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Coulrophobia FEAR OF THE CLOWN

Posted by Horror Grinder on September 25, 2007

Fear of ClowsPart of the 2007 Line-up, the Clown is a one-of-a-kind mask. One of our most popular masks, this mask comes with hair and also the option to include a built in bladder, for a pulsating brain effect.

Clowns were originally meant to be fun and amusing, however many people now find clowns to be quite disturbing. When presented in a circus atmosphere people tend to enjoy them, but out of their element they take on an entirely different persona. John Wayne Gacy, who was a clown by day and a serial killer by night was an extreme example of evil clowns. In dozens of movies clowns have been portrayed in a very dark light. Steven King’s Pennywise in IT, The Joker in Batman, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, and Captain Spaulding from Rob Zombie’s horror movies are just a few examples of Hollywood perpetuating the clown as a decidedly unfunny character.

Having an exaggerated fear of clowns is called Coulrophobia and is not uncommon amongst children and teens these days, and a lot of that is due to today’s movies in Hollywood.

In 2007, SPFXmasks takes the clown mask to whole new level of creepiness. Bearing all of the trademarks of a circus clown such as bright orange hair and traditional clown makeup with happy face, this is a classic evil clown mask. Ultra realistic exposed brain and skull (with optional pulsating brain effect) with a real nasty grimace leaves little doubt in your mind that this clown wants to do you serious harm.

Unlike traditional still latex clown masks, SPFXmasks professional Hollywood quality masks conform and move with your facial expressions perfectly. Rusty Slusser has really outdone himself by created a classic murderous clown mask that all other clown masks will be judged by. Halloween will be even nastier this year!

Stabbed first by SPFXmasks professional Hollywood quality masks

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