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Scary vs. Gorey

Posted by Horror Grinder on January 8, 2013

I love scary movies and I love blood and guts and severed heads and tangled up intestines everywhere. I guess tangled-up intestines are kind of the same thing as guts, but, wow, do I love grisly gore. It seems like older horror movies often focused more on the psychology of how horrifying a situation or act was and newer horror movies put more attention into convincingly showing every stab and every spurting artery on camera. For example, especially when you factor in what audiences of the time were used to, Last House on the Left was really shocking in 1972. It’s slogan was “To avoid fainting, keep repeating it’s only a movie, only a movie, only a movie.” Most of the most horrible events in the movie, you hear the suffering, but you can’t really see what is going on. By contrast, the 2009 version seems to be shot somehow higher quality, partly just due to the technology of modern cinematography. To my modern eyes, the color palette is more pleasing in the 2009 Last House on the Left. More of the gruesome parts are visible, although they could still go more extreme with that, for my taste. But the new one somehow loses some of the aura of menace, while at the same time vastly improving special effects and general overall look. Partly I suppose Aaron Paul just didn’t seem very scary to begin with and he already seemed like a tragic hero to anyone who had seen him play Jesse in Breaking Bad. You can research more about both the 1972 film version and the more recent 2009 remake at Wikipedia and you can read a bit about Last House on the Left distribution channels for horror at Blue Blood.

Horror special effects definitely have come a long way since the seventies. Now though, the special effects are, not to sound ironic, to die for. Trust me, if the quality of movies were still the same as they were a few decades ago, you can bet that I wouldn’t drop what I was doing over at http://www.partybingo.com just to watch some crappy special effects, and acting that we will just label as sub-par. Thank god though, that isn’t the case! To prove my point, just go watch one of the many (I think there are eight) movies in the Saw series, or if you are really up for some cringing, then watch Hostel.

So, in conclusion, I’ll watch the seventies movies for the acting and the newer ones for the special effects, but the special effects really have to be pretty impressive. I’m thinking about going to see Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D. I figure, even if the acting is all Disney Channel, the special effects on that have to be worth a theater ticket.

Syfy Bringing Grindhouse to the Masses with Blood Drive

Posted by Debi Moore on July 28, 2015

Yet another new series is heading to Syfy, and with a storyline that involves cars powered by the red stuff we all know and love, “Blood Drive” could be all sorts of fun for the horror crowd.  Read on for the early details; we should have some casting news shortly.

From the Press Release:
Syfy and Universal Cable Productions today announced they have greenlit “Blood Drive,” a high-octane, over-the-top scripted series in the classic grindhouse movie tradition. Set in a near-apocalyptic future, the 13-episode series centers around LA’s last good cop, who is forced to join a twisted, gory cross-country death race — with cars powered by blood and a dangerous femme fatale partner who sees people as fuel.

“Blood Drive” is from executive producers John Hlavin (Underworld: Awakening, “The Shield”) and David Straiton (“Bates Motel,” “Hemlock Grove”), who will also direct.

James Roland wrote the pilot under Hlavin’s supervision and will also serve as supervising producer. Fredrik Malmberg (Conan the Barbarian) and Mark Wheeler will serve as producers. Universal Cable Productions will be the studio.

Said Dave Howe, President, Syfy & Chiller: “This highly stylized roller coaster ride is a throwback to 1970s grindhouse cinema. With its fast-paced thrills and indie feel, ‘Blood Drive’ will make an exciting and edgy addition to Syfy’s growing slate of original scripted series.”

“The grindhouse cinema style remains largely untapped in television. The combination of gritty action and dark humor can push the envelope in some fun and unexpected ways,” said Jeff Wachtel, Chief Content Officer, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment and President, Universal Cable Productions. “’Blood Drive’ has all these elements and more. We’re excited to partner with John Hlavin and David Straiton to bring this cool, action-packed series to life.”


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A Nightmare on Elm Street Box of Dread in August 2015

Posted by KW Low on July 28, 2015

One… two… Freddy’s coming for you. Three… four… delivered to your door! That’s right, fiends! In August 2015, we are giving you A Nightmare on Elm Street Box of Dread! This upcoming Box of Dread will feature some items that are fixing to keep you up all night!

Brew that coffee! Raise the volume of your computer, and sign up for Box of Dread NOW!

Nightmare On Elm Street Box of Dread

If you’ve been following the Box of Dread Facebook Page or the Box of Dread Instagram account, you would have already seen this by now. So go check out what people are saying on Facebook and on Instagram.

Signups for the Nightmare on Elm Street Box of Dread ends on August 9, 2015, at 11:59pm ET / 8:59pm PT. You have two ways to subscribe to Box of Dread:

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A Nightmare on Elm Street is a 1984 American supernatural slasher horror film written and directed by Wes Craven and the first film of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. The film stars Heather Langenkamp, John Saxon, Ronee Blakley, Amanda Wyss, Jsu Garcia, Robert Englund, and Johnny Depp in his feature film debut. Set in the fictional Midwestern town of Springwood, Ohio, the plot revolves around several teenagers who are stalked and killed in their dreams (and thus killed in reality) by Freddy Krueger. The teenagers are unaware of the cause of this strange phenomenon, but their parents hold a dark secret from long ago.

Make sure to listen to the hall monitor, and don’t fall asleep in August!

Nightmare on Elm Street Box of Dread

Don’t forget. You don’t have much time left to become a Box of Dread acolyte at BoxOfDread.com. Sign up now or make sure your subscription is active and current.

For even more pictures and videos, check out Box of Dread on social media!

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Giant Monster Back in Nacho Nacho Vigalondo’s Colossal?

Posted by Steve Barton on July 28, 2015

A while back we told you that do to similarities to Godzilla, the next film from director Nacho Vigalondo entitled Colossal starring Anne Hathaway would feature a giant robot and not a giant monster rampaging through Japan. Now it looks as if the robot has been nixed we’re back to giant monster and that’s okay with us.

Once the decision was nixed on the whole monster thing this was the synopsis Voltage Pictures had put out.

Gloria (Hathaway; pictured) is an ordinary woman who finds herself in an extraordinary circumstance. Tokyo is under attack by a giant robot and, for some strange reason, Gloria is the only person who can stop it. In order to do so, Gloria needs to figure out why her seemingly insignificant existence has such a colossal effect on the fate of the world.

Now on the Voltage Pictures website, the Colossal description reads as follows.

Hathaway will be playing Gloria in the picture, an ordinary woman who, after losing her job and her fiancée, decides to leave her life in New York to move back to her home town. When news reports start surfacing that a giant monster is destroying the city of Tokyo, Gloria gradually comes to realize that she is connected to these far-off events. In order to prevent further destruction, Gloria needs to determine why her seemingly insignificant existence has such a colossal effect on the fate of the world.


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After Dark Films WON’T STAY DEAD! Re-Kill Finally Being Released!

Posted by Steve Barton on July 28, 2015

The After Dark Films “8 Films to Die For” horrorfest “passed away” several years ago. We thought we had heard the last of them. We were wrong. Word has just come that you cannot keep a good ghoul down.

From the Press Release:
After Dark Films has established a new working partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment to release “8 Films to Die For,” a teeth-shattering lineup of 8 terrifying horror features. This agreement is a huge step forward for the horror giant, After Dark Films, and famed media distributor Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

“We are excited to be showcasing these films with Fox. They are such an experienced and enthusiastic partner, and we know that ‘8 Films to Die For’ is in the most capable of hands.” – Courtney Solomon, CEO of After Dark Films

After Dark Films

The first in a panic-inducing lineup of horrors is Re-Kill, the epidemic horror film written by Michael Hurst (Room 6) and directed by Valeri Milev (Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort). This highly anticipated and terrifying film focusing on a devastating outbreak is the perfect pick to kick off the highly touted “8 Films to Die For” re-launch.

“With this new lineup we are delivering to our fans the film they have been waiting for, Re-Kill. This post-apocalyptic feature is our most highly anticipated horror film to date,” says Stephanie Caleb, EVP, Creative Affairs & Acquisitions of After Dark Films.

“8 Films to Die For” and Re-Kill will have a limited theatrical release, nationwide, on October 16, 2015.

For more info visit the official After Dark Films website, “like” After Dark Films on Facebook, and you can follow After Dark Films on Twitter as well as After Dark Films on Instagram.

Re-Kill Synopsis:
It’s been five years since the outbreak that wiped out 85% of the world’s population, but the war between Re-Animates (Re-Ans) and Humans wages on, as most of the major cities are still uninhabitable. Within the few surviving cities, the Re-Ans have been segregated into “zones” and are policed by the R-Division of the QUASI S.W.A.T. Unit, who hunt to re-kill the Re-Ans in the hope of quelling a second outbreak.

After Dark Films

After Dark Films

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Dark Humor Zine BLT Kickstarter Closing Soon

Posted by Gothic.net on July 28, 2015

Edgy punk and underground humor zine Black Leather Times is compiling all their many issues into one huge compendium, with help from crowdfunding leader Kickstarter and we’re looking forward to getting our hands on the project. One of my favorite issues is all about cannibalism and includes detailed ‘How To’ instructions on making authentic shrunken heads, along with some hilariously creepy serial killer quotes and coverage to spice things up a bit. I don’t see the cannibalism cover among the t-shirts available to supporters yet, but maybe after voting it will make the cut. This Kickstarter project is in it’s final hours, so go get your piece before the body gets cold.

BLT Zine cannibalism issueBLT Zine cannibalism issue

Remakes: For Better or Worse – Creepy’s Take

Posted by Steve Barton on July 28, 2015

News just broke that we’re getting another telling of the classic F.W. Murnau classic Nosferatu, so I figured I’d use this time to talk a bit about remakes and how they relate to the genre. Read on and watch for the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Watch. Think. Comment!

Stay up-to-date on all stories featuring Creepy’s Take here!

In these “Creepy’s Take” videos, I’ll be popping in to give my opinion on some of the biggest and smallest news stories of the day. The reason being? Holding my tongue isn’t exactly my strong suit, and I’d like to engage with you guys, whom I consider my peers, in a different kind of way. There will be nothing fancy about these videos… they will be quick one-take segments that are punk-rock raw with no script and no safety net.

Texas Chainsaw Remake

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Nosferatu Remake Rising for Studio 8

Posted by Steve Barton on July 28, 2015

Though we’re still pretty disturbed over the grave robbery of Nosferatu director F.W. Murnau, news of another remake of his classic tale has hit the wire. Deadline reports that Jeff Robinov’s Studio 8 has set up an untitled film that is a remake of Nosferatu with Robert Eggers aboard to write and direct the classic that is based on the Dracula mythology.

Eggers won the directing prize at Sundance for The Witch. This will be a visceral adaptation of F.W. Murnau’s 1922 silent film masterpiece that brings the horrific vampire of Eastern European folklore back to the screen. Jay Van Hoy and Lars Knudsen’s Parts and Labor will produce, and this underscores Robinov’s determination to work with up-and-coming filmmakers as well as established ones.

Jon Silk brought the Nosferatu project into Studio 8, and the company spent the past few months tying down the rights. Robinov got $1 billion in capital for Studio 8 to generate up to six films per year that will be distributed by Sony Pictures. Those initial projects include Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, which Ang Lee is currently shooting.


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Alien Invasion Comic The Nye Incidents Headed to the Small Screen

Posted by John Squires on July 28, 2015

No stranger to the horror genre, writer Whitley Strieber penned the bestseller Communion, which was adapted into a 1989 film starring Christopher Walken. In 2008 he created and co-wrote the comic book miniseries The Nye Incidents, which is now headed to the small screen. Read on!

Per Deadline, YRF Entertainment has closed a deal to turn The Nye Incidents into an episodic drama, marking the production company’s first venture into television.

Written by author Whitley Strieber in collaboration with Craig Specter, the graphic novel centers on an obsessive but rational medical examiner who, investigating an apparent serial killer, becomes consumed with corpses that indicate the existence of extraterrestrial life. As she becomes immersed in the alien abductee community, she must uncover the truth to maintain her sanity.

YRF’s Uday Chopra will produce and serve as executive producer along with president of production Jonathan Reiman.

On a related note, Strieber’s Alien Hunter is the basis for Syfy’s new series “Hunters,” a 13-episode drama from “The Walking Dead” executive producer Gale Anne Hurd that is set to debut in 2016.

the nye incidents

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Abracadabra! Meet The Magician of Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival

Posted by Debi Moore on July 28, 2015

We’re quickly approaching the kick-off of the road tour for Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival, and on tap today is another video that introduces us to some of the film’s characters. Up now is The Magician (Bill Moseley), who is summoning you to get your tickets before they’re gone!

After triumphant collaborations on 2008’s Repo! The Genetic Opera and 2012’s The Devil’s Carnival: Episode One, cult filmmakers Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich are back with the second installment to their fantasy-musical film franchise. In Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival, Lucifer sets a plot in motion against Heaven, and all hell breaks loose.

The film, which stars Barry Bostwick, Ted Neeley, Adam Pascal, David Hasselhoff, Terrance Zdunich, Paul Sorvino, rapper Tech N9ne, Emilie Autumn, Briana Evigan, Marc Senter, and Dayton Callie plus musicians Chantal Claret, Jimmy Urine, Shawn “Clown” Crahan of Slipknot, and Kevin “Ogre” Ogilvie from Skinny Puppy, will kick off a traveling circus tour with its premiere in Los Angeles on August 11th before continuing in cities across the U.S. throughout the fall. See the full list of cities below.

Zdunich wrote the script and co-wrote the musical numbers with Saar Hendelman. Producers are Chris M. Bonifay and Sean E. Demott. Brian Perera is executive producer.

Visit TheDevilsCarnival.com for more info.  Also be sure to check out The Devil’s Carnival on Facebook and follow The Devil’s Carnival on Twitter for TONS of behind-the-scenes images.


Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival

Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival

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Rest in Peace: N. Brock Winkless IV

Posted by John Squires on July 28, 2015

It took a lot of people to bring Chucky to life in the various Child’s Play films, including doll designer Kevin Yagher, stunt performer Ed Gale, and voice actor Brad Dourif. And then there was the team of puppeteers, which included effects artist N. Brock Winkless IV.

Make-up Artist Magazine broke the sad news today that Winkless passed away on July 18th at the age of 56, due to complications from a debilitating neurological condition that caused him rising levels of discomfort and lack of muscular control for more than 15 years.

Per the website, Winkless was one of the few people who understood and excelled at lipsyncing a puppet’s mouth and jaw movements, which made him invaluable for projects such as the Child’s Play series as well as the Crypt Keeper character from the “Tales from the Crypt” TV show.

Winkless collaborated with some of the best artists in motion picture make-up and effects, including Dave Nelson and Norman Tempia’s Animated FX Inc., Rick Baker’s Cinovation Studios, and the Stan Winston Studio. However, he is probably best known for his association with make-up artist/director Kevin Yagher.

Said Yagher: “Sometimes the kindest of people are struck with hardship and suffering. I ask myself ‘Why… why them?’ Brock Winkless was one of those. Not only a man of many talents, he was a soft-spoken, thoughtful, and gentle human being with a unique sense of humor. It was simply my utmost pleasure and an absolute honor to know him. I know that everyone who knew Brock will miss him dearly. May God bless Brock Winkless. I love you, brother.”

In addition to Child’s Play 1-3 and Bride of Chucky, other credits on Winkless’ resume include Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Alien 3, Congo, and Bordello of Blood.

We here at Dread Central would like to take this time to offer our sincerest of condolences to Brock’s friends, family, and constituents. Rest easy, friend.

Brock Winkless

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