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A Halloween Omen – Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on October 13, 2019

It was the middle of a cold and breezy night when I was awoken by an unknown energy that brought me to this Dark Bird by Maritza Alis. When I gazed upon her, I felt my blood run cold as her ice-white eyes seemed to pierce my very soul, freezing me in place and studying me calmly without blinking, perhaps preparing to speak the message she had travelled so far to deliver.

It was at this moment that I stopped to admire the feathers on this bird and noticed how the very darkness she seemed to be embraced by creeped through the cracks on her face. As she stayed in silence, I wondered what omen this Halloween Dark Bird carried with her.

I have a feeling that I’ll never know, but her mystical eyes have left an imprint in my mind that reminds me to keep my own open if I’m hoping to unearth it.

Day 16Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe for more Halloween tutorials 🙂

IG: maritza_alis

Traditional Halloween Carvings – Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on October 12, 2019

It was a Halloween like any other when he entered his home and placed the grocery bags on the table. Then, he took a knife and the pumpkin he had bought to replace the one he had already carved for that day, but that had inexplicably disappeared from his home.

When he brought the knife closer to the pumpkin’s flesh to cut into it, the lights dimmed suddenly, and before him appeared something he never again hoped to see: Another pumpkin, exactly like the one he had lost, with the triangle nose and the jagged mouth that cut through the expertly shaded dark lines similar to the pumpkin he’d seen An Knook create with makeup that very morning, and that he had so diligently worked to recreate. The apparition took his hand and lowered the knife, and slowly shook her head saying no, but no words were uttered as she took the second pumpkin away for safekeeping.

HEY FRIENDS! ♡ Welcome back to my YouTube channel.
In today’s video I’m showing you another halloween tutorial to give you all some inspiration. Today’s video is completely inspired by this girl:
I found her picture when I was scrolling through the hashtag halloween and I really loved the look she did.
I hope you all like how it turned out. Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up that would be really helpfull for my youtube channel. LOVE YOU ALL!! ♡

⇢ Orange paint from the Halloween store (Water based)
⇢ Black paint from the Halloween store (Water based)
⇢ Inglot kohl pencil in the waterline
⇢ theBalm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) trimony eyeshadow palette
⇢ Eyeko Liquid liner

⇢ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anknook
⇢ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/makeupbyan
⇢ Snapchat: Makeupbyan
⇢ Twitter: https://twitter.com/KnookAn

Soothing Glittery Elegance – Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on October 11, 2019

This makeup tutorial by Alice Lockhart shows you how to create a very refined Dark Glitter Smokey Eye look with all the steps needed to achieve it, and she even shows you how much product she applies in every step, which allows you to have a better notion on how to recreate this look flawlessly.

The look works with a dark lipstick and smokey eyes that mix nicely with the touches of glitter, which is something I really appreciated, since it adds a splash of elegance to the look that’s perfect for a formal event or for everyday use, while it also allows for experimentation with different shades for the shiny finish if you are also feeling creative.

There’s a relaxing element is present here as well, with the background music and Alice Lockhart’s voice creating a soothing effect that makes you feel as if all your worries are melting away and you can better focus on the techniques that she is showing you throughout the tutorial.

One of my absolute favorite parts of being a content creator is playing around with lighting; as well as adding effects and music to my videos.

I think this video just looks so beautiful and although the colors of the makeup products themselves are not super clear, i just wanted to do something artsy this time 🙂 lmk what u think.

This is also the easiest glittery smokey eye ever!!

– Pur Love Your selfie foundation LN2
– Covergirl Undercover Concealer L001
– Rituel De Fille Inner Glow Crème Pigment
– Rituel De Fille Rare Light Crème Luminizer
– RCMA No Color Powder
– Mehron Cool Highlight Pro
– Lovecraft Beauty Blush Palette
– Urban Decay – “All Nighter” Setting Spray

– NYX “alien”
– Profusion Pressed Glitter palette
– LAsplash “luna” glitter liner
– KADABRA D18 false eyelashes

– Lovecraft Beauty “Demetria”

– Kadabra Cult Brushes
– Hand mirror
– AOA Studio Microfiber Sponge

✖INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/AlicexLockhart
✖TWITTER https://www.twitter.com/AlicexLockhart

Sparkly Clown Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on October 10, 2019

Clowns, they are a symbol of happiness and fun, but for many, they represent a deeply-rooted fear that not always can be explained, which is why they have become a popular option for Halloween costumes, since the versatility of the makeup and the enhanced proportions of their facial features allow for a wide array of expressions and emotions to be conveyed with visuals that, even with a concept as popular as a clown, can create something unique and unforgettable.

This is the case of the Comic Clown makeup that Ady Alonzo has created with a particularly festive take that initially made me think that she had drawn balloons on her face, to express a fun atmosphere, but upon closer observation, I noticed that what I mistook for hand-painted balloons were actually gems of various colors and sizes adorning key points of her makeup that gave a stylish feel to the ensemble, while at the same time maintaining the energy and distinction that a clown requires to become an effective Halloween option.

It is finally October and I am so excited to share this fun halloween look I created for you guys! All products will be listed down below! If you liked this tutorial Pleas give it a thumbs up! xoxoxo

Eyeshdow palette used : Morphe 35B Palette
Glue for Rhinestones : Spirit gum
Rhinestones from Michaels
Face Paint from the Halloween Store
Glitter : Michaels
NYX white Crayon to outline
Marc Jacobs Black liner to color
Lashes: Brand- Kiss (ULTA)
Stila Glitter for foil Lips

Marianne Episode VIII Recap

Posted by Ingram Draco on October 10, 2019

We have now reached the final episode of the first season of Marianne, and it continues right where episode seven left off: when the priest starts attacking Emma.

The priest continues his exorcism, while Emma tries to get away from him. She is hurt, and he keeps hurting her as she crawls away. They then reach Emma’s room and the priest notices that Emma has written a new story, and laments that she did exactly what Marianne wanted.

While the priest is distracted, Emma takes out her gun and points it at him, asking him why he hurt and hit her. The priest drops the shocking revelation that he never actually hit her, and that what’s hurting Emma is the holy water he poured on her. Emma checks her bleeding nose and realizes that she wasn’t bleeding at all, and the priest was telling the truth. The priest continues explaining to her that now Emma and Marianne are one and the same, but Emma doesn’t believe him, and she threatens to shoot him to avoid him attacking her again. The priest encourages her to do so if she wants to, but first, he asks her if she is Marianne, and Emma replies that she is, following the rule that, whatever happens, Marianne cannot lie about her name.

After this opening sequence, we see Aurore at the wrecked boat where the group of friends used to hang out. The boat has the words “help me” scratched on it, and as she sits there, Aurore remembers that Emma told her not to take off the amulet she took from Ronan.

Back at Emma’s home, the priest tells her that burning the witch’s grave was the only way to beat the witch, and when he asks Marianne where her grave is, Emma shoots him but claims that it wasn’t her who wanted to do it. The priest acknowledges that Emma is not in full control anymore and continues telling Emma that Marianne wants to be her, and that by writing about her, she gave Marianne what she wanted, which was for people to dream about her so they would give her power. He also mentions that it is Tuesday, which, according to the nursery rhyme about Marianne, is both the day when she was born, and the day when she was buried.

We then see a flashback of how the hole that Emma has been seeing in the woods came to be. We see Emma as a kid playing next to the hole, and Marianne reaching out to her from within it, asking for her help and telling her that she’ll dream about her all the time from that point on until the day she wakes Marianne up.

The flashback ends, and the priest tells Emma that, in the end, everyone in Elden is related to the people who killed Marianne in the past, and that what she is doing is keeping her promise to hurt them all. After this, Emma sees Marianne’s hands creeping out of a closet pointing at something, and she leaves the room.

A silent Marianne guides Emma to a shed near her house, and she pushes it out of the way to uncover the hole in the woods we’ve been seeing, which is Marianne’s grave, and from within it, Marianne’s voice asks Emma for help. Emma reaches into the hole and digs Marianne out of it, and we see her for the first time in full view, wearing her dressing gown, and when Emma takes off the shroud that covers her face, we see that Marianne’s face is that of a young girl, not a demonic creature. Emma apologizes for taking so long to get her out, and they hug each other as if they were two friends reuniting after a long time apart.

Marianne and Emma walk together holding hands at a strange place by the water. Marianne guides her somewhere, but Emma resists it and tells her that she is doing it because she kills people, but Marianne tells her that, where they are, there’s no death, and that they shouldn’t concern themselves with it. Marianne then keeps guiding Emma, telling her they’ll go see the dark man, who’s her husband, but that there are many other entities that Emma will discover once they arrive at their destination.

Back at Emma’s house, the priest stares out the window at Marianne’s grave, and Emma comes into view with a twisted look in her eyes. The priest tries to escape as Emma drops her gun and picks a knife instead to attack him with it. During this scene, the shadow of Emma shows the shape of Marianne in her mourning gown, but what we see is Emma holding the knife, and when she reaches the priest, we see her with the same devilish look in her eyes that we’ve seen in all those previously possessed by Marianne.

Emma stabs the priest, and while that scene is playing out, we see Marianne and Emma walking holding hands. As the priest dies, Marianne looks back with a sharp and evil look in her eye back at the writer.

Immediately after this, we see that Aurore is standing near the overturned shed, looking at Emma’s house, which she approaches cautiously. She sees one of Marianne’s bags wrapped around the doorknob on the open door and calls out for Emma, but receives no response, so she goes in to investigate.

She finds the gun that Emma left on the table, and hears Emma’s voice, telling her to go find her. Aurore takes the gun and carefully starts to look for Emma, who guides with her voice in a creepy game of hide and seek. When Aurore finally finds her, she sees that Emma’s hands are bloody, and notices that she’s been possessed by Marianne.

They have a confrontation and end up in a sort of Mexican standoff, where Emma has her knife pointed at Aurore, about to stab her, and Aurore has her gun pointed at Emma, ready to shoot. In the end, before Emma can stab Aurore, she places Ronan’s amulet around Emma’s neck, which paralyzes her and causes her to drop her weapon. Here we see a shot of Marianne wondering how Emma was able to break free of her grasp, back at the place by the water, and Emma shows her Ronan’s amulet. Back with Aurore, we see Emma fighting Marianne’s possession and urging Aurore to escape.

Another flashback plays, this one of the priest back when he was as a child, writing about three questions he has about being a priest, and when the flashback ends, we see him holding his hands to his stab wounds. However, just as he is about to let death take him away, we hear the priest’s voice again, continuing reading the letter he wrote as a kid, where he states that his plan for becoming a priest was not so that he could pray, but because he thought his hands were good for fighting, and he wanted to fight evil with them. This is a powerful scene that’s accompanied by shots of the priest crawling towards Marianne’s grave, out of pure willpower; Emma battling and weakened by the possession; and Aurore running away from the house.

After the priest’s younger self reads his letter of intent, we go back to Marianne in the place by the water telling Emma that they’re close to the big city, their destination, and that all the people she’s lost will be there, but Emma refuses her hand and tells her that she won’t go with her. After this, Aurore is shown fighting her fear and gathering up all her courage, and once she finds it, she runs back to the house to help Emma vanquish Marianne once and for all.

The priest takes a jerry can out of the shed and pours gasoline into the hole where Marianne’s grave is, and Marianne tells Emma that there’s only one way to defeat her for good: for Emma to die. Emma tells her that she already knows that’s a possible solution, and we see her holding the gun and pressing it against her throat. Back at the shed, before the priest can light the grave on fire, a black hand drags him into the grave, and he falls to where both Marianne’s body, and the page that holds her power on Earth are kept safe.

The priest tries to go for the lighter, as the gasoline is still pouring out, but more hands come out of the sides of the grave to keep him in place. All at once, Marianne keeps trying to convince Emma to go with her, but Emma tells her that she doesn’t mind sacrificing herself to save her friends. Marianne tells her that she can’t let her do that and moves the gun away from Emma’s head.

The priest continues to struggle, eventually breaking free and getting his hands on the lighter. Aurore reaches the house and sees a demonic Marianne holding Emma, stopping her from committing suicide. The priest manages to burn Marianne’s body and the page, but he also dies in the process. Emma fights back against Marianne inside the place by the water, but she disappears before she can hit her. At the house, Aurore succeeds in stopping Emma at the last second, getting wounded herself, though not fatally, and Marianne is defeated at last.

With everything back to normal, we go to Aurore watching over Emma at the hospital, and both friends once again confirm that none of them is Marianne. Emma is worried that Marianne took something from her after possessing her, since she never leaves empty-handed, but Aurore tells her that nothing was taken from her because there was no Marianne left to take anything anymore.

Both friends go see Camille, who’s healed but doesn’t speak out of her own accord, and the nurse suggest Emma that, once they return home, she might feel better, so they prepare to leave Elden now that it is no longer threatened by Marianne.

Emma has dinner with her father, and she tells him that she is planning on writing something other than horror for her next project, and she tells him that she is leaving Elden, but that she’ll return often to visit him.

Camille and Emma are on their way out of Elden, but Emma chooses to make two last stops first. One is at the church, where she leaves a white flower at the entrance to honor the hero who saved them from Marianne, and the other one is to Séby.

This one brings a big revelation for the end of the show, because as Emma thanks him for the night they spent together, an enraged Séby tells her that he wouldn’t do that to his wife, and that he doesn’t appreciate whatever game she is playing. He tells her that they never slept together, leaving Emma to wonder who or what visited her that night before their final battle with Marianne.

After Emma and Camille leave Elden, Emma begins to get sick. She pulls over many times to throw up, and when they stop near a store, Camille buys Emma a pregnancy test. Emma refuses to take it at first, but when she agrees to it, and we get the final narration from Emma about Lizzie Larck, talking about the next chapter in her life, and how, even if she is enjoying a moment of peace, she has kept a piece of the darkness with her.

Emma comes out of a bathroom with the pregnancy test, which shows it’s positive, which suggests that Marianne may be gone, but there could be other horrors awaiting in Emma Larsimon’s future. Finally, we see Emma’s reaction to the result of the pregnancy test, and the screen fades to black, ending one of the best horror shows ever.

A Scarecrow’s Charm – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on October 9, 2019

I generally don’t like scarecrows. I understand their use in both farming and horror, but it is the latter that truly gets my attention. I’m not afraid of them because of their stitching, or how they are often made to look worn-out, but because of the atmosphere they create around them.

Stand in front of a scarecrow at a crowded place and you’ll probably feel nothing, but be the only person in a deserted field with a scarecrow staring at you quietly from across the crops while the birds fly over you, looking for something to scavenge, and you’ll definitely understand the unease they can inspire with their presence.

That being said, something scary can be taken and transformed into something beautiful, and Niki Crow demonstrates this brilliantly by taking the concept of a scarecrow and turning it into something friendlier and glamorous, adding splashes of red to the look to bring a more vibrant and elegant quality to this Halloween style.

What is the best thing Niki Crow could be to start off 31 days of Halloween videos?! A Scare-Crow! Find out how to recreate this sexy scarecrow makeup tutorial! Perfect for Halloween or you can just watch the eye makeup tutorial for the perfect autumn eye look!! This look is easy and fast and you can do all of it with the stuff you already have in your makeup bag!

Products Used :
* Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made Foundation in T40
* Anastasia Beverly Hills Concealer in 1.0
* Too Faced *New* Hangover RX 3-1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray
* Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit in Light to Medium
* Tarte Pro Glow Palette
* Karity Blush Bomb in Coral Kamboom – Gorgeous
* Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow in Medium Brown
* Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow Pencil in 4
* Original Beauty Blender
* Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette – Shades – Eden , Blazing , Amber, and Celestial
* Dermablend Professional Loose Setting Powder
* Colourpop Cosmetics Creme Gel Liner in Swerve
* Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Yeyo
* Anastasia Beverly Hills Waterproof Creme Color in Jet
* Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara
* Flutter Lashes in Pucker
* Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive
* Huda Beauty Lip Contour in Bombshell
* Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink in Pioneer

Social Media:

Marianne Episode VII Recap

Posted by Ingram Draco on October 9, 2019

This episode of Marianne starts with a flashback to is February 17th, 1617, a Tuesday, the day when Marianne’s body was buried.

We see a friar in the grave with her, and he takes a page that rested on the body and begins to burn it, but as he is doing so, he hears Marianne’s voice, and he watches Marianne’s body moving and even sitting up. Then, a monster appears at his feet, prompting him to escape the open grave in horror. When he comes back to the surface, his superiors ask the friar if the page has been burned, telling him that only with the page completely burned to ashes will Marianne’s soul be free from evil. The terrified friar lies and tells them that the page was fully burned, and the flashback ends, showing us a bit of the page, still in flames, and Marianne blowing them out to preserve the little piece.

Back at the school in the present, we see a reminder of Ronan’s fate, and Emma and the group watching as Ronan rises from the ground as if he were a marionette pulled by strings, and when he starts to levitate, we see that Marianne is leaving his body, which makes the team leave the classroom, afraid one of them will be possessed next.

As the team escapes the classroom to avoid Marianne, they encounter a new threat: the dog, who now has the same monstrous eyes we see on everyone under her influence, and they all scatter, finding different places to hide.

Emma chooses a car as her hiding spot, and the dog goes straight after her. Luckily, she finds a gun in the glove compartment and takes it to defend herself. In the end, she gets out of the car and when the dog comes at her again, she shoots at him.

A rewind happens and we see where Aurore and Séby hid, while Emma was running to hide in the car. They choose the school and hide in one of the classrooms, where they find the monkey toy that Lucie used to play with. The toy starts to spew the pre-recorded phrases it always had, but then starts changing them for direct messages directed at Séby about her child and how Marianne is eating it. Aurore tells Séby to ignore the creepy voice and gives him one of her headphones so they listen to music instead while they hide under a table, and when they both calm down, Aurore sees her sister Lucie running around the room, only she is aware that Marianne is playing a trick on her and that’s not really her sister.

Lucie tells her that Emma let her die, and that they shouldn’t listen to her, revealing that she was there when Lucie died and did nothing to save her. Aurore doesn’t believe her, and Lucie promises Séby that if they convince Emma to write again, she’ll give his son back, and then she scares them and forces them to leave their hiding spot.

At this moment, Emma arrives and points a gun at both of them, checking if they are Marianne by asking her names, and they do the same to her, but when they ask her about her shooting the dog, since they just heard the gunshots, Emma tells them that she didn’t kill him.

We then focus on Arnaud who goes over to the water to escape from the dog, and he sees his brother Tonio there, and he tells him that he has been trapped by Marianne, but that he can be free if he convinces Emma to write by Tuesday, letting him know that, if he doesn’t, Marianne will take Aurore next. Armed with this piece of information, Arnaud goes back to the school and Emma also tests him to see if he isn’t possessed by Marianne.

While they are there, Ronan’s thermal lights start to turn on one by one, and they see Ronan writing a message that tells her that Marianne will choose another one, and then Marianne comes after Aurore, who’s the only one who can see her at the moment. As they all try to make sense of all that’s happening, Aurore is thrown towards a wall by an invisible force, and Emma takes the necklace that Ronan carried with him and places it around Aurore’s neck, and she hugs her.

At this point, fear starts to get the better of everyone, and both Séby and Arnaud tell her to write, claiming that they have already tried all they could, and they are still losing the fight. Emma reminds them that if she writes, more horrible things could happen, but they don’t seem to care about anything but getting their loved ones now. It is here where Aurore asks Emma if she was there the day her sister died, and Emma confesses what happened, that she was there when her sister died, but that she couldn’t do anything to save her.

Aurore and Emma cry while Emma begs her for forgiveness, but the whole group seems to be against Emma now, telling her that what she did was unforgivable, and as Emma retrieves another amulet from Ronan’s body, Arnaud points the gun at her, trying to persuade her to write.

Emma stands her ground, even while threatened, and tells him that she won’t write again, that she has to keep fighting Marianne because she is the only one who can stop her. She tells him that she’ll find a way to hurt her, but that she won’t give in to her demands.

Upon hearing this, Arnaud tells Emma that if she won’t write, then their next move is telling Marianne to take him, because he can’t bear the thought of her hurting Aurore, who is the only person he knows who loves him despite his shortcomings, and as he requests Marianne to take him, she obliges and pulls him towards the roof, leaving a screaming Emma to mourn her friend while the others stare in shock at the scene.

Arnaud appears on top of the lighthouse, and Marianne is there with him, slowly approaching him, and she holds his head while she looks at him, only Arnaud rips the shroud covering her face, and sees the face of his brother. Marianne tells him that his brother has drowned, and that she is the only thing that remains there. She then holds Arnaud’s head and he begins to scream when Marianne shows her face to him, and we see a shot of the lighthouse from afar.

Later, Emma is back at her home and she prepares her laptop, having decided to write despite the fact she believes to be dangerous, just to stop Marianne from hurting her friends. She writes a new story, and we hear the narration of Lizzie’s return to Emma’s readers while we’re also shown that Emma didn’t actually kill the dog, and that, since Emma did write like Marianne asked her to, she kept her promise to return Séby’s son safe and sound, granting Emma and her team a moment of peace.

After getting his son back, Séby goes to thank Emma and tells her that she did the right thing writing. He then apologizes for telling her that what she did when Aurore’s sister died was unforgivable, and she comforts her by telling her she is not the destructive force she thinks herself to be. They continue talking, and Séby agrees to sleep with Emma, since they never got a chance to when they were young.

Emma wakes up alone in her bed to the sound of the doorbell. She rushes to the door and finds the priest there, who raises a crucifix at her and starts to perform an exorcism. He hits her across the face, and Emma drops to the floor. The priest continues the exorcism, we see Emma bleeding from the hit, and the screen fades to black.

Big Halloween Smiles – Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on October 7, 2019

I discovered the creature before me, and to my own surprise, the enlarged smile that Sydney Nicole had masterfully recreated, which covered most of her face was not the only part that my eyes fixed on. It was big and menacing, no doubt, and it showed a row of sharp white teeth that could probably shred anything in seconds, but they weren’t all that scary. It seemed that the smile was a friendlier one, with more mischief than malice to it, and if that had been the sole element to her Lock look, I would have even considered her harmless.

However, after the smile I noticed her eyes, those big, captivating eyes that drew me in even more than her smile did, because these ones showed a more focused evil nature with the cloud of red smoke that seemed to float around them as she stared at me with that gaze that let me know that she was deciding what horrible things to introduce me to in the coming moments of this Halloween tribute.

Here is the first trickster from the infamous trio from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Make sure you check out the other two here on my channel!
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Masks are from Spirit Halloween
Face –
Urban Decay Optical Illusion Primer
Ben Nye Clown White Cream
NYX Professional Makeup Pro Contour Palette

Eyes –
NYX Professional Makeup Primal Color in “Red”
Star Crushed Minerals Shadows in “Orchid” and “Anarchy”
Wunder2 Cosmetics “Essential Ultra Violet” Super Stay Liner

Brows –
Kat Von D Beauty Super Brow Pomade in “Scarlet”

Paint –
Ben Nye “Cloud White” MagiCake Paint
Mehron Cool Prisma Paradise Paint and Black Paradise Paint

Marianne Episode VI Recap

Posted by Ingram Draco on October 6, 2019

This episode of Marianne starts by dispensing information about things that happened in the past at the time Emma released each one of her books.

Ronan is leading this moment, and he explains how events that were similar to the ones from the books were happening in countries where the Lizzie Larck novels had been released, revealing that Emma’s writing has been affecting reality through Marianne for a long time.

After they learn this vital piece of information, Séby tells Emma that, if she can influence what happens with her stories like she did with Renaissance, then she could write the death of Marianne and the safe return of his son. Emma agrees to try this approach to end everything, but Ronan is against the idea, since it seems too easy to be effective, and it involves a method they are not quite sure can work safely.

Nevertheless, Emma takes her laptop and starts writing a new story, even getting input from Séby as to how to kill Marianne, but as she is in the middle of writing the story, all the lights go out and Ronan and Séby stay very still, as if they were frozen. When Emma pays closer attention to them, she sees that they have a twisted look on their faces and glowing eyes, and she realizes she is dreaming, but before she wakes up, a crow pecks at her eyes, startling her back into reality. When she wakes up, she tells Ronan that they’ll try his plan, as it seems the most sensible option on their current predicament.

Ronan and Emma drive to a place overlooking the lighthouse and they go over their plan, which involves going back to the school near that very lighthouse, and as they are preparing to depart as soon as the sun goes down, Emma’s friends arrive, telling her and Ronan that they want to participate in the fight alongside them. Ronan warns them of the danger ahead, but they all have something to fight for and get back at Marianne, so they accept the dangers openly, and they all drive to the school as night falls, the tide rises and they are cut off from the rest of Elden.

At the school, they go to the same classroom where the first séance took place and begin to prepare to summon Marianne. Here, Ronan explains that he will summon the witch, and that he’ll use the creature’s true name to lure her in quickly, leading her to think she has more power and can hurt and possess them easily. Then, instead of killing her or trying to banish her, he intends to trap her in a body that she can’t escape from, and the chosen subject is the priest’s dog, who, if everything goes well, will be carrying the witch’s spirit while they care for him, making sure she can’t hurt anyone else.

Inspector Ronan begins the séance, and he orders Marianne to come to them. He speaks an elaborate incantation that at first seems to be working, as Emma starts to notice strange things happening around them, like when she opened her eyes during the first séance fifteen years ago, but after Ronan commands her to appear before him and speak, nothing happens. Disappointed, the group decides to get some sleep and think of another plan later.

We get a flashback of the day before yesterday, and we see the scene where Emma was at the hospital with Aurore, taking care of Camille and Emma’s dad, and we hear a voice whispering to him, waking him up. When he opens his eyes, he looks over at Camille’s bed, and notices she’s awake and staring at him.

Later, we go to yesterday, where Séby’s son was taken, and Emma’s father sees how Camille gets up off her bed and hears a child cry. This scene reveals to us that Marianne has indeed possessed Camille’s body, and is using it to continue her evil work. After she takes Séby’s son, Camille goes back to bed, and Emma’s dad witnesses in terror how she pretends she is still in a coma, even re-intubating herself so the hospital staff doesn’t suspect anything.

Then we go back to the night of Ronan’s séance and see it’s true effects when a nurse is tending to Emma’s dad, and he looks over at Camille’s bed to find that she is not there, but behind the nurse, about to attack her. However, before she can make her move, the séance’s words take effect, and Marianne’s spirit leaves Camille’s body in the same cloud of smoke we saw when she left the old lady.

At the school, Arnaud and Aurore are talking while resting in a car and they talk about all his past love interests. Aurora tells him that she resents that he never chose her out of all the others, and Arnaud acts surprised when she tells him she likes him and leads her to understand that he is only interested in being her friend, but doesn’t give her a reason for this. This upsets Aurore, and she gets out of the car to give the dog some water, but when she gets to where he is supposed to be, she sees that the chains are loose, and the dog is gone.

We then see Ronan looking after Séby as he sleeps, and the thermal lights he had place to see if Marianne had arrived during the séance react to something. Scared, he slowly scans the room, but can’t find anything suspicious, until Marianne’s voice tells him that he doesn’t have to look for her outside, because she is in her hand. Ronan takes the mirror he had been holding and scans the room once again, finally discovering Marianne behind him, although, at first, she is only visible through the mirror.

Ronan sees Marianne appear before him and is startled, and Emma and the others arrive to give him the news about the dog being gone. Ronan tells them that one of them had let him go and they start to wonder who it was, and as soon as they start blaming Aurore for freeing the dog, Ronan takes out a gun and tells the group that Marianne possessed him from the start of the séance, and had been watching them all ever since. He tells them that he let the dog loose, and that, just like she is doing with him, Marianne will possess them one by one, killing them in the process. At this point, Ronan puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger. Emma is shown screaming at the hole in the woods immediately after, and the screen fades to black.

Marianne Episode V Recap

Posted by Ingram Draco on October 5, 2019

We start this episode of Marianne with a view of the hole in the woods, and as the camera closes in on it, we can hear Marianne’s voice telling us to approach that place and pay attention, so we can learn what happened.

The next scene shows Emma looking at drawings in a dimly lit room, and there’s a knock on the door. When she answers, she exits the room she was in and enters the new one: a place bathed with a red light that has a blackboard with he words “You are punished” written all over it.

As Emma looks around the room, she sees a girl hiding behind a door and slowly approaches her. Once she is close, the door moves out of the way and Emma asks her if she is Marianne. The girl replies that she is not her, and that her name is Emma, and while we are surprised by the revelation that Emma is staring at her younger self, the older Emma chokes her young version, and then the dream ends abruptly, showing us a younger Emma waking up in her bed.

We are now in the past, and Emma gets up after having wet the bed and has a friendly conversation with her mom before leaving for school. On the way, she meets her friends and they reveal that they had been drinking in secret, and that they will be alright as long as the priest doesn’t find out. Almost on cue, a young Séby is seen with the priest, who unleashes his dog on them, making them run away and jump into the water to escape it.

The group of friends gather on the wrecked boat by the ocean, and talk about Emma’s nightmare, which she says varies in some ways, but the only constant is that she is always chased by a witch or a similar entity, and tells a young Caroline that the name of the witch is Marianne, and that she can possess people especially the people she loves with the objective of hurting her. Caroline tells her that if they know the witch’s name, they can summon her. She then proceeds to show them her hand-made spirit board, which she plans to use to order the witch to leave Emma alone so she can rest. Later, Emma interacts with Aurore and her sister Lucie, and after a brief conversation, Aurore agrees to participate in the séance.

We cut to the lighthouse as it turns on when night begins to fall, and the group of friends run to the school near where Camille and Séby rescued Hugo and the other children in a previous episode. They enter their old school and we see that one of the classrooms they go to is exactly the same as the one from Emma’s nightmare, and they decide to hold the séance there after the rules and safety precautions for the success of their experiment are explained to the group by Caroline.

During the séance, Caroline addresses Marianne directly, and asks her to manifest before them. Surprisingly, when she asks her to speak, she communicates with the group, startling Emma, who opens her eyes, which was one of the things she was told not to do, no matter what. When she breaks this rule, Marianne laughs and the ritual continues with Emma keeping her eyes open and seeing shapes and moving objects while Caroline continues to call Marianne forth.

A terrified Emma urges the group to look at a shadowy spot in the classroom, and she breaks everyone’s concentration as she notices a hand creeping up on the door, slowly moving it out of her way. Séby stands up, breaking the circle, which was another rule broken. Emma keeps seeing a black-clad figure moving at the door, and when she turns to face Aurore, she sees a startling apparition behind her. The creature screams and Emma starts shaking violently on the floor, indicating a demonic possession.

Marianne, angry, speaks to Caroline, scolding her for trying to control her with her limited experience, and she proceeds to give them all insights about their fate. She tells Caroline that she’ll hang, that one of them would lose his brother, that Séby would lose his baby, and finally, she tells Aurore that she never leaves empty-handed, and spits on her before leaving Emma’s body.

Aurore then confronts Emma, telling her that she was there to help her, and she wasn’t taking it seriously, implying that Emma was faking the possession just to mess with them. Caroline tries to defend Emma, but Aurore still clings to her idea of realism, claiming that spirits and the like are not real, and Emma was merely pranking them.

After the sour interaction, we see Emma waiting outside the school on a different day, and when everyone leaves the building, Emma goes in and finds Lucie drawing. She talks to her and asks her if Aurore is still mad at her. After saying that her sister said some pretty mean things about Emma, Lucie finishes her drawing and takes something away from her and runs away looking for a place to hide, as if they were playing a game.

Emma looks for Lucie, who accidentally gets stuck in a freezer, and when she is about to find her in it, a door opens, and she sees a girl that looks exactly like Lucie going back into the classroom, so she goes after her, leaving the real Lucie stuck inside the freezer. In the classroom, Lucie crawls on the floor moving the desks around, and as Emma follows her, and when she finds one of Lucie’s toys, she crouches to look at it closely, which allows her to see where the fake Lucie has gone to.

We cut to the real Lucie, who is now trying to get out of the freezer, but since she accidentally locked herself in, she cannot get out, no matter how hard she tries, and Emma is still looking for her on the other room, but there’s nobody there with her, and as she searches the classroom, we can hear Marianne talking. Emma notices that the blackboard is turning on its own, and when she sees it, she notices that it has a drawing of Lucie stuck in the freezer and runs to save her, but as the camera cuts to the trapped Lucie, she begins to cry, and sees a flash of a horrible apparition in the freezer with her. When Emma finally gets to the box and unlocks it, she finds that she was too late, and that Lucie has frozen to death.

Distraught, Emma leaves the school and we cut to Aurora’s home, where her mother gets a phone call telling her the terrible news. She cries off screen, and we see Aurora demanding to know what happened.

Emma runs to the ocean and throws the stuffed monkey into the water and lets out a painful scream to try and control her sorrow, ending the scene and clearly solving the mystery about what happened with Emma in Elden that caused the town, and for a while, her own parents, to be so upset with her.

Later that day, Emma is in bed, trying to deal with what she witnessed, and her parents are discussing the events surrounding Lucie’s death in another room. Emma tries to drown out their voices and sleep, but the thumping of water doesn’t let her, so she turns around and sees the monkey she threw into the ocean resting on her nightstand. The monkey tells her that she let Lucie die, and then Lucie herself appears before Emma to torment her, and Emma notices a figure sitting on her bed, covering itself with a sheet, and stares at it as it slowly gets up and walks towards her, eventually letting the sheet slide off, and revealing that she is the witch coming after her.

The camera cuts back to the hole in the woods, only this time, we are inside it and falling deeper into it, while Marianne’s voice can be heard threatening to hurt Emma’s loved ones. After this scene, we se Emma at church, and she enters the confessionary, where the priest recognizes her, and acts more judgmental than forgiving, revealing to us that Emma and her friends would sneak into the church to drink and party. Emma confesses that she was there when Lucie died, and that she should’ve done something to help.

When Emma is done confessing her sins, the priest talks to her earnestly about the thing that she summoned with her friends, telling her that she has a big problem now that the creature has targeted her and has somehow attached itself to her, so he urges to leave Elden to keep everyone safe, and he even offers a way for her to leave town without anyone resisting her departure: to somehow offend everyone, including her parents, so they don’t mind seeing her leave Elden forever. This act solves the mystery of why Emma was so hated in the town, since she systematically acted in ways that would bother the people there, and it also explains the reason behind her writing that hurtful article where she complained about mothers in general. It was all done to justify and prompt her exile from that place.

Finally, after all her efforts to be disliked, Emma and her mother have a last exchange before she leaves town, where they say their farewells, but Emma is cold and distant through this whole moment, knowing full well that she needs to do that in order to protect them, even if she doesn’t really want to leave.

When she gets on the bus, Séby gets on as well and lets her know that he loves and cares for her, a revelation he hopes will bring her solace, since now she knows there’s someone in Elden who knows who she truly is. Before the bus leaves, Emma kisses him, and then goes to live her new adventure, where she decides to become a writer.

From here, we come back to present-day Emma, who’s telling the story of everything that happened during that period of her life to Ronan as they try to come up with a way to defeat Marianne and every creature that may be supporting her. While they try to come up with a plan, Séby arrives and tells Emma that Marianne took her son. The news give Ronan an extra dose of motivation to defeat Marianne, and the screen fades to black after he takes a drag on his cigarette.