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Lady Thanos Halloween Might – Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on October 4, 2019

I’m staring at a villain that’s so ruthless that the entire universe was in danger of being destroyed by her, and as I see her purple skin and the lines on her face that run down from her forehead all the way to her chin, I stop to gaze upon her eyes, where the wonders of countless galaxies seem to shine at me, and I realize how ignorant I am of what lies beyond my atmosphere, and I suddenly feel incredibly small compared to this impressive being in front of me.

Her presence is even more imposing because I can plainly see the Infinity Stones on her forehead, marking the culmination of her quest for might and knowledge, and I’m amazed at how she displays them proudly, unafraid to let the entirety of creation see just how strong she’s become.

All this, encompassed by how swiftly this Lady Thanos makeup was put together by Anna’s Beauty Secrets, makes it an amazing option for Halloween.

Happy ALMOST Halloween!! Yassss, My favorite time of the year! Welcome to my first Halloween Tutorial of 2018. Lady Thanos is slaying in all purple. I love how this look turned out. I think it’s a great spin on a villain that EVERYONE despises. I hope you like this video and you’re inspired to recreate it. Of course, leave your comments and requests down below. I have 2 more Halloween looks coming to you guys so stay tuned! Please subscribe! XOXO

Products Used:
Smashbox Photofinish Lid Primer in Light
Makeup Geek shadows:
Simply Marlena
Kylie Cosmetics The Purple Palette- Turning Violet & Amethyst
Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in ACDC & Spandex
(ACDC is discontinued- You can find dupes on Amazon!)
Mehron Makeup Paradise Face & Body Paint in Purple
LA Girl Gel Glide Eyeliner in Paradise Purple
Too Faced Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Powder
Lunar Beauty Life’s a Drag Palette- Fishy
Nyx Ombre Blush in Sweet Spring
Coco Mink Lashes in Miami
Andrea Lashes in 53
Ciaté London Glitter Flip in Fortune
Stones/Jewels & Crown(Headband) from Michael’s Craft Store
Costume from Target
Wig from Party City

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Marianne Episode IV Recap

Posted by Ingram Draco on October 3, 2019

Let’s see what fantastic horrors await in this episode of Marianne, shall we?

In the opening sequence for this episode, Emma is at the hospital, and we see her crying. Her dad and Camille can be seen on the beds on the sides and Séby arrives to take Emma to her mother’s funeral.

Then we cut to Emma and her friends together. They eat and then Emma goes to the bathroom to sneak a drink, and when she flips the sink tap to wash her face, steam comes out and exposes the word “Write” in the mirror, a message from Marianne, who’s determined to not let her go that easily.

After this, Inspector Ronan arrives and talks to Emma about the old lady, who’s now once again herself after Marianne left her body, but with the concept that she never leaves empty-handed, Ronan reveals that the old lady is now blind, as if her optical nerves had been torn from the inside. Emma goes to see the woman and she apologizes for her evil deeds under Marianne’s possession, and tells her that the witch existed long before her, and that Emma’s writings somehow helped her come back, that Emma and Marianne are somehow connected. Once again, the old lady advises her to write, fearing that Marianne will make her life a living nightmare like she did hers if she refuses.

The inspector and Emma leave and make a pact to team up against Marianne, and he tells her not to write anymore. He instructs her to go home, but to resist Marianne no matter what. He then visits the old lady’s house to investigate.

This scene has a nice little detail to show that the house is still under the influence of witchcraft, because when Inspector Ronan and his men smash the door open, a piece of the letterbox with the family’s name on it cracks, as it could feel the damage, or was letting someone know of the break-in.

When they open one of the doors inside the house, Ronan discovers a dead body along with lots of the flesh bags that Marianne made. From the man’s wounds, we can see that Marianne used his flesh for the bags, and as Ronan and his men investigate further, they discover that the man is apparently still alive, but paralyzed, and Ronan cuts the hair that ties the bags to the ceiling to release him.

Ronan then goes to see the man from the esoteric shop to show him a book he found at the old lady’s house, full of texts and strange symbols drawn in blood on its pages, but the man refuses to see him. Nevertheless, after some persuasion, Ronan convinces him to help, and the shopkeeper reveals that the text is a forbidden tongue that shouldn’t be spoken and that, since the church tried witches who spoke it, he could maybe find more information on the church’s book that keeps the records of all the witch trials. The man continues to explain that one of the markings Ronan found is a seal that a witch uses, but he doesn’t know much about it, except for the fact that knowing the witch’s name gives you a bit of power over her.

Ronan then goes to the church to get access to the records that the church keeps on with trials, called the “Molitor Report”, but the priest catches him stealing it, so Ronan must make a quick getaway and go back to the shopkeeper for more information.

The shopkeeper gives Ronan a book the “Nuremberger Hexenhammer”, and Pat, the shopkeeper, tells him that the seal he found belongs to a demon called Beleth, the king of 85 legions in hell. Afer this, both men say goodbye and we cut to Emma, who sees the writing in the mirror telling her to write and writes an insult underneath it.

Immediately after, she gets a call and goes to the hospital to find that Sophie, Seby’s wife, is having her baby, and they’ve requested the presence of all their friends in the delivery room. As usual, an uncomfortable Emma tries to leave, but Aurore tells her that she is making a scene and that it is an important event for Séby and Sophie, and in a strange moment, Aurore says a weird line about Emma listening to her mom as usual, which is impossible, because she is dead. Then, the lights start to flicker and go out all through the hospital, and when the doctor starts to get the baby out, one of his hands comes out bloody, and he steps back, scared, only to see a black hand coming out of Sophie, and instead of a baby, she delivers a slimy black monster.

That’s when Emma wakes up and it is revealed here that she was dreaming again, and the previous scene was just one of her terrible nightmares. To her surprise, she soon gets a call from one of her friends, telling her that Séby is about to be a father, and she goes to the hospital immediately.

Emma is uneasy about the birth, and wonders if they’ll go in, but her friends tell her that they are doing enough just by being there, but Emma fears, inspired by her dream, that things will go wrong during the birth. Her friends try to calm her down, but Emma wants to go check if everything is fine, and when she can get past them, Séby meets them and tells them that he is a father, and everything went smoothly.

We now go back to Ronan, in his car, as he checks the report from the church and finds an account of Marianne’s story and how tragedy seemed to follow her during her life, and how out of all of the terrible things that she went though, she was always the only one that seemed to come out alive and well. The story of Marianne tells us that, after her children and husband died, maybe even by her own hand, Marianne makes a deal with Beleth, and then is executed for witchcraft, but before she dies, she curses the world, saying that she will not really die, and will come back to hurt her enemies and their descendants, and here the line: “I never leave empty-handed” is spoken by her, revealing its origin, before she is burned to purify her so that her soul can rest in peace.

Emma is back at the hospital, talking to her dad, when one of her friends arrives. She tries to comfort her, telling her that, when Lucie died fifteen years ago, Emma’s parents were supportive, which gives us one more piece of the puzzle about what happened in Emma’s past. Her friend, Aurore, then tells a story about how she went to see a medium after Lucie, her sister, died, and how he talked to her to calm her down, telling her things that nobody else would know about her, and that she realized that, wherever Lucie was, she was fine, and that Emma’s parents were very supportive during that troubling time, and she is grateful to them for it.

We cut to Emma about to sleep, but she can’t because she hears noises, and a strange voice calling her name. At this moment, she sees a hand creeping out of the closet door, but it is only visible through the mirror, and when she turns to look at the actual closet, it is shut and the hand gone, and then when she looks back in the mirror, she sees the creeping hand again.

Emma then turns one more time, and sees a woman dressed in a black mourning gown reaching out to her, and as soon as the hands touch Emma, we cut to the hole in the grass where Marianne used to be in a few episodes ago. As this happens, the woman tells Emma that if she is not writing, they’ll play instead.

The camera then zooms into the hole and when we see what’s inside, it cuts to one of the fishermen from the beginning of the previous episode, who is hearing something strange, but when he looks to see where the noise came from, he can’t see anything or anyone, although we hear quick footsteps approaching him while the camera closes in on him, as if we, the audience, were the creature stalking him, but when he turns around, the movement stops.

As the tension mounts, we see the same old lady that Emma saw, and she reaches out to grab the man. When she is about to hold him, we cut to Aurore sleeping, and she wakes up when the same strange voice that called Emma’s name as she was trying to sleep calls her “Nana”, which is how her sister used to call her.

Startled by this, Aurore feels someone crawling under the bed, and convinced that there’s something or someone there with her, she looks under it, and discovers a girl with shiny demon-like eyes staring at her. Aurore tries to convince herself that this is a nightmare, and she has an exchange with the girl, who tells her that everything is her and Emma’s fault. After this, Aurore tells the girl to get out from under the bed, and she replies that she is not under the bed, but on her head, and out of the ground a hand comes up and pulls Aurore’s hair in a horrifying instant.

The camera immediately cuts to a crib being guarded by a security camera, but the monitor feed starts to glitch, and we see all the other monitors working fine, except that there’s a woman now with the baby the glitchy camera is guarding, and when she approaches the crib, the feed goes offline completely, causing the on-call nurse to try and get the monitors to work again, but she is interrupted when a baby starts to cry and she goes to check on him. Turns out, it’s Seby’s newborn, and as they go see him, the camera shows the monitor coming back on again, and the crying suddenly stops.

Séby and the nurse go to the crib, and find a crumpled sheet on it, which was supposed to be covering the baby. Séby pulls on it, but instead of a baby, he sees one of Marianne’s bags. The camera moves in to show the bag, and everything goes to black.

Marianne Episode III Recap

Posted by Ingram Draco on October 2, 2019

On this episode of Marianne, we start with Arnaud and Tonio fishing, and when Tonio goes to see if their traps have caught something, he is surrounded by dead animals that shouldn’t be there, just as the Renaissance story that Emma wrote in the previous episode said its character Lilian did to lure Marianne.

We then see the priest with the dog from episode one overlooking the ocean and the animals that have appeared near the rocks in the water, and he goes back to the church. Once there, he finds a woman waiting for confession, and the priest obliges by entering the confessional, but he doesn’t let her confess her sins, and instead he tells her that she doesn’t know what evil is. When he says this, we see a flashback of a hooded creature. After this, he asks the woman to leave and goes for his laptop, where he reads the new story that Emma wrote recently.

The story continues at Emma’s parent’s house, where we see Emma’s mother and recognize her as the woman who came out of the water at the end of the previous episode, and as Camille is leaving the house, she sees her and immediately goes to get Emma, who runs towards her mother but is ignored, as the woman still seems to be in a hypnotic state of some kind and just enters the house without saying anything and locks herself in a room.

Emma tries to open the door, unsuccessfully, and ends up calling Inspector Ronan for help. Emma’s mother then starts to say things about how Emma broke her love for her, stating that she has a talent to take beautiful things and break them. After that, Ronan asks Emma to leave and stays with the doctor to care for her mom, noticing Emma’s distraught at her mother’s comments.

Unable to deal with the events of the day, Emma goes to have drinks with Camille, and overdoes it. While they are there, Séby calls Emma to invite her and Camille over to his house for dinner, and when they arrive, Emma meets Sophie, Séby’s wife, and meets Hugo, their son, who is a fan, and in a good-natured gesture, she signs a book for him.

Here we can see she’s overwhelmed and too drunk to handle the fact that her plan to blow off some steam with Séby is now dead in the water, since he is happily married. Emma continues taking too much wine and, increasing the inappropriate behavior fueled by the alcohol, comes on to Séby, but he rejects her.

Sophie interrupts their interaction and tells Séby that their son Hugo is missing, and when they all go look for him a narration comes up, continuing the Renaissance story that Emma wrote at the end of the last episode. As this occurs, we see Hugo wearing a mask and walking somewhere with a group of children who are dragging ropes, while a melody of bells can be heard in the background.

Séby mentions a strange event about a group of cows committing suicide by jumping into the sea, which is something animals should be unable to do, and the scene cuts to the children, now singing the Marianne song at a playground.

As the search party for Hugo continues to drive through town, Emma gets an insight and directs them towards the old school by the lighthouse, and another piece of narration from Renaissance triggers, this one revealing that Lilian, the main character of that story, hung five children after drowning the animals, and when they arrive at the school, they see Hugo and four more children hanging and beginning to jolt from asphyxiation. When they see this, Camille and Sebastian rush to save the children, while Emma is stuck in the car and can’t get her seatbelt off, and when she finally manages to break free from the seatbelt, one of the children approaches her and gives her a hug.

Afterwards, Emma and Camille go back to the house, and Camille tells her that she is leaving. Emma tries to apologize for her behavior, but Camille doesn’t listen. Emma even tries to convince her to be her agent, just so she agrees to stay, but she refuses anyway and decides to leave Elden, arguing that everything that’s happening there doesn’t involve her.

In a desperate attempt, Emma insists Camille listens by telling her that what she writes comes true, and reveals that both the dead animals in the water and the children almost dying are her fault, because she wrote about it in her new story, but it is futile, since Camille doesn’t change her mind.

After Camille leaves, Emma enters her house and sees her mother resting on the couch, and finds a note from Inspector Ronan, telling Emma her mother is fine and that the doctor treated her wounds. She then stays watching over her mom, and we cut to a scene of Camille driving out of Elden.

As she drives away, Camille cries and later talks to her mother, who tells her to rest if she feels tired while driving, and Camille, after nodding off a couple times, finally decides to stop and sleep for a few hours.

Back at the house, Emma’s mother wakes her up, and Emma asks her if she remembers anything about what happened. Her mom tells her that she does remember her father being missing, and Inspector Ronan helping her.

They talk, and her mom mentions that she does remember everything she said to her, and that it felt good to say those things while possessed, even though it felt like she couldn’t control it coming out. They continue their interaction and her mom tells her that, no matter what happened between them, they still have a lot of time to spend together, hinting at forgiveness.

That’s when something happens that throws Emma off, as her mom starts saying a phrase about Marianne, which Emma completes, and asks her if she’s read it in her books. Her mom tells her that she doesn’t like her books and hasn’t read them, so and Emma gets up to look for one of the copies in the house and looks for a passage.

Later, Emma arrives at the church, and in a stealthy manner, takes some holy water, while a narration of the line from the book she took from her mother’s house plays in the background, explaining a possible exorcism against Marianne. Emma takes across as the narration continues giving details of the exorcism.

Immediately after Emma arms herself, we cut to Marianne, who’s at home putting together more of the cursed bags that we saw from Caroline and on Emma’s parent’s house. When she is done, the doorbell rings and Marianne seems happy to see Emma, who, after a brief word, swings the cross and hits her in the head.

We then cut to Camille as she wakes up and gets out of the car, and talks to Emma’s agent, who tells her she’s published a free story, which constitutes a breach of contract, and Camille reads the story, but we only get the voice over of the first part, where Lilian drowns the animals.

Back at the old lady’s house, Emma attempts an exorcism, using the words from her own book as a tied Marianne retaliates by speaking a different line from her book as well. Marianne then says that she released her mother because Emma completed the first deadline, and urges her to continue writing, telling her that she’ll release her father afterwards if she does.

Emma then takes the holy water while Marianne urges her to stop, or she’ll hurt more of her loved ones, but Emma ignores her, and speaking the same lines from the exorcism in her book, pours the water onto Marianne’s head, who screams out in pain as it burns her.

Emma continues her attack by pressing the cross to Marianne’s forehead, who cries out and bites her hand so she releases her, telling her that she is a killer, because she saw someone in danger and didn’t do anything, which is a line reveals a bit more of what happened fifteen years ago in Elden.

Marianne laughs, provoking Emma, and she retaliates by swinging the cross and hitting her across the face, causing her to faint. However, Maranne’s body begins to jolt and then she laughs, regaining consciousness almost immediately, and she proceeds to tell Emma that her games are futile, and that she’ll make her suffer for them, now that Emma has made her violent move against her. Emma then gets a call from Ronan, who tells her he’s found her father, and leaves the old lady’s house, but not before Emma threatens to punish her.

When Emma arrives at the hospital where her father is being taken care of, Ronan tells her the story of how he tracked down her father to an old laboratory where he was immobilized and surrounded by the flesh bags Marianne made.

Emma then leaves the hospital and goes see her mother, but when she arrives, she sees blood on the steps that lead up to the front door. She enters the house and sees scattered items and a pool of blood. It doesn’t take her long before she finds her mother dead after being attacked by someone. When she sees this, Emma breaks down and cries, and we see her fully immersed in the pain from her loss, until a sudden laughter coming from upstairs distracts her, and she goes to find out who made the noise.

At the top of the stairs, she sees a giggling Marianne, who’s covered in blood and holding the knife she used to kill Emma’s mother. Marianne tells her that she had promised to hurt her loved ones and laughs again.

In a fit of anger, Emma throws herself at Marianne and chokes her, but since that’s not her real body, Marianne encourages her to choke the old lady she’s possessing, telling her that if the body is not useful to her anymore, she’ll choose another one: the body of her father or one of her friends.

Here we cut back to Camille who is back at Emma’s parent’s house, and when she sees the blood on the steps, we come back to Emma choking Marianne, and Camille arrives just in time to see her die and tries to resuscitate her, but while she is giving her CPR, Camille is startled by a horrible vision and falls down the stairs. With this, Marianne leaves the old lady’s body in the form of a thin cloud of smoke coming from her mouth, possibly to possess someone else, but before we can see who she chooses, or if she selects anyone at all, the screen fades to black.

Comic-Style Devilish Glamour – Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on September 30, 2019

There are characters who aren’t born evil, and their villainous nature doesn’t stem from them making a deal with the devil, or having supernatural powers, but it instead comes from them straying from the path while they follow their innermost desires and cravings.

Such is the case of Cruella De Vil, who may have already sounded evil since the cradle, but who essentially is nothing more than an entitled rich lady willing to go to extremes to get what she wants, not caring who she hurts in the process.

For this reason, she is a great option for a dazzling Halloween costume, and Victoria Lyn has come up with a way to enhance all the glamour of the character with a twist that makes it seem that she has come out of a comic book to make our world her own, thanks to her masterful use of colors, highlights and outlines that create a pop art take on Cruella De Vil that is sure to turn some heads at your next Halloween event.

WATCH IN HD, Hello Everyone, Hope you are all enjoying my #Halloween 2018 Makeup Series “Victorias BOO-Tiful Halloween. Here I have created #disneys Villian #Cruella De Vil, in Pop Art! I hope you’re loving this years #halloween Makeup and #halloween Costumes. Please be sure to like my video and Let me know in the comments what you think! I’ll have more exciting videos coming ALL #October! Make sure you are subscribed and HIT THE BELL BUTTON FOR ALL MY NOTIFICATIONS!

Makeup Used:
Temptu Primer
Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape
Ben Nye Super White setting Powder
Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette
Morphe 8C Cool Pro Blush Palette
Jeffree Star Cosmetics
24K Skin Frost Palette
Velour Liquid Lipstick – Redrum
Hank And Henry My Alter Ego Eye Kit
Madame Benjamin
Mac Shivering White Face Powder
Nyx Cosmetics Jumbo Pencil Black
Nyx Cosmetics Vivid Brights Liquid Liner Envy
Nyx Cosmetics That’s The Point Eyeliner – A bit edgy
Juvias Place Masquerade Palette
Natasha Denona Blackest Black Matte Shadow
Eye Kandy Cosmetics Pixie Stick Glitter
Benefit Cosmetics Bad Girl Bang Mascara

Contact Lenses Solotica ” Copa Cabana” Rio Collection
Cruella Costume Dress
Black & White Wig
Long Black Gloves
Long Cigarette (I did make mine)



T I C – T O K


The Mystique Of Universal Beauty – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on September 29, 2019

When I opened my eyes on Halloween night, I found myself swimming in total darkness. I looked around, trying to find my way back, but I couldn’t even see my hands in front of my face, and as I cried out, I felt my words getting lost in the immense velvet nothingness that I was now inexplicably invading.

Then, a single ray of light shone in my direction and I turned to meet it, and the light of hundreds of stars suddenly lit my way, and I advanced until I saw the mirror sheen of a silver crescent moon that blinded me, and when I could once again look in its direction, two eyes had appeared under the moon and then I noticed a woman revealing herself through the veil of stars that she wore as makeup.

There were no songs but the ones the galaxies created with their movements, and she herself took a crystal crown from thin air and placed it upon her head, making the stars on her face shine with a brighter light when she did so, and all of us there bowed down to her as she floated above us, and in our insignificance in comparison, we vowed to serve her for eternity as we bore witness to the creation and crowning ceremony of the Queen of the Universe by SMLx0.

Hi guys! So I partnered with COVERGIRL for this year’s halloween tutorial to bring you guys this “Queen of the Universe” look. I was really inspired by this crystal crown & it’s super easy to do! I hope you like it! Happy Halloween!
· TruNaked Eyeshadow Palette in “Dazed”

· Katy Kat Eyeliner Pencil in “Kitty WhisPURR”

· Get In Line Liquid Eyeliner in “Black Crystal”

· TruBlend Super Stunner Highlight Palette in “It’s LIT”

· LashBlast Volume Mascara in “Black”

· Katy Kat Wink Lashes in “Fluffy Kat”

· Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner in “Black Onyx”

· Exhibitionist Lip Liner in “Plum Partner”

· Exhibitionist Metallic Lipstick in “Don’t Tell”

Social Media:

Snazzy Witch Doctor Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on September 29, 2019

Are you ready?

I have a confession to make: Dr. Facilier is easily one of my favorite villains, as I think he actually was in a position to some very dangerous things. I mean, the way he just toyed with people’s lives? That’s ace bad guy material right there!

Anyway, the reason I say this is because this Witch Doctor makeup tutorial by Madalyn Cline takes some inspiration from that character to create a very special look for Halloween, and you’ll surely want to put your mind at ease and pay attention to this one, because it comes together beautifully with the white base, purple shades and black-line details that give the makeup a sweet voodoo appearance, and the best element about this is that, if you like, you can change around some colors to create a varied style that’ll impress your friends on the other side!

And I’ve got friends on the other side……💀

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Instagram: @MadalynCline
Twitter: @Madalyn_Cline

The Silence – Quiet Horror With A Bang

Posted by Ingram Draco on September 28, 2019

Starring Kiernan Shipka and Stanley Tucci, The Silence is a horror movie that centers on a family who bands together to escape a swarm of killer creatures known as the Vesps, who have been accidentally released from an ancient cave and are feasting on the flesh of whoever they come across.

One of the most compelling elements of the movie is the fact that the Vesps are blind and completely guided by noise, which forces every character to be completely silent, something the family is accustomed to since the main character is deaf and they know how to communicate with sign language.

This use of silence is superb, because noise then becomes the element that creates the horror, since the characters have to convey their thoughts and emotions with their body language, allowing the suspense to build up to such an extent that, when a character accidentally breaks the golden silence, you feel a jolt of fear for the ever-present threat that’s coming for them, and makes you wonder how they’ll deal with the mistake, or even use it to their advantage.

Another interesting feature in The Silence is how the movie balances the supernatural elements with the more realistic ones, as the characters not only deal with the Vesp threat, but also with immediate and unexpected threats like injuries, fear, and of course, the other people they encounter, who are also desperate to survive. The message here is interesting: Safety from the Vesps doesn’t necessarily mean safety from everything or everyone else.

Joker Halloween Madness – Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on September 26, 2019

I couldn’t deny the power of the dark elements before me as I witnessed the completion of Madeyewlook’s Joker makeup tutorial. I stared at the shiny effect on the lips and the messy makeup around the eyes and mouth that gave the impression that this particular character had been walking in the rain, perhaps trying to escape all manner of sadness within, letting the water gently wash it away with each droplet.

Afterwards, my speculative nature told me that it could just as easily be the opposite, and the fickle sanity that remained was the one that slipped away with a combination of rainwater and tears, leaving only the makeup smears as traces of its existence. Whatever the case, I knew I was in the presence of something extraordinary, a Halloween concept that I wouldn’t soon forget, as Madeyewlook showed the popular character with a compelling dynamism that you can’t help but admire, since the makeup alone lets you appreciate the dangerous nature and the charm that draws us to The Joker’s magnificent madness.

→ Instagram @madeyewlook @creativeboss
→ Periscope Madeyewlook
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→ Snapchat MadeULook.Lex
→ Facebook http://www.facebook.com/madeyewlook
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Marianne Episode II Recap

Posted by Ingram Draco on September 25, 2019

The second episode of Marianne starts right where we left off, with Camille walking downstairs looking for Emma, who had previously gone after her parents to the woods. The alarm ceases to beep, and Camille is startled by the phone, and as she walks barefoot, a shadow stretches to grab her.

Camille speaks with a man from the alarm system company who tells her to close all doors and windows, and when she does, he asks her to turn around and tells her to check the living room. Camille turns and tells him that there’s nobody there, to which the man replies that she should look closer because he is there with her, and asks if she can see him, then we see Camille reaching into a dark area of the room where we can see Marianne standing staring at her, before Emma arrives and releases Camille from this creepy moment.

In the morning, Camille and Emma talk together about her parents and the possible reasons for their strange behavior, and Emma concludes that Caroline’s mother must have poisoned them or something. As they are chatting, a man arrives to where they are and greets them before introducing himself as Inspector Ronan, who’s there to investigate the disappearance of her parents. Emma tells him that Caroline threatened them and he should check her house, and he finds a bag like the one Caroline gave Emma on the previous episode, which is now revealed is exactly the same as the ones that appeared in Emma’s books, used by Marianne.

The inspector asks her to sign a few books for him, and Emma tells him that she’ll dedicate them personally if she investigates Caroline’s family. He agrees and tells them that they have to wait inside the house while he investigates, to stay out of trouble.

Next, we see Caroline’s mother, or Mairanne, from the looks of it, as she leaves her house and there’s a bell chime after which she walks across the street, revealing that Emma and Camille were following her, waiting for her to leave the house so they can break in and investigate on their own. During this sequence there’s a bit of a funny moment where they are trying to jump over a fence and Emma bumps against it while trying to do parkour, hen Caroline caries her and she clumsily falls over on the other side.

Inside the hose, Emma starts to investigate. She hears the old lady’s crow and goes to the door where she hears the noise, but it is closed, the cawing then comes from another room, and Emma looks around, nervous. Immediately after, Emma continues to explore the house and sees the old lady’s books in the living room, where the crow waits in its cage.

Emma notices a strange box and takes out a framed picture of Caroline from it, who’s depicted hanging, and then she looks at another picture of what appears to be a family. It is here that the sensation of danger comes back, as in the reflection of this second picture, Emma sees a shape that quickly approaches and startles her, but when she turns around to face it behind her, there’s nothing there. The moment of tension is released by Camille, who asks Emma to let her into the house through the window.

Now together inside the house, the writer and her assistant go back to check the closed door, and they try to see what’s inside, but the only thing they discover it’s that it smells bad, and then a thud startles them. There’s someone on the other side, and the doorknob starts to turn, but it doesn’t open. Then the old lady appears, standing behind them, and she asks them if they want to see what’s in that room. She lets them know that the only thing in that room are teeth and cats. After saying this, she walks away from them, leaving them alone.

The thuds on the door continue, and the old lady comes back with a knife and starts to cut her arm, telling Emma that she’ll accuse them for hurting her, unless she writes for her again, and then she promises that everything will be fine, and if Emma doesn’t write, then she’ll never live her alone.

Cut to Inspector Ronan who’s driving across town with one of the books that Emma signed for him, where she tells him to investigate the case of her parent’s disappearance for her, that he is her Lizzie now, and he should do his work if he wants to get a real dedication in her next book.

Ronan arrives at a store for esoteric items and asks the advice of the shopkeeper about the bag he previously found. The owner acts terrified from the second he sees it.

They talk about what that is, and the shopkeeper explains it’s a witchcraft item, but more dangerous than anything he sells. He tells the inspector that it’s a marker that makes people vulnerable to dangerous spells.

Satisfied with the information for the moment, the inspector turns to leave, and asks if he can take an artefact called a “Jailer of Demons”, but the shopkeeper tells hm it won’t work, since Emma has already been cursed.

We come back to Emma walking near the ocean, and she sits down on a wrecked boat with some carvings on it, all safe, and she drinks a beer while looking at the water. Aurora, a friend from Emma’s past arrives and Emma asks her if she is still mad at her for the lighthouse, but it is still not revealed what happened there.

The two friends continue a brief conversation where they catch up, before Aurora talks about Caroline’s mom, and asks Emma if she’ll attend the funeral. Emma says no, and Aurora leaves.

In the next scene, Emma is looking at Camille talking on the phone and pacing back and forth in front of her, when suddenly she doesn’t come back into her field of view, and all the lights go off, leaving Emma alone in the dark. In this strange nightmarish sequence, yes, this episode also has a great one here, Emma looks at the glass she’s holding and discovers hair, nails and teeth in her water. After she discovers this, she hears a whisper callin her name, and follows it, only to find her parents bent on the floor. Her parents ask her to write once more, and tell her that Marianne will hurt people if she doesn’t, but Emma discloses that she can’t continue with her stories, since the main character Lizzie Larck, was killed in her last novel.

Here, Emma notices a hooded figure in the room who quickly comes after her, and when she turns around to flee form it, she finds her father standing right in front of her, and once again he tells her to write.

Emma is then found looking into a hole in the woods, where she can hear Marianne’s song and sees the old lady there, telling her she is there for her, asks her to write once more, and then stabs her in the eye, causing the scene to cut to an ocean with a red filter over it, spooky stuff.

In the next scene, we see a kid poking a dead bird, and old lady arrives and yells at the kid with a strange voice, slightly monstrous, that asks him if he killed it. After the kid answers that he didn’t, Caroline’s mom tells him that he’ll also end up dead one day, and in a strange moment, she spits into the dead crows eye, and then gets back in her car. When she gets in and we see the inside, we find that Emma is in the back seat, and tells her to release her parents.

Caroline’s mother then drives the car towards a church, where a group of people are waiting, and they all stand when they see them arrive. Emma quickly realizes that they have Caroline’s body there, and both se and the old lady walk to see the dead body in her casket.

The old lady smiles when she sees Caroline’s dead body, and everyone is silent as this moment occurs. Emma can’t take the view of her old friend being there, and turns around, noticing that there seem to be fewer people now, which is treated as a sort of quick flashback to how she’d seen that same church sometime in the past. The people then come back into Emma’s view, and Caroline’s mom spits on her forehead.

After the disconcerting church scene, we see Emma once again at the boat near the water, and Aurora arrives with more friends to see her. This is a moment that I really enjoyed because it is calm, and it almost makes you forget that you are watching a horror show.

In this scene we are introduced to Emma’s old group of friends, and they all drink together as Camille joins in later. One of the friends Nono, who immediately felt attracted to Camille, tells her about an article that Emma wrote about mothers, but Emma asks her to promise not to read this.

The calming scene continues as the friends drink and party together, and you get the strange feeling that they are letting you rest for the horrors to prepare you to the ones that’ll take you by surprise later.

It is here where everyone leaves, and one of the men from the group drives Emma back home. When she arrives, we see Camille reading the article she promised to stay away from, and Emma confronts her about it, visibly upset, and goes to another room after yelling at her and calling her a liar. While in her room, Emma starts to vent her frustration by kicking the furniture and there are flashbacks to all the characters that have asked her to write, and her parents before they got lost in the woods. Distraught, she takes out her laptop, opens it up, and prepares a blank page.

You know what’s coming here, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Emma writes “Renaissance” at the top of the page and begins telling a new story, and while she writes it, a narration takes over, taking us over the words that Emma is putting on the page, finally giving into Marianne’s request to write.

As the new story is narrated, we see a smiling Marianne starting to levitate, and the narrator tells the story of Lizzie’s revival so she can once again fight Marianne. As these words are spoken, we see a woman walking alone, with wounds and carvings like the ones we’ve previously seen on Marianne’s victims, and as the camera reveals the woman’s face, the screen fades to black.

Marvelous Skull Transformation – Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on September 24, 2019

I like how simple the Skull concept on this makeup tutorial by Chrisspy is, and especially how she took the simple idea and turned into a work of art through the masterful execution for this traditional Halloween style.

What I particularly liked on this tutorial is how she focused on the Skull effects to punch up the look and give it a realistic finish with the shading to create a perfect texture that actually resembles bone and gives the style a welcome three-dimensional finish.

There’s a section that takes the cake for me on this one, and that is the moment where Chrisspy explains how to create the teeth with only makeup so they look genuine, because she goes over all the details that you should focus on, while at the same time she makes you feel confident when recreating the look yourself, which is exactly what a great tutorial does, and she nailed it.

Marilyn Skull anyone?
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