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The Following Episode 7: Let Me Go

Posted by Amber Keller on March 4, 2013

This just may be the most important episode of The Following yet. In “Let Me Go” we see many unexpected events culminate that will allow for the story to continue in its complex arc. As usual, the question becomes, who is a part of the following tonight.

Emma takes Joey to a spooky abandoned building where she claims she has to meet a friend that will help them before they can go to his mother. A scary guy named Bo steps out from the shadows, and in an especially creepy moment, Joey finds himself in a chained off, dark area where a woman in a cage leaps up to grab him, begging for help. Is this a person the cult is planning on using to hone their serial killing skills? Another tragic training session, perhaps?

Carroll’s lawyer, Ms. Warren, shows the tape of Hardy breaking Carroll’s fingers to the warden and uses this as leverage in order for Carroll to plead his case of injustice inflicted on him by the FBI.

Back at Claire’s residence, she tells Agent Parker all about her experience with Charlie. She embarrassingly admits that she believed he would take her to Joey because of his militaristic and trusting presence. Hardy comes in and she tells them that Charlie was waiting to hear from Roderick, who is an alias from a character in Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher and possibly a second in command. It turns out that Carroll’s following is much larger than the FBI had anticipated. Claire agrees to inform the FBI if anyone else makes contact with her concerning Joey, but she won’t promise not to cooperate with any potential cult followers that approach her about her son. Claire tells Hardy to find Charlie because he knows where Joey is.

Trouble arises when Joey comes back and tells Emma about the woman in the cage and asks to help her. One redeeming quality for Emma is that she guards Joey while a scary and intense Bo becomes rattled. Emma clearly didn’t know about the woman and tensions are heightened.

It looks like Carroll may have played his cards right with the prison abuse claim when the warden informs Agent Parker that Carroll’s request for a transfer has been approved and is taking place immediately.

Carroll is in route to a correctional facility in Georgia. Weston shows up to allow Hardy a proper goodbye and attempt to glean some information on why he’s going to Georgia and if Roderick is there. Carroll turns it around on Hardy by bringing up Claire. Hardy wants to accompany Carroll’s transfer, but Agent Parker does, instead. Hardy has his suspicions about the warden and has Weston look into him. Is the warden a follower?

Joey sneaks away and finds a key to let the woman out. Emma questions Bo and finds out that he is not part of the cult. The two of them become aware that Joey’s gone just as he lets the woman out of the cage. Bo finds him first and flips out, which leads to many questions. When Bo grabs Joey, Emma pulls a gun on him. Bo fights Emma and turns the gun on her. Emma tells Joey to run and Charlie shows up clutching the woman.

Carroll is locked in the transport vehicle complete with a vehicle and helicopter escort. Weston finds out that the warden has a teenage daughter in college and Hardy attempts to question him. They find out that the warden’s daughter has been missing for two days and speculate that Carroll’s people are behind it, pressuring the warden to approve the transfer.

Charlie explains Bo’s situation. He’s a helper of sorts, not a real member of the cult. The woman in the cage is named Dana and they plan on using her as their leverage to get home safe.

The surveillance footage of Carroll’s transfer has been manipulated by the warden who has suddenly and conveniently taken the rest of the day off. Hardy has figured out that Carroll’s not in the transport vehicle. Agent Parker stops the caravan to check while Hardy intercepts the warden, simultaneously. Guns pointed, Parker and Hardy check the vehicles and find them both empty. Carroll’s lawyer, Warren, turns out to have him stashed away in her trunk.

Carroll is free. Big moment alert here, folks.

The warden was told they would kill his daughter and forced to let Carroll escape by way of Warren. The FBI is able to track her and Hardy speeds away.

Charlie has a heart to heart with Joey and Joey opens up, asking for the truth about what’s going on. Charlie skates around the question by promising Joey that Dana will be all right.

Warren is told to call Hardy and Carroll instructs her to tell Hardy he’s killing her and it’s all his fault. As he’s on the phone, Carroll strangles her, knowing Hardy’s weak spot by playing on his mounting guilt. Hardy finds Warren dead and is told by a bystander that Carroll went into a building. Hardy and Weston split up to find him. Carroll meets another follower, David, just as Hardy spots him. We see another follower, Louise, calmly attack a civilian as they get away. The robotic almost sedate quality of the followers is unsettling and spooky. In a sense they are true killing machines.

Hardy ends up with Carroll pointing a gun in his face in a parking garage. He tells Carroll to do it, to kill him. Carroll struggles with his decision as he tells him that they’ve only concluded the first part of the novel now, and he wants Hardy to see it all. Carroll leaves to get in the helicopter as David holds the gun on Hardy. The two wrestle and Hardy shoots David in the leg, reaching the roof as the helicopter lifts off. He fires a few shots at the helicopter, but to no avail.

Charlie, Joey and Emma prepare to leave. When she asks Charlie about Bo and Dana, he walks off with Bo.

The FBI shows up and Hardy tells Agent Parker he wants to interrogate David his way. She reluctantly gives him five minutes. Hardy puts on a glove and asks David where Joey is. Of course, he refuses to say and Hardy shoves his finger down into the bullet hole. Apparently it works because Hardy is next at the building where Joey was. There’s no one there except a dead Bo and a shaken but otherwise all right Dana. This shows that Charlie is good for his word to Joey by leaving Dana alive and also his deadly protective instinct by killing Bo, who was a threat to Joey.

Hardy goes to Claire who is packing to leave for protective custody. She is pissed, saying that now that Carroll is free, she is locked up. Hardy tells her he’s not giving up on finding Joey, but it’s not enough for Claire.

Carroll is brought to a large home where many of his followers, including Charlie and Emma, file out to meet him. Carroll and Emma have a moment, but it’s nothing like what happens next. The real magic occurs when a visibly and not often seen awe-struck Carroll sees Joey, who recognizes him for his dad.

I admit I have a ton of fear when I saw the last scene. I really don’t want to see Carroll turn a sweet, innocent Joey into a budding serial killer. How long will it take for Hardy to find Carroll? What does Carroll have planned for the next chapter in the book? And what will become of little Joey? I’m very curious to see what happens next.

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