15)
CAN DEAN SAVE SAM? — Sam (Jared Padalecki) learns that a former member of the Men of Letters, Magnus, once built a magical box, and he sets out to find it in the hopes it can cure Dean (Jensen Ackles) of the Mark of Cain. 

However, what he’s not prepared for is the deadly alarm system Magnus set up on the box; when Sam opens the box, he puts both his and Dean’s life in danger.  Stefan Pleszczynski directed this episode written by Robert Berens.

For more info visit “Supernatural” on cwtv.com, “like” “Supernatural” on Facebook, and follow @CW_spn on Twitter.


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It’s Baby Mama Drama in this First Look at Grimm Episode 4.19 – Iron Hans

Posted by Debi Moore on April 18, 2015

A lot of TV shows talk about “game changers,” but few have been as effective as what’s been taking place these last few episodes on “Grimm.”  After four seasons of thinking we knew the character pretty well, Juliette’s transformation has been impressive.  And now she’s about to join forces with those asshole Royals!

We’re barreling toward the season finale, and up next is Episode 4.19, “Iron Hans,” in which Jeff Fahey guest stars.  Check out its preview and image gallery for an idea of what’s ahead.

“Grimm” Episode 4.19 – “Iron Hans” (4/24/15; 8-9 pm)
THE HUNT IS ON AS A WESEN RIGHT OF PASSAGE BECOMES DEADLY – Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) are brought in to investigate a homicide they learn is connected to an age-old Wesen rite of passage.

Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) makes a surprising new ally while elsewhere, Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) continues to battle a darkness within, and Nick finds hope for Juliette in the last person he expected – Adalind (Claire Coffee).

Silas Weir Mitchell, Reggie Lee, and Bree Turner also star.  Jeff Fahey and Nico Evers-Swindell guest star.

For more info visit “Grimm” on NBC.com, check out some InstaGRIMMS on Instagram, “like” “Grimm” on Facebook, and follow “Grimm” on Twitter.

Grimm - Season 4 Grimm - Season 4 Grimm - Season 4 Grimm - Season 4 Grimm - Season 4 Grimm - Season 4 Grimm - Season 4 Grimm - Season 4 Grimm - Season 4 Grimm - Season 4

Grimm Season 4 Banner

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Japanese Trailer for Mega Shark vs. Kolossus Is Like Injecting Crack Directly into Your Eyeballs

Posted by Foywonder on April 18, 2015

In a week that has given us the hotly anticipated trailers for the new Star Wars movie and Batman vs. Superman, none can compare in terms of magnitude and majesty to that of the Japanese trailer for The Asylum’s Mega Shark vs. Kolossus. Am I being sarcastic? Honestly, I don’t even know anymore.

It’s only fitting that the Japanese debut the trailer for this fourth installment of The Asylum’s Mega Shark series. I’ve been saying for years that Mega Shark is The Asylum’s Godzilla, and the chaos and destruction on display in this trailer is like watching an old kaiju flick made by hyperactive acid trippers.

Also fitting since the Kolossus is clearly patterned after the Colossal Titan from the hugely popular anime series Attack on Titan. In fact, as you’ll see from the trailer, Mega Shark vs. Kolossus is titled Mega Shark vs. Great Titan in Japan. They truly are “The Global Asylum.”

Ileana Douglas (Ghost World, Otis), Amy Rider (“The Secret Life of the American Teenager”), Brody Hutzler (“The Young and the Restless”), cosplayers Team Unicorn, and Ernest L. Thomas of the 70’s sitcom “What’s Happening?” and its 80’s revival “What’s Happening Now” star in this fourth installment that pits the mega-sized shark against a colossal Cold War atomic automaton called Kolossus with a whole lot of unfortunate airplanes and Naval vessels caught in the crossfire.

Using the Mega Shark = Godzilla metric, if Giant Octopus was King Ghidorah, Crocosaurus equals Rodan, and Mecha Shark its MechaGodzilla, I’m left to assume that makes Kolossus… Gigan?

Mega Shark vs. Kolossus attacks VOD/DVD on July 7th.

The trailer is almost two minutes of such astounding insanity it makes Sharknado look like a sensible melodrama. If you need just one reason to give a damn, Kolossus throws the Mega Shark into orbit, where it smashes into a laser-firing satellite that zaps the moon instead. Mind is blown.

In search of a new energy source, Russia accidentally reawakens the Kolossus – a giant robot doomsday device from the Cold War. At the same time, a new Mega Shark appears, threatening global security. Now the world must figure out how to stop the deadly giants before they destroy everything on land AND sea.

Mega Shark vs Kolossus

Mega Shark vs Kolossus

Mega Shark vs Kolossus

Mega Shark vs Kolossus

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Smoke Up this Slew of Clips from Evil Bong 420

Posted by Scott Hallam on April 18, 2015

In celebration of its upcoming April 20th (4/20, get it?) release, the good people over at Full Moon Entertainment have sent over a huge pile of clips and trailers for their newest project, Evil Bong 420.

Monday’s exclusive worldwide streaming premiere begins at 9AM PT over at FullMoonStreaming.com, where you can also find all the Puppet Master, Gingerdead Man, Killjoy films you’d like, as well as all your other favorite Full Moon films all the time! Full Moon Streaming is the place to go for insane horror-flavored entertainment 24 hours a day.

We’ve got a dozen clips of Evil Bong 420 below for you to toke on before the big release on the 20th. Evil Bong 420 will be available at FullMoonStreaming.com as well as many of your favorite streaming services.


From the Press Release:
Grab your munchies and head to the lanes because Full Moon’s most far-out character, the malevolent mind-fogging Evil Bong, is back, baked, and more brutal than ever in this, the ultimate stoner trip: Evil Bong 420! And this time our beloved Bong is sending his sinister smoke signals via an exclusive worldwide streaming premiere!

Evil Bong 420 sees series regulars Sarah Leigh (Robin Sydney), Larnell (John Patrick Jordan), Rabbit (Sonny Carl Davis), Velicity (Amy Paffrath), Hambo, EeBee, Gingerdead Man, and Ooga Booga all return to the fold along with tons of insane surprise guests, including adult stars Tanya Tate, Janice Griffith, Rorie Moon, Nina Elle, and Ella Darling with cameos by legendary Queen of the B’s director David DeCoteau and David Del Valle!

Rabbit has escaped the Evil Bong’s World of Weed and has opened a topless bowling alley. It’s the grand opening; and the balls are rolling, the boobs are bouncing, and the weed is plentiful. When his old friends Larnell and Sarah Leigh stop by to help him celebrate his wacky new business venture, things are finally looking up for Rabbit, right? Wrong! Evil Bong is hot on Rabbit’s trail. With the help of the murderous Gingerdead Man, they crash the most balls-out party of the century. But Gingerdead Man has plans of his own when he learns that the secret to becoming a real man is getting his cookies off.

After the runaway success of Evil Bong, Evil Bong 2: King Bong, Evil Bong 3: The Wrath of Bong, and the mental monster mash-up Gingerdead Man Vs. Evil Bong, Full Moon once more lights up the Bong for our maddest movie yet: Evil Bong 420, and you’ll be able to see it first via a worldwide streaming premiere on – when else? – April 20th, 2015… That’s right! On 4.20!!

Catch Evil Bong 420 on HULU, Vutopia, MGO, FullMoonStreaming.com, Vimeo, Amazon Instant, GooglePlay, BigStarMovies, ConTV, and many more streaming platforms, dropping on the ultimate weed-friendly day. Full Moon refuses to bogart this joint… we want to pass the Bong gospel around. It’s the movie with its mind firmly in the gutter. Evil Bong 420 has the biggest balls, boobs, and bongs you’ll see all year.

Evil Bong 420

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Producers’ Preview of The Originals Episode 2.19 – When the Levee Breaks

Posted by Debi Moore on April 18, 2015

It’s time to pick a side in Monday night’s Episode 2.19 of “The Originals,” titled “When the Levee Breaks”; and in this inside look at the ep, exec producers Julie Plec and Michael Narducci talk about the Mikaelson family’s turning point of trust. So, will you be #TeamFreya or #TeamKlaus?

“The Originals” Episode 2.19 – “When the Levee Breaks” (airs 4/20/15)
WAYWARD WAYS — Setting the stage for a bloody showdown, Dahlia (guest star Claudia Black) gives Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) a deadline to turn over baby Hope. Elijah (Daniel Gillies) attempts to convince Klaus that they need to work together in their fight against Dahlia, but Klaus forges ahead with his own dangerous plan, leaving everyone concerned about his next steps.

Meanwhile, when Hayley realizes their chances of outrunning Dahlia are slim, she devises a risky plan and enlists Aiden’s (guest star Colin Woodell) help. Elsewhere, Freya (guest star Riley Voelkel) gives Rebekah (guest star Maisie Richardson-Sellers) and Elijah an ultimatum, and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) strategizes on how best to deal with Klaus’ erratic behavior.

Leah Pipes and Danielle Campbell also star. Bethany Rooney directed the episode written by Marguerite MacIntyre .

For more info visit “The Originals” on CWTV.com, “like” “The Originals” on Facebook, and follow “The Originals” on Twitter.

The Originals Season 2

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New Attack on Titan Teaser Trailer Brings the Mayhem

Posted by Steve Barton on April 17, 2015

With its release set for 2015, we now have the second official teaser trailer for the live-action feature film based on Araki Tetsuro’s anime series Attack on Titan. Even cooler? Like the first it’s TOTALLY badass! Dig it!

Shinji Higuchi directs.

The sudden arrival of the Titans–mysterious, gigantic humanoid creatures who devour human beings one after the other–brings mankind to the brink of extinction. Fast-forward more than 100 years later. What remains of the human population now live in relative peace behind massive walls that were erected to defend themselves against the Titans. Yet, once again, that peace is shattered when a Titan measuring over 50 meters tall smashes through the wall, allowing a horde of other Titans to enter.

The protagonist, Eren, had been resigned to a life confined behind these walls. Nothing I do would make a difference, he thought. But when he joins the “Outer Wall Restoration Team” set up to fight against the Titans, he is reunited with Mikasa, a childhood friend and someone he had long rued not being able to save. The new recruits embark on a mission to obtain explosives, which have become rare and precious, before getting past the waves of Titans to plug the gaping hole in the wall, with humanity’s survival on the line. Will there be a future for Eren and Mikasa… and for mankind itself?

Attack On Titan Attack On Titan Attack On Titan Attack On Titan Attack On Titan Attack On Titan Attack On Titan Attack On Titan Attack On Titan Attack On Titan Attack On Titan Attack On Titan Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan

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Independence Day Sequel Welcomes Back Bill Pullman and Judd Hirsch

Posted by Steve Barton on April 17, 2015

The film reunion continues as Roland Emmerich announced today via Twitter that Bill Pullman and Judd Hirsch will be reprising their roles as the former President and the father of Jeff Goldblum’s character David, respectively.

They join the previously announced Vivica A. Fox, Liam Hemsworth, Jessie Usher, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Jeff Goldblum.

Director Roland Emmerich will return to helm the film. Independence Day 2 is set for release on June 24, 2016 — almost exactly 20 years from when the first film hit theaters on July 3, 1996. Dean Devlin, Emmerich and Harald Kloser are producing. James A. Woods and Nicolas Wright wrote the most recent draft.

Hirsch Pullman

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Real Life Exorcisms Are on the Rise and The Vatican Fears Sexy Vampires

Posted by Scott Hallam on April 17, 2015

There are so many things to tempt us potential sinners, and The Vatican is on the lookout for all of them. Thankfully, the fate of our immortal souls is in the hands of these wise leaders. And one of the main rising threats they’re concerned about is… sexy vampires. Really?

Get a load of this quote from Professor (that’s right, Professor) Giuseppe Ferrari, the head of an Italian occult watchdog organization called The Group on Research and Socio-Religious Information, “There are those who try to turn people into vampires and make them drink other people’s blood or encourage them to have special sexual relations to obtain special powers,” said Ferrari at a conference in Rome recently. “These groups are attracted by the so-called beautiful young vampires that we’ve seen so much of in recent years.”

All right, there is so much hilariously wrong with this statement. First, Ferrari, who is not some radical maniac but is actually backed by The Vatican and Pope Francis himself (incidentally, Pope Francis insists that dioceses have one trained exorcist on campus to deal with any urgent possession issues), seems to believe that there are rogue people out there trying to turn people into vampires (wait, what?) and making them drink people’s blood.  Maybe there are folks out there forcing people to drink the blood of others, but I think we can all agree that they won’t be turning into vampires. They may experience some acid reflux, but they should be safe from vampirism.

Ferrari also mentions the opportunity to have “special sexual relations to obtain special powers.” The victims are attracted by “beautiful young vampires.”  If the sexy vamps that we’ve seen out there are any indication of what is luring unsuspecting people in for sex, then that would be extremely difficult to turn down. But sex with a sexy vampire with the promise of “special powers” to be obtained after climax is damn near irresistible. If Ferrari is trying to get people to avoid these creatures he’s speaking of, he’s doing a pretty shitty job of it.

And if this fairy tale isn’t enough, apparently the head honcho himself has been watching a few too many movies. “Until a few years ago, a significant number of people in the Church didn’t believe in the Devil, but people are now going back to the Scriptures,” said an unnamed British exorcist priest in an interview with The Telegraph. “Pope Francis has given a certain amount of encouragement to that. A few years ago at least half the dioceses in England and Wales did not have an exorcist. Now, pretty much all of them do.”

And we’re the crazy ones. Keep it real, Dreadies.

Source: Salon.com

Pope Francis

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Noomi Rapace Returns to Sci-fi Horror with Rupture

Posted by John Squires on April 17, 2015

Prometheus star Noomi Rapace is set to reprise her role of Elizabeth Shaw in Ridley Scott’s upcoming sequel, but that’s not the only sci-fi flick in her near future. She’s just signed on to another, and on tap today are the first details. So read on!

It has just been confirmed that Rapace will star in Secretary director Steven Shainberg’s Rupture, and though specific plot details are at the moment being kept under wraps, we did manage to get our hands on a brief synopsis.

In Rupture, Rapace will play a single mother struggling to raise her son alone. After she’s abducted by a mysterious organization she attempts to escape from, she uncovers an extraordinary secret about herself.

The screenplay was written by Brian Nelson (30 Days of Night, Devil), from an idea by Shainberg and himself. American Sniper producer Andrew Lazar is producing, and more casting news is expected real soon.

Rupture is set to begin shooting this June.


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Get a Look Inside iZombie Episode 1.06 – Virtual Reality Bites

Posted by Debi Moore on April 17, 2015

If you, like us, are enjoying The CW’s new spin on the undead, “iZombie,” on tap for you right now we have an inside look at next week’s Episode 1.06, “Virtual Realty Bites,” in which exec producers Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright preview Liv’s sudden appetite for gaming.  In addition, we have a bit of artwork for the ep to share.

“iZombie” Episode 1.06 – “Virtual Reality Bites” (airs 4/21/15)
SHALL WE PLAY A GAME? — Liv (Rose McIver), Clive (Malcolm Goodwin), and Ravi (Rahul Kohli) work together to investigate the murder of a computer-hacker. Liv inherits intense agoraphobia after consuming his brains along with mad skills at computer gaming. This delights Ravi, who urges her to play and offers to help her from inside the game as they continue to search for the killer.

Meanwhile, Blaine (David Anders) becomes acquainted with someone close to Liv. Robert Buckley also stars. Dermott Downs directed the episode written by Gloria Calderon Kellett.

For more info visit “iZombie” on CWTV.com, “like” “iZombie” on Facebook, and follow “iZombie” on Twitter.


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