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IFC Midnight Brings Hellgate and In Their Skin Home in March

Posted by Uncle Creepy on February 21, 2013

Some quick DVD news has come in for two new titles from IFC Midnight, Hellgate and In Their Skin, and we have the artwork and the skinny on what you need to know. Look for both titles on March 12, 2013.

On a visit to Bangkok, American Jeff (Cary Elwes, Saw, The Princess Bride), his Thai wife Sua and their son Kyle are hit by a truck as they drive to the home of Sua's father. Jeff awakens from a coma six weeks later and learns that Sua and Kyle did not survive the crash. He also discovers he is able to see the specters of people who have died horribly. Seeking peace of mind, Jeff is led to a spiritual adviser (Oscar winner William Hurt, A History of Violence, Into the Wild, Kiss of the Spider Woman), who explains that these souls are trapped in a shadow world, forced to relive their own deaths for eternity - and that Jeff's family is facing the same fate. In order to save them, he must pass into the shadow world and set their souls free, without losing his own to the demons within. Haunting, tense and thrilling, writer-director John (Zyzzyx Road) Penney's HELLGATE, an IFC Films theatrical release, is an unforgettable journey to the other side. It was named Best Film at the Bram Stoker International Film Festival and Best Horror Film at Italy's Fantasy Horror Awards.

IFC Midnight Brings Hellgate and In Their Skin Home in March

After a tragic family accident, Mark (Joshua Close, The Exorcism of Emily Rose) and Mary Hughes (Selma Blair, Hellboy, Storytelling) retreat with their son to the family's vacation home in the woods. They are wakened early the next morning by their new neighbors, Bobby and Jane Sakowski (James D'Arcy, Hitchcock, An American Haunting, and Rachel Miner, Sons of Anarchy, Bully), who invite themselves over for dinner. What begins as merely an awkward evening turns sinister as Bobby's questions become intrusive and his envy of the Mark and Mary becomes more aggressive. As matters escalate, it becomes clear that there's no limit to what Bobby will do to get what Mark has, and ultimately the Hugheses' will to survive will be put to the test. An Official Selection at the Tribeca Film Festival, and an IFC Films theatrical release, IN THEIR SKIN is a "gripping" (A.O. Scott, The New York Times) home-invasion thriller in a league with such modern classics as Funny Games and The Strangers, featuring mesmerizing performances that get under the skin.

IFC Midnight Brings Hellgate and In Their Skin Home in March

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