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Haunted Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Posted by Ingram Draco on November 13, 2019

The fourth episode of Netflix’s Haunted starts with Elle, and she tells the story about how evil spirits tormented her family’s house.

After his father moved to the US from the Philippines, leaving his job in law enforcement after he got some serious threats from a gang he had helped take down, Elle and his family moved to a new house where she immediately noticed strange things happening around the place, like an old lady walking around, but who wasn’t supposed to be there.

When she told her mother about this, she told Elle that if she didn’t pay attention to them, if she didn’t see them, then they couldn’t scare her, because the things in her house were “mumós”, which are ghosts that are supposed to only react when they are acknowledged. Her mother said this to try and soothe her, but it only made her more scared, since it meant that what she was seeing was actually real.

One night, Elle was walking up the stairs, and was startled by shapes she saw out of the corner of her eye, and she discovered a man and a woman standing at the end of the hall, staring at her. Later, she also started to see a girl who would play dolls with her, and while things started in a friendly way, as time passed, the girl went from playing with Elle to throwing her stuff around the room, until one day, the ghost girl set fire to one of Elle’s dolls, and caused half the house to catch on fire.

The next affected by the mumós was Jerome, Elle’s cousin, who was playing with a ball one day, and the ghost girl took it away from him. When Jerome went looking for his ball, he found it floating in a well, and when he leaned to retrieve it, the ghost girl held his head underwater, attempting to drown him.

Elle explains how the hauntings went on for years, and during a specific moment, the ghost girl offered her pills and a razor so she could kill herself, and Ellie accepted because she believed that she wouldn’t have a future with the ghosts haunting her.

She survived, and after a while, she met Chris and they started dating. When she got pregnant and they got married, since they didn’t have the means to get a place of their own, Chris went to live in that house with them, and while they were there, the paranormal occurrences stopped. However, Elle noticed that she was always getting angry at Chris, and that this only happened when they were in the house.

When their daughter was little, the hauntings resumed. This time, her daughter saw a boy who also played with her, They called this ghost “the red boy” because he was covered in blood, and he always prompted her to do dangerous things like playing on the roof, and even jump off it, and when she refused to do so, he would scare her.

One night, Elle got very aggressive and started attacking her husband out of the blue under the influence of the ghost girl, and she was in such a rage that she could have killed him. Fortunately, Chris managed to stop her, and they decided to move, to get away from the ghosts that had been haunting them for so long.

In the end, Elle’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and as her condition worsened, Elle went to visit her, deciding it would be the last time she returned to that house, and when she was with her mother, the woman told her that it was too bad that the ghosts were after her. When Elle asked her who she was referring to, her mother told her that the old lady, the man, and the girl wanted to hurt her. Scared, Elle asked her mom whether those people were from heaven, or hell, and her mother answered that they came from hell.

This was the first and last time Elle and her family discussed this story, hoping to get closure about the horror they experienced while being haunted by those ghosts. However, the ghost family probably remains in that house, waiting for someone else.

Fantastic LashyDoodle Kickstarter

Posted by Ingram Draco on November 12, 2019

A new Kickstarter campaign just launched for the production of a new line of exciting new eyelashes that encompass the glamour and beauty of false lashes in a completely safe, eco-friendly and cruelty-free option that is super simple to apply and gets rid of those pesky glues that mess up your style and take forever to work with. The project creators are Amelia G and Forrest Black.

The name of the project is LashyDoodle, and the way it works is so amazing that it feels like magic, because they take eyelashes that contain ten micro-magnets that gently adhere to the metallic compound of the hypoallergenic eyeliner that they come with, and make it incredibly easy to put them on and take them off at your leisure, even on your first try, without pain or struggle with chemical compounds that can destroy your look, or worse, damage your skin or real eyelashes when taking them off.

The LashyDoodle lashes themselves are made of a polymer called PBT, which stands for polybutylene terephthalate, which is a light and safe compound with low moisture absorption that solves the issue you usually have with most eyelashes weighing heavily on your eyelids, and since they are also quite resistant, you can take them off and try another design that fits your look without fear of breaking or wearing them out.

As a backer for this Kickstarter campaign, you not only get to choose your favorite designs while you support the production of the LashyDoodle project, but you can also get a fantastic Look Book where you’ll find lots of photos of models wearing these lashes, which gives you a clear idea of how versatile they are as they show they fit all genders and a plethora of styles.

For more information about LashyDoodle, as well as how to get the Look Book and other backer rewards, check the official LashyDoodle.com and the Kickstarter page.

Amelia G and Forrest Black

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Haunted Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Posted by Ingram Draco on November 12, 2019

The third episode of Netflix’s Haunted starts with James Swift, who tells us about how he grew up in a cult, and how that cult tortured him.

He tells the story of how he lived with his mother, father and older brother, and how they had a normal childhood until her mother discovered a broadcast of something called “the World Of Tomorrow”, which was a program about a man who had founded what he called the “Worldwide Church of God”, an organization that had the firm belief that there was only one true church and that everyone not a part of it would die in the Apocalypse. This group also believed that demons were everywhere around us, and you could be possessed by one if you allowed them to.

After discovering this broadcast, James’ mom decided to move to a place where they could become a part of that “church”, and when they got there, they were welcomed by one of the preachers of that area, who needed to anoint the house so all the “demons” would be expelled from it. It is here that James notices the first strange thing about this group her mother had just taken them to, as while he and his brother were playing while the preacher anointed the house, he got upset about the noise, and when his brother wouldn’t obey him when he asked them to come back to the house, the preacher punished him, and what’s worse, his mother allowed it to happen.

James continues to share how different his life was now that his family was a part of that group, how they could not go to the library, watch movies, read comic books or even watch television, unless it was the “church’s” broadcast. Aside from this, they also needed to assist services that always seemed to revolve around the topic of demons, and how they were always surrounded by an evil that they had to protect themselves from, stating that every defect or character flaw you had, or any attitude not in tune with the “church’s” beliefs, was believed to be the result of a demonic possession.

After one of the services, his mother was approached by the preacher, who told her that, unfortunately, her son had fallen victim to a demonic possession by what he called a “gay demon”, because James had mannerisms that were considered feminine by the people in that group. The preacher continued by telling her that they needed to get rid of that demon, otherwise him, and his entire family, were in danger of going to hell.

Since the problem with the way demon’s possessed people according to that “church” was that a possession could only happen if you opened your mind to it, James was terrified, because he didn’t even know what he had done to open up his mind to a demon.

The solution that the “church” came up with was to isolate him in his room, even denying him food and water for incredibly long periods of time, even if there was no biblical justification for any of the “church’s” actions.

He was kept there for many years, and one day he was told he would go to a camp, and when he was ready to leave, they covered his head with a bag and put hm inside a van that took him to a strange place where supposedly they would exorcise the demon inside of him.

While at this place, he was mistreated, humiliated and tortured, and he even states that, during one of the torments he was undergoing at that place, he saw the face of a demon whom he believed was there to show him that he would never be free of the hell he was currently experiencing.

After seventeen weeks he was released from that horrible place and taken back to his community. When he arrived at his house, his father told him that the “church” had informed them that their son had not cooperated with the treatment, and he told James that he was no longer his son.

In the end, James went to live with his aunt, and they also took his brother with them. After that, he was able to start a new life where he could be happy and heal all the terrible things that he had experienced when he was younger.

Dark Splendor Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on November 11, 2019

Imagine you are in the presence of someone, and you are looking at them attentively, and as you do, you start to notice something unusual: you see their face, but a section of it seems to fade away, and where skin once was, you now can see the magnificence of the galaxy, glancing at you though their face. You see the stars, planets and nebulas that conform it, and while it looks vast, dark and intimidating, you are not scared, because the darkness that you see doesn’t come from a place of evil, and it instead carries the serenity of balance, a neutrality that you are being allowed to admire trough that visage.

This is the look that _Aisling Rose creates with her Dark Galaxy Goddess makeup, which is a wonderfully impactful style, and she shows you how you can also do it yourself if you want to try it out.

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Haunted Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Posted by Ingram Draco on November 11, 2019

The second episode of Netflix’s Haunted starts with Daune Matthews, a nurse who tells us a story about how she came face to face with evil while working at a place called The Cottages of Gentle Breeze, a home for senior citizens with dementia, and how the nightmare she experienced there had all to do with a new patient, Jackie, who was suddenly taken there by her daughter, telling them her mother needed help.

Jackie was always acting strangely and she was aggressive and angry, but that her symptoms had nothing to do with dementia, but that they did what they could to help her, even when the strangest things started to happen: Daune noticed an incredible cold when she entered Jackie’s room, as if she was walking inside an icebox, and while she was there, she noticed that everything else looked frozen as well.

On another occasion, Jackie started speaking in a strange language when they went to check on her, and her condition worsened when this happened. While the nurses were trying to get her off the bed, a frame with the image of Christ fell off the wall, and Jackie seemed pleased that this happened.

Later, Daune tried to put the frame back up, but it would always fall, even when the skeptical owner tried it, and there was no reason for that frame to continue falling. This was all the confirmation they needed that there was something evil in that room.

Daune then returned to Jackie’s room to clean up the broken glass from the frame, and Jackie asked her to be quiet, telling her that she’d wake her “friend” if she made noise. Daune asked her if her friend was God, and Jackie confirmed that her “friend” was not a friend of God’s, which just increased the terror in the nurse’s heart.

When this happened, Jackie stopped eating, drinking any sort of fluids and taking any medication, but she also ceased having any bodily functions, which was something impossible. Whenever they tried to feed her, she would just spit the food out. Besides this, she would also get more aggressive, even biting one of the new nurses on the arm at one point when they were giving her a bath, causing less and less people to want to come into contact with her.

One night, another one of the nurses went to see her and started praying for her. Jackie didn’t react well to this, and immediately stared behind the woman, as if something was there, and the nurse felt an invisible force, like a snake slithering on her back, hurting her, and she ran away trying to shake off the thing that was attacking her, but nothing could be seen, yet, a series of cuts just seemed to appear on her back.

Afterwards, and another incident where Daune got attacked by Jackie for wearing a rosary around her neck, they finally decided to get the help of people from the church to perform an exorcism on Jackie. When the priest and a couple of nuns arrived, they asked everyone out of the room while they tried to exorcise the demon that possessed Jackie, but they were ultimately unsuccessful.

When the exorcists left, the nurses waited almost an hour before going back into the room. When they did, they saw that Jackie was still there, on her bed and stiff as a board, and then she started floating. Later she sat up and turned her head like a ragdoll, ordered them to leave the room, and after yelling them a second time to get out of the room, she died.

After Jackie was gone, they continued to rent out the room, but no matter who stayed there, something odd happened to them that drove them into what Daune believed to be an early grave because of the demon still hanging on to that room. One of the residents that came after Jackie, a woman named Maria, died of a heart attack less than two weeks after arriving, despite not ever having heart problems before that.

Another patient, Beverly, had noticed that there was something wrong with the room, but Daune and the rest of the staff tried to ignore this, until one day, all of Beverly’s vital organs happened to fail, and before she died, she told Daune that she had warned her that there was something that wasn’t right in that room.

After being unable to get rid of the evil, they boarded up the room, and after a while, the nursing home closed its doors, and as it waited to be reopened, the evil inside that room also waited for a new chance to haunt whoever it came across.

Haunted Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Posted by Ingram Draco on November 10, 2019

The first episode of Netflix’s Haunted starts with Rebecca sharing a story about a creepy event that happened to her and her friends when they decided to move to a house while they were in college. The place was an old house in Cleveland, and it dated back to the early 1900, and it seemed to have gone uninhabited for a long time.

When Becca and her friend Z arrived, they decided to give their rooms a makeover, so they started painting the walls, but when Becca painted the room, she noticed a huge water spot on the ceiling that seemed to absorb the paint, making it impossible to cover.

One day, while she was alone in the house, Becca heard a voice calling her over, asking her if she was in the house. Becca assumes that her friend Z is home and she’s the one calling her over, but the voice sounds altered and strange.

As Becca looks for Z, following the voice, the real Z arrives home, and Becca is scared to see her just coming in, telling her friend that she could hear a voice talking to her, whispering to her, and it sounded just like her. Z tells her that she was probably tired or affected by the chemicals in the paint, and that she was imagining things.

Later, we learn that Becca constantly hears the voices talking to her, and that they are always the voices of the people who lived there with her. She hears the voices so much, that she even follows them, ultimately speculating that they must come from the basement.

Becca never talked about this to anyone, because she was relatively new to her group of friends, and she didn’t want to embarrass herself or come off as weird, so she kept the fact that she heard something in the house a secret. One night, however, her boyfriend Jared stays with her, and he hears Z’s voice calling him over, and he follows it. When he is able to come back, he confirms to Becca that, indeed, there’s something that calls people over and lures them with a friendly voice.

In comes Brandon, another one of Becca’s friends, who asks to live with them, and, having no rooms left, they offer him the basement, which he takes. Becca still harbors a strange feeling towards the basement, but says nothing, and Brandon moves in.

During his first night there, Brandon is visited by Becca, who tries to seduce him and ultimately kisses him, but as they are making out, she transforms into a weird-looking creature, as if her skin was an old painting turning to dust. This event terrifies Brandon, and he decides to move out, and he never returns to the house.

When Brandon tells the group about this, once again they get confirmation that there’s something in the house, and that it can make itself look and act like them. This is when they decide to call the creature “The Mimic” because of its apparent abilities to copy the people it observes in the house.

Stranger things continue to happen, as on another night, Becca sees a strange face coming out of the water spot and growling at her. After this event, Jared, Z, and Becca decide to go to the attic to check the water spot’s origin, and when Jared shines a blacklight on the room, they discover what appears to be dried blood, as if someone had died there and bled out.

This leads them to talk to the landlord, and she reveals to them that there was a man who used to live in that house a long time ago, and that this man had shot himself in the attic, but many days passed before anyone found his body, and the water spot they see in her room is actually the man’s blood that made its way through the attic floor and onto her ceiling.

Upon hearing this, Becca realizes that the man must’ve been dealing with the same creature that haunted them, but that him, being alone and not knowing whether what he heard was real or not, he went crazy and committed suicide out of desperation.

The next night after they learn the true story behind the Mimic, Becca has the strangest encounter when she gets out of the bathroom: she sees a monster crawling out of the grate that leads to the basement. The monster has claws and at times a human face, which then changes to reveal a more monstrous, fang-filled appearance. When it comes after her, Becca hides in the bathroom and stays there until Jared comes to comfort her, and because of this last horrifying encounter, they decide to move for good.

It takes Becca a while to make sure the Mimic hadn’t followed them out of the house, and she ultimately manages to get a normal life. The thing is, she knows that whatever was haunting them on that house is still there, as more people have come and gone from the house, and she wonders if the Mimic has also been haunting them.

Icy Evil – Cold Devil Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on November 9, 2019

Emily Jayne FX brings you a cool Winter Devil makeup, because who’s to say winter doesn’t also have its horrors, and the way she produces this look with a combination of blue, white and black tones, plus a myriad of visual effects, do bring forth a look of devilish qualities about the style that make it a good option to celebrate the chilling winter to come.

She designs a lot of textures and icy effects with the colors she uses, like the way she handles the white around the eyes, adding some star-like details to give the appearance of shine, making it feel like you are looking at a devil formed not from the fires of hell, but from the coldest depths of oblivion.

The best part is that, save for the horns and some touches of glitter to give added shine to the ensemble, everything else you see in the finished look is done just with makeup, which she really makes it look three-dimensional and very much alive. Her Instagram has more devilish delights as well.

Thanks for watching! Hope you like my Icy Devil face & body paint.

In The Tall Grass – An Eerie Excursion To The Unknown

Posted by Ingram Draco on November 9, 2019

Based on Stephen King and Joe Hill’s novel, In The Tall Grass tells the story of Becky (Laysla De Oliveira) and her brother Cal (Avery Whitted), who are on their way to San Diego, when Becky, who is pregnant, starts feeling sick, causing them to stop somewhere in the middle of their journey so she can rest for a bit.

While they are there, they hear a kid calling out to them from inside a field of grass, and since they can’t see him, and the kid is so desperate to get out of there, they decide to assist him, themselves entering the field to show him the way out.

When they enter, they discover, little by little, that the field they are now in is not an ordinary place, and that, for some reason, everyone who enters there is not only trapped there, but is also shifted around within the maze of overgrown grass.

As they look for a way out, they meet Tobin (Will Buie Jr.), the kid that led them there, his dad Ross (Patrick Wilson), his mother Natalie (Rachel Wilson), and even his dog, Freddy. All who are working to find each other, and a way out of the grassy maze.

This is where Travis (Harrison Gilbertson), Becky’s ex-boyfriend and father of her child, arrives at the field of grass a couple of months after Becky and her brother disappeared, and goes into the maze to find them, only to slowly discover that he is now trapped there as well.

Upon his arrival, we learn that the field seems to be a place where time doesn’t really matter, as events from the past, present and future all seem to happen at the same time and out of sequence, and the characters must team up to find a way to both survive, and to get out of that place in one piece.

It is clear that there’s a mysterious force at play, and while the story progresses and it gives you more hints about possible outcomes and solutions, you try to piece everything together, only to realize you have some clues to speculate on certain results of the story, but you don’t really know how they all tie together yet, so you continue immersed in the tale.

In The Tall Grass brings you an amazing feeling because, while your mind tries to solve the puzzle, you realize that every time you get a piece of information that answers a question, the endgame of how they’ll escape the maze is yet to be solved, and you have no clues as to how they’ll make that happen, and you have to sit back and let the narrative continue to guide you through this adventure until it ends, which feels like seeing the winning hand of a highly skilled poker player when the story reaches its conclusion.

Some places have a mind of their own.

A Sweet Skull – Day of the Dead Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on November 1, 2019

Get your Day of the Dead going with a touch with this makeup style that Beautification By Marta shows you how to recreate. The colors you need are easily accessible for this one, and the technique required, although simple enough to be recreated even if you are not used to adding lots of details to your makeup, works very well to bring forth the illusion that you have become a skull for Dia de los Muertos.

Something that’s particularly interesting about this tutorial is how the white around the face is handled, because with the circles around the eyes and the dots that adorn them, the mouth and the black lines that serve as decorations for the look, the white color on the face is crisp and sharp, which actually creates the effect of it being made of compressed sugar, which of course reminds you that you are not transforming into just any skull, but one with a sweet touch for when its time for trick or treating.

(Con subtitulos en espanol)
Here’s a super easy sugar skull makeup tutorial that anyone can achieve!! You don’t need a lot of products AND it will last ALL NIGHT! Let me know what you think:)


F O L L O W M E 🙂
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A Padded Visage – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Ingram Draco on October 31, 2019

If you are looking for a unique and spooky style for Halloween, but all the classic creatures and monsters you can think of dressing up as aren’t doing the trick at all, then you are in luck, because Samaro has a makeup tutorial for you that will leave you wide-eyed with how terrific it is.

The style she creates on this Halloween makeup tutorial is simple but impactful, because she uses red lines and rigid collodion to give the impression of depth and padding to the skin, and then she proceeds to adorn the face with several different tones that give it the appearance of having a greater depth, and she further enhances the effect with adhesive gems in the areas where the lines intersect, making them look as if they were actual strings that were carefully applied to the face by a twisted being that wished to create a quilted ornament of pain.

Inspired by @maddisonpower.fx
Mac Cosmetics Chromagraphic Pencil “Basic Red”
Kryolan Collodium, Shimmering Event Foundation “Silver” and F/X Blood “Dark”
Nyx Cosmetics Jumbo Pencil “Cottage Cheese”
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick “Designer Blood”
Urban Decay Cosmetics Vice 2 Palette “Rewind” and Alice In Wonderland Palette “Chessboard”
Hobby Craft Adhesive Gems
Bella Hair Lashes

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