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2013 Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Fest: Full 85-Film Lineup Announced; Albert Pyun to Receive Indie Genre Spirit Award

Posted by Debi Moore on October 21, 2013

2013 Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Fest: Full 85-Film Lineup Announced; Albert Pyun to Receive Indie Genre Spirit Award When Buffalo Screams expanded and re-branded as the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, we knew they had big ambitions. With a whopping 85 films on their slate for 2013, we'd say they're well on their way!

From the Press Release:
Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival has announced an ambitious slate of 85 films which will screen between Friday, November 8th, and Thursday, November 14th, at the Dipson Amherst Theatre in Buffalo, New York.

Several distinguished genre filmmakers are scheduled to attend:
- Lloyd Kaufman, who will receive the Dedication to Filmmaking Excellence Award, is screening Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol. 1, billed as a Sneak Preview, as a fundraiser for the Niagara Arts & Culture Center (NACC) in Niagara Falls;
- Roy Frumkes will screen Animosity, which he executive produced for writer-director Brendan Steere; and
- Brett Kelly will screen the horror comedy musical My Fair Zombie.

Albert Pyun receives the Indie Genre Spirit Award in absentia; Road to Hell, his homage to Walter Hill’s Streets of Fire, will screen.

Pyun, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, is unable to attend the festival due to worsening health. “We’re honoring Albert because he represents what this award stands for,” says festival co-chair Gregory Lamberson. “He’s been a tireless force in independent cinema since the 1980s, with films like Radioactive Dreams, Cyborg and Captain America. No matter what studio interference and budgetary challenges he’s faced, he’s continued to build a body of work in multiple genres. To many people these are just B movies, but to him, they’re his art. While others have talked about making movies and chased the perfect deal, he’s done what he loves.”

Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival will show 26 features and 59 short films over seven days. According to festival co-director Chris Scioli, 45 of those films were produced in the United States, including 13 filmed in Western New York; 13 were submitted by Canadian filmmakers; and 27 entries are international or international/US co-productions.

“We wanted to create an international film festival unlike any other in Buffalo or Western New York,” says Lamberson. “Part of that plan involved expanding the scope of our programming to include science fiction, fantasy, horror, action, thrillers, animation, cult and fan films. I’m happy to say we’ll be screening quality films in every one of those categories from all over the world. Chris and I are thrilled by how many filmmakers from outside Buffalo – outside the country! - will be joining us.”

The awards ceremony will be held in the theater on Sunday, November 10th. Advance tickets will go on sale at the Dipson Theatre website this week.

Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival is sponsored by Off Beat Cinema, Alternative Cinema, Seeley and Kane’s Books and Comics, and Western New York Grip & Electric. The Festival will be preceded by Buffalo Film Expo, a one-day event comprised of film discussion panels, to be held on Sunday, November 3rd, at Holiday Inn Buffalo Airport.

2013 Film Selections:
Non-Competition Features

Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol. 1 (USA/Western New York)
Blood Marsh Krackoon (USA)
Dry Bones (Western New York)
The Legend of Six Fingers (Western New York)

Official Feature Film Selections
Atlantis: The Last Days of Kaptara (USA)
Animosity (USA)
Buffalo Boys (Western New York)
Constant Angel (Western New York)
Dust of War (USA)
Echo Dr. (USA)
Empire Gypsy (USA)
Found in Time (USA)
Imago (USA)
Motivational Growth (USA)
My Fair Zombie (Canada)
Nightmare Box (USA/UK)
Pinup Dolls on Ice (Canada)
Project London (USA)
Road to Hell (USA)
Sick: Survive the Night (Canada)
Squid Man (USA)

Official International Feature Film Selections
Judas Ghost (UK)
The Squad (“Zveno,” Federation of Russia)
On Air (Germany)
The Tiger Mask (Japan)
Wrath of the Crows (Italy)

Official Short Film Selections
Agophobia (Canada)
Attack of the Killer Bees (USA)
Ave Maria (USA)
Bloody Mary – A Tale of Revenge (Canada)
Broken Wings (Western New York)
Brothers in Arms (USA)
Burn Brightly (USA)
Depths (USA)
Desert Road Kill (USA)
The El Chupugcabra (USA)
The Family Business (USA)
The Final Five (USA)
Five Points (USA)
Follow the Leader (USA)
The Girl in the Road (Canada)
He’s Not Looking So Great (USA)
His Name is Clown Face (Western New York)
The Horizon Project (Canada)
Kin (Canada)
Kiva (Western New York)
The Liberator (USA)
Little Man of Steel (USA)
Merinthophobia: Fear of Being Bound or Tied Up (USA)
Mirror Lake (Western New York)
Motel Charlie (Canada)
One More for the Road (Canada)
The Outlaw 3: Vengeance is Mine (Western New York)
Retention (USA)
Rhythm (Western New York)
Somnium (Canada)
The Summoners (USA)
Tasha and Friends (Canada)
The Trouble I Got (Canada)
Ugliest Man in Cartoons (USA)
Undead Playground (Western New York)
Wormchild 2: Fresh Flesh (Western New York)
Wunderland (USA)

Official International Short Film Selections
The Adventures of Sheriff Kid McLain (USA/Brazil)
Apartment 15 (Italy)
Belly of the Wolf (UK)
The Birth of a Family (South Korea)
The Blow-Ins (Ireland)
Division Azul (Spain)
Environmental Pressure and Species Adaptation (South Korea)
Eugenia (Israel)
Heat (South Korea)
In(B)etween (Spain)
Kendrick: A Grim Tale of Hatred and Revenge (Austria)
Lapsus (France)
The Last Piper (Norway)
Maid of Horror (Australia)
Memory Sculptor (Japan/USA)
Micro-Time (Israel)
Model 15 (New Zealand)
One Night at the Aristo (UK)
Refugio 115 (Spain)
Tokyo Halloween Night (Japan)
Ugry Night (South Korea)
The Wild Diaries (France/USA)

Keep your eyes on BuffaloDreamsFilmFest.com for updates.

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Casting News and Trailer for Horror Comedy Bloodmarsh Krackoon

Posted by The Woman In Black on February 21, 2013

We just got some info Bloodmarsh Krackoon, a feature-length horror comedy written and directed by Jerry Landi. It's a sequel to Landi's Krackoon, a short film that was a big hit on the festival circuit a couple of years ago.

From the Press Release:
Believing that his mutant, crack addicted raccoon Red Eye warranted a bigger tale, Jerry Landi has fashioned Bloodmarsh Krackoon as a continuation of the short, structuring it as a reboot to bring new viewers up-to-speed. In addition to Red Eye, Bloodmarsh reunites Krackoon co-stars Sal Amore and Joseph Ferri, whose characters survived Red Eye’s original onslaught.

“Sal plays Deputy Mayor Peter Rabbit,” Landi explains. “At the end of Krackoon the mayor was killed, and in Bloodmarsh Peter Rabbit sees the chance to kill the monster and make Locust Point safe for its residents and, in turn, make things right in the corrupt town. He enlists his cousin and best friend for help putting an end to the Krackoon’s reign, unaware that there are two more creatures running around the Bronx.”

Like his character, Amore, who is also a line producer on the film, found himself promoted – to leading man. “Working on the sequel was a lot more work than I ever did on one project before. One day on set I had this overwhelming feeling, not of fear, but that as the movie evolved I was growing as an actor. Even though I had years of experience before shooting the sequel, this was when I learned how to stay in character and feed off of other actors and so much more. It was amazing to be a part of all this, and that I will never forget it.”

In both films Joseph Ferri plays Tommy Caputo, a boy who befriends Red Eye a la Willard and his rat pet, Ben. Ferri was nine when Krackoon was filmed and thirteen when Bloodmarsh rolled. This proved to be a challenge since Bloodmarsh Krackoon is subtitled "The Next Day."

“I told Joey not to grow until we shot the next film, but he didn't listen to me,” Landi says. “I never considered recasting the role. We discussed this during pre-production and agreed that in the scope of the project it wouldn’t really matter. Since it's a bit of a reboot, we will suspend disbelief and let the story play out. Joey was such a big part of the first film, and since that was never distributed, his growth was the least of my worries.”

Ferri found his experience on the feature superior to that on the short. “It was ten times better: The cameraman and crew were better; the actors were also more professional and really helped me on the set. I think my acting was also better than the first movie, too. The baby raccoons were fun to play with, and my old friend Red Eye was easy to talk to.”

Other actors returning from Krackoon include Martin Vanihel and Rosario Russo. Gina Di Salvatore Longarzo plays the female lead, and actress and model Cindy Guyer (Psycho Cop), the only member of the cast not from the Bronx, plays Peter Rabbit’s mother, Millie.

Bloodmarsh Krackoon, produced by Marc J. Makowski (Slime City, Photo Manipulation), is nearing the end of post production and is expected to premiere in the Bronx in April.

Below are a few stills and a behind-the-scenes peek at the production along with some early artwork and the trailer. For more info visit the official Bloodmarsh Krackoon website, "like" Bloodmarsh Krackoon on Facebook, and follow Bloodmarsh Krackoon on Twitter.

Casting News and Trailer for Horror Comedy Bloodmarsh Krackoon

Casting News and Trailer for Horror Comedy Bloodmarsh Krackoon

Casting News and Trailer for Horror Comedy Bloodmarsh Krackoon

Casting News and Trailer for Horror Comedy Bloodmarsh Krackoon

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