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39 Vintage Halloween Costumes That Define Creepy

Posted by Steve Barton on October 27, 2014

The early days of photography were, shall we say… a bit odd? No one ever looked happy, as if smiling would cause the Earth to fly off of its axis, and the Halloween costumes? Even what was meant to be the cutest of get-ups could be considered the stuff of nightmares by today’s standards.

Don’t believe us? Check out the following pictures of vintage Halloween costumes, and just try to deny that they send a well-placed shiver down your spine.

Don’t blame us for the nightmares to follow. You were warned.

Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes

Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes

Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes

Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes

Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes

Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes

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Coulrophobia FEAR OF THE CLOWN

Posted by Horror Grinder on September 25, 2007

Fear of ClowsPart of the 2007 Line-up, the Clown is a one-of-a-kind mask. One of our most popular masks, this mask comes with hair and also the option to include a built in bladder, for a pulsating brain effect.

Clowns were originally meant to be fun and amusing, however many people now find clowns to be quite disturbing. When presented in a circus atmosphere people tend to enjoy them, but out of their element they take on an entirely different persona. John Wayne Gacy, who was a clown by day and a serial killer by night was an extreme example of evil clowns. In dozens of movies clowns have been portrayed in a very dark light. Steven King’s Pennywise in IT, The Joker in Batman, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, and Captain Spaulding from Rob Zombie’s horror movies are just a few examples of Hollywood perpetuating the clown as a decidedly unfunny character.

Having an exaggerated fear of clowns is called Coulrophobia and is not uncommon amongst children and teens these days, and a lot of that is due to today’s movies in Hollywood.

In 2007, SPFXmasks takes the clown mask to whole new level of creepiness. Bearing all of the trademarks of a circus clown such as bright orange hair and traditional clown makeup with happy face, this is a classic evil clown mask. Ultra realistic exposed brain and skull (with optional pulsating brain effect) with a real nasty grimace leaves little doubt in your mind that this clown wants to do you serious harm.

Unlike traditional still latex clown masks, SPFXmasks professional Hollywood quality masks conform and move with your facial expressions perfectly. Rusty Slusser has really outdone himself by created a classic murderous clown mask that all other clown masks will be judged by. Halloween will be even nastier this year!

Stabbed first by SPFXmasks professional Hollywood quality masks

Space-Age Silicone Materials Being Used to Create Halloween Masks With Unsurpassed Realism

Posted by Horror Grinder on September 6, 2007

It is that time of year! We’d like to give a hearty thank you to the the great folks at SPFX Masks for our bloody site design. If they can make us look this scary, think what they could do for you. Halloween is just around the corner.

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Nov. 15 — SPFXMasks, the originator of silicone Halloween masks has created a line of full-head specialty masks using high quality silicone — a material that until now has been primarily used by professional special effects artists in Hollywood.

Rusty Slusser founded SPFXMasks in early 2001 with his business partner Ron Hess, and his company is the first on the market to offer this exciting new product.

“Most Halloween mask manufacturers produce their masks using a stiff slip latex which yields a static expression with little or no natural movement,” Rusty says. “Some companies have begun to use foam latex material to create prosthetics that allow the wearer to show their natural facial expressions, but the prosthetic first needs to be applied and then blended and painted. This time-consuming procedure requires not only artistic talent but also a lot of patience. Silicone masks are the perfect alternative.”

Utilizing special manufacturing and painting techniques developed specifically for silicone, SPFXMasks has created a line of masks that allow the wearer to experience the best of both worlds – the ease of wear ability that traditional slip cast latex masks provide, as well as the real-life fleshy movements and realism of foam latex prosthetics. Jeff Rector, Writer, Director, and Producer of “REVAMPED” says: “I just worked with SPFXMasks on my new horror/action film ‘Revamped.’ Their mask was incredibly lifelike and saved my actors many grueling and uncomfortable hours in the makeup chair. The end result was fantastic! With our shooting schedule, I simply didn’t have time to create that kind of extensive make-up. This new silicone technology that SPFXMasks has pioneered not only saved me a lot of time and money, but also helped create a wonderful demonic character for my film. These guys are great! Thanks for everything Rusty!”

Dustin Diamond, better known as ‘Screech’ from Saved by the Bell, is a proud SPFXMasks customer. Dustin says, “For more than 21 years in the television and film industry I have been up close and personal with many different special effects artists. Everyone agrees that when it comes to masks that look real and can scare the pants off of you, Hollywood professionals are where it’s at. SPFXMasks makes some of the most realistic and scary masks that you can buy. The quality of the materials is outstanding. Using silicone instead of latex means that your mask will last a lifetime. The high level of detail and professional paint job that goes into each and every mask means that you’re getting what you would expect to see on a movie set.”

Tom Morawetz, author of “Making Faces, Playing God” says: “SPFXMasks are unique. Nothing on the market matches their quality and visual impact. They represent a new dimension in the creation and marketing of high-quality silicone masks. SPFXMasks will be in my next book.”

SPFXMasks is currently gearing up to create several new exciting and original designs for the 2007 Halloween season, so just beware.


Rusty Slusser 310-823-4740

Email: SPFXMasks@aol.com