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Early Sales Art for Bait 2 3D Breaks the Surface

Posted by Uncle Creepy on February 12, 2013

On tap right now for you cats is the early sales art for the sequel to last year's surprisingly good shark attack flick, Kimble Rendall's Bait 3D, entitled appropriately enough Bait 2 3D. Check it out and hope it's as good as the first!

Details are scant at the moment as there's been no formal announcement of a director or cast, but we'll keep an eye on things for you cats.

It's just another perfect day in the City of Angels. That is, until a three-mile long, 100-foot tsunami completely obliterates Los Angeles, not only destroying it, but effectively wiping it from the map. However, for five students in a private school, on detention and missing out on a class trip, they turn out to be the lucky ones...

...or are they?

Because before the day is through, they will have to battle a tidal wave, the elements, each other, atershocks, and, worst of all, a 15-foot Great White Shark that has decided to make the school they are trapped in its new hunting ground. With the water constantly rising, fraying tempers, nowhere for them to go, and one of nature's perfect sea creatures actively pursuing them, they are about to be taught a lesson in survival.

Early Sales Art for Bait 2 3D Breaks the Surface

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