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Fantastic Spooky Animal Skull Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on September 19, 2019

A detail that I enjoyed about this Animal Skull Makeup Tutorial by Really Mili, aside from the spooky concept that’s perfect for Halloween, is how quickly she gets started with it. There’s no lengthy intro, no filler, just a direct explanation on how she is creating the look, something that’s very refreshing because it allows you to see the whole process without wasting any time in getting to the artistic areas and how the whole style is put together.

I also deeply appreciate how Really Mili managed to create a realistic look with the highlights on the yellow base makeup with the blended white color on the cheeks and forehead, along with the brown details that she contrasted with the black makeup to create a great skeletal effect that truly makes the overall style shine while it invites you to try it out immediately after you watch it come to life.

Happy Halloween! This was not supposed to be an animal skull, but sometimes when you want to be creative – Something else appears instead, hehe. Hope you like it – Remember to share, like & SUBSCRIBE!

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The Elegance Of A Witch – Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on September 18, 2019

Focusing on a classic Halloween look, LadyParadoxx has a super quick, easy and amazing tutorial for you where she’ll show you how to recreate her Witch makeup so you can cause a great impression at your next Halloween party.

I like how this Witch makeup pays special attention to subtlety and making the best of the shades you use, which is an aspect that LadyParadoxx demonstrates by starting with green colors for the forehead, nose and cheekbones, to then continue adding different highlights to further accentuate the style, and this is all done while still maintaining that finesse and keeping the focus on these key places of her face before moving on to adding fake eyelashes and glittery colors on the eyes to give the design a mystical touch that displays a refined and powerful appearance, which is everything you expect form an elegant Witch.

Can you believe October is almost over?? Well here is the 12th look in our 13 Days of Halloween series, I hope you enjoy!

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Impeccable Jack Skellington Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on September 16, 2019

Get your makeup kit ready, because Madeyewlook is here to show you how to create a fantastic Jack Skellington makeup style that stays faithful to how the character actually looks, making it perfect for your next Halloween party, and the best part is she only uses black and white colors, letting the shading effects shine on this one when she combines them with the overall look, while at the same time maintaining every detail looking crisp and impeccable.

The amazing thing about Madeyewlook is how descriptive she is in her tutorial, because she doesn’t just apply the makeup while you see every step unfolding before your eyes, but she actually stops and tells you exactly what she’ll do, why she’ll go for that particular idea or technique, and what effect she is going for before she takes the brush and shows you exactly how it’s done, which of course helps with making this Jack Skellington makeup tutorial a perfect guide so you never feel lost and can recreate the look straightforwardly.

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Products Used:
• Graftobian Pro Paint (white, black)
• Wolfe Body Paint (white, black)
• Inglot Eyeshadows (greys)

Expert Lydia Deetz Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on September 13, 2019

If you are looking for the perfect Halloween makeup, Jbunzie’s got you covered, because she has prepared an incredible Lydia Deetz makeup from Beetlejuice that you can recreate easily, because she doesn’t just show you exactly which products and colors you’ll need to use for it, but she also explains the whole process in a quick and easy to follow guide.

The most interesting part of how Jbunzie put together this great Lydia Deetz Makeup tutorial is how professional it ends up looking. It is so expertly done with the combination of colors that create a stylish effect that is so superbly blended together, that it doesn’t really look like a Halloween makeup at all, but something you could wear on your everyday life!

Happy Halloween! If you are looking for an easy last minute halloween costume or cosplay, Lydia from BeetleJuice is the way to go. Her makeup is easy to do and her costume is easy to find or DIY. If you enjoyed this costume transformation Subscribe! http://bit.ly/behindthebunzie

Products Used:
Celebre HD Pro Foundation.
BH Cosmetics 88 Palette
Besame Cosmetics Red Velvet Lipstick.
Too Faced Highlighter.

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Chilling Pennywise & Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on September 10, 2019

I absolutely love this Halloween makeup tutorial by Sydney Nicole, because she does a fantastic job of fusing together the scary clown Pennywise and Harley Quinn with a style that’s guaranteed to shock and awe at your next Halloween party.

Sydney Nicole demonstrates the awesome look at the beginning, which shows you how creepy the result is and how realistic it actually looks when it’s done, and then she proceeds to explain every single one of the elements you need to focus on to recreate this spine-chilling design, allowing you to take note of every makeup item she utilizes so you can get the very same ones while you follow her instructions on how to apply them.

The many effects that she creates are beautiful here, because not only does the mouth appear larger and menacing, but the eyes also seem enhanced with the masterful use of blended colors, and the shades Sydney Nicole uses to give the laugh lines a three-dimensional feel is incredible, giving a superb impression of realism that will have you doing a double take before you realize it was all done only with makeup.

Halloween Makeup Tutorial

I love Pennywise, and I love Harley Quinn. So what’s better than mixing them together? Be sure to check out @heidimaetrix to see her original cosplay, and check out @jordanhanz for her Pennywise look that I got inspired by!
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My original Pennywise look.
Wig is from @evahairofficial
Collar and gloves are from Party City

Paint –
Ben Nye MagiCake paints in “Calypso Blue” and “Marine Blue” and Clown White Lite Cream
Graftobian “Swan White” paint
Mehron Makeup Paradise Paints

Eyes –
Huda Beauty Ruby & Sapphire Obsessions Palettes
NYX Professional Makeup Faux Black Pencil in “Oxblood”
Wunder2 Cosmetics “Essential Royal Blue” Super Stay Liner

Face/shading –
Kat Von D Beauty Shade + Light Eye Palette
NYX Professional Makeup White Liquid Liner

Brows –
NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil in “Blonde”
Kat Von D Beauty Super Brow Pomade in “Bleach”
Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow in 1

These Animated Vintage Horror Posters Are Magnificent

Posted by Jonathan Barkan on June 9, 2017

Movie posters are an incredibly important part of a marketing campaign. A good poster can get a lot of word-of-mouth, entice theatergoers when they see them in cinemas, and get shares on the internet when done right. Then again, they can go viral when done wrong, as evidenced by Marvel’s recent Spider-man: Homecoming and Black Panther abominations.

If you want to get someone’s attention with a poster, you’ve got to do something different these days. You have to step away from tried and true clichés and think strongly about the product you’re marketing and how to make it pop. Or you can do something that visually engages the viewer because of how unique it is. It’s the latter case in action with the below offerings.

The animated posters, which appeared on Camp-CrystalLake‘s Tumblr, use the same basic model of a vintage poster, complete with folds, creases, wrinkles, smudge marks, and aged edges, but where image would go is instead replaced with a gif from the film that’s being pushed. These are all classic films, so we know the scenes and where they come from. But seeing them put into this format gives not only the scenes new life but also rekindles my interest in revisiting these films. The posters do what they are intending to do, which is make me want to see the movie.

Now let’s just hope that Hollywood can learn from examples like this to go outside of the box.

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Halloween 2018 – NOT Currently Filming

Posted by Steve Barton on June 5, 2017

There have been stories floating around all morning that David Gordon Green’s Halloween had begun shooting, utilizing locations around Cali that were used for John Carpenter’s original film.

We reached out to Blumhouse to get the skinny, and we’re told that whatever’s going on at those locations it is NOT them. Furthermore the studio’s Ryan Turek just tweeted the following…

We’re as excited as anyone for the latest Halloween film and as soon as anything solid is out there you guys will be amongst the first to know. Keep it locked right here on D.C.

John Carpenter, who may also be providing the film’s score, will executive produce with Malek Akkad producing for Trancas and Jason Blum producing for Blumhouse. Gordon Green and Danny McBride will also executive produce under their Rough House Pictures banner.

Halloween is expected to return to theaters October 19, 2018.

Halloween Michael Myers

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9 Spooky Horror Atari 2600 Games That Are Worth a Damn

Posted by Mat Bradley-Tschirgi on May 30, 2017

The Atari 2600 isn’t known for its horror games, but quite a few were released for the system. While they may not make you leave skid marks on your Snuggie, some of them are worth checking out.


On the Atari 2600, nobody can hear you scream. They’ll hear you crying instead from playing this Pac-Man clone. Based on the original film, you play as Ripley who has to run through the USCSS Nostromo dodging sad looking xenomorphs (H.R. Giger’s influence is nowhere to be seen on these sloppy sprites). If you play your cards right, you can snatch up a flamethrower (think the power pellet in Pac-Man) and turn the tables. This one is a smidge more enjoyable than watching Alien: Resurrection sober.

Frankenstein’s Monster

Run through the castle to defeat the evil titular monster of Dr. Frankenstein. Much like other games of the time, this is a rip-off of an arcade game. In this case, this Donkey Kong knock-off has controls stiffer than the bolts in Frankie’s neck. The stages are a bit different and the Frankenstein Monster appears menacing enough, but the gameplay is poor.

Ghost Manor

Ghost Manor is quite ambitious. You play as a couple of kids going into the (what else?) Ghost Manor. After catching a rainbow ghost in a graveyard, you have to battle skeletons and a fierce mummy. This is not an exciting as it sounds, but the levels are quite varied, making this one of the more ambitious titles for the time.


Based on the hit movie, you play as Billy Peltzer, a kid who gets a menacing creature as a pet. Gameplay revolves around two rotating stages. First, you collect as many Mogwai as possible to keep them from eating burgers and turning into their cocoons. The Mogwais transform into Gremlins, requiring you to blast them into submission in the second round. Like the best Atari games, this keeps the gameplay nice and simple.


Based on the original John Carpenter film, Halloween has you rescuing a bunch of kids as the evil Michael Myers stalks you in your house. Taking place over two floors, you have to shuffle kids to the safe areas, but beware! If you hear the iconic Carpenter music theme squawking through your speakers, that means Michael Myers is near. He has a knife and he’s not afraid to use it. This game is pretty suspenseful. Color me surprised.

Haunted House

A bit of a dungeon crawl like the classic Adventure, this has you roaming through a haunted house collecting treasures. You are represented by wide open eyes and you’ll need a flashlight to see the monsters that lie within. This one’s pretty cool if you with a creepy atmosphere to boot.


A port of the arcade game, Rampage has you playing as a human turned monster who smashes his way from city to city. The Atari 2600 can’t muster up the iconic graphics and sounds of the original, leaving things in a blocky messy. It’s impressive the gameplay is close to the original, albeit simplified to a degree. Stick with one of the million other home versions of this game.

Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes

This is a very odd shooting game that’s rips off the horror comedy Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. You have to blast Beefsteak Tomatoes while avoiding their attacks. That’s it. Lacking in humor and sophistication, this is easily the worst game I played for this list. You’re better off getting in a screaming contest with a sack of tomatoes.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Based on the controversial Tobe Hooper flick, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has an inspired take on its bloody source material. You play as the killer Leatherface who has to whip out his chainsaw and slice up the men and women who are running away (!!!). Sure, the controls are stiff, but the digitized screams of your victims are hilarious. You die when you run out of gas. Playing a bit like an endless runner in the mold of Temple Run, it’s more fun than it should be.

Atari 2600 Horror

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The Licensing Expo Halloween Poster is as Minimalistic as You Can Get

Posted by Jonathan Barkan on May 23, 2017

Fresh off the floor at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, our pals over at Collider have snapped some photos of posters for Blumhouse’s upcoming take on Halloween, which is being directed by David Gordon Green, who co-wrote the film with Danny McBride. Much like with the posters for Alita: Battle Angel and The Predator, what you’re looking at below is NOT an official poster. Rather, it’s just something meant to catch the eyes of attendees to get them drawn in to hear more about the project.

So, while the minimalistic presentation shown here is rather charming, in its own way, it’s almost certainly nothing close to what we’ll see once the marketing for this film kicks off.

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Halloween Shooting This Fall; More From Danny McBride

Posted by Steve Barton on May 16, 2017

Danny McBride recently appeared on the Jim Norton & Sam Roberts to talk more about the upcoming next installment in the Halloween franchise he’s working on with director David Gordon Green.

First and foremost McBride confirmed that the flick will be filming this fall. He also talked more about his approach to the material.

Related Story: Halloween – Danny McBride Talks Making Michael Scary Again

It’s not a reboot, it’s not gonna be a rehash,” said McBride. “It’s a continuation of Michael Myers – where we’re choosing to continue it from, you’ll have to see when the movie comes out. I’d already seen all these movies but I’ve really been studying them now, and just thinking about all the people that have been hired to make a Michael Myers movie. Just trying to avoid any mistakes that those people might’ve made. The first Halloween is scary as shit. And the second Halloween is scary, but not as scary. And then from there, it isn’t as scary. And I really think that what happens with it is that he basically becomes Frankenstein. No matter what anyone hits him with, he’s not gonna die. There’s no suspense.

We’re just trying to play with that. Make him real. Not make him real by giving him some crazy backstory either. Just getting back to the basics. Even the moment that they made Laurie and Michael Myers siblings – it also makes it not quite as scary. So all that kind of stuff to us… those are the things that took an amazing idea and took it somewhere it wasn’t quite as effective.

Interesting… Rob Zombie’s take on Myers was that he was real, but it would be cool to see what would happen if that basis could be applied in a newer, fresher, and dare I say, less skanky world.

John Carpenter, who may also be providing the film’s score, will executive produce with Malek Akkad producing for Trancas and Jason Blum producing for Blumhouse. Gordon Green and McBride will also executive produce under their Rough House Pictures banner.

Halloween is expected to return to theaters October 19, 2018.

Halloween Michael Myers

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