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Journey to Hell Sets The App Store On Fire

Posted by Amanda Dyar on March 7, 2013

BulkyPix has announced that Journey to Hell is now available for your iOS devices for $3.99 on the App Store. Players will pull out their holy revolvers and step into a demon-infested world. You must behead and slice up as many as you can in order to and end the evil once and for all!

Journey to Hell the 3D Third Person Shooter developed by indie studio DogBox is now available on the App Store. Prepare yourself for incredible graphics, impressive content and a unique “real-time render” sound engine, developed by AudioGaming. Journey to Hell pays tribute to the genre of big guns, angry, super-powerful heroes, and blood-thirsty demons, and is accompanied by a soundtrack especially composed for the game by the heavy metal band, The Slaughters.

In a decadent world, daemons of all kinds wander the Earth, hungry for man-flesh. Luckily the human race has some protection: Holy Shield, a secret organization that for thousands of years has fought against devils in order to preserve the balance between good and evil.

But one day, during a routine mission, two daemon hunters encounter the vilest daemon ever faced by Holy Shield. As a consequence, they are instructed to find the source of his Evil, and wipe out all of his slaves before tackling the daemon himself. Thus begins a violent, crazy journey of epic proportions!

Play as Gabriel or Rachel as you disembowel, behead and dismember daemons as varied as they are terrifying! When the carnage is over, the hellish creature will surely beat a hasty return to the grave.

For more information on the game, check out the official Journey to Hell iTunes page.

Journey to Hell Sets The App Store On Fire

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