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Bait Director Kicks Spider’s Nest

Posted by Steve Barton on August 4, 2015

nest-3d-smallNature is preparing to once again run amok as Variety is reporting that Australia’s Kimble Rendall has set China-Australia co-production The Nest 3D as his next project after his debut film Bait 3D scored with Chinese audiences.

The English-language picture will start pre-production next month and shoot from late October.

Production is by Arclight Films International and Nest Holdings with Mike Gabrawy and Elliot Tong as executive producers.

The story involves the innocent discovery of a well preserved mummified emperor from 200 BC that unlocks a 2,000-year old nightmare and secrets that should have remained buried.

When a scientist disappears in the Chinese desert, an international team of colleagues embarks on a search and rescue mission. Once in the wild, a flash fire forces the search party into an abandoned building where they find themselves besieged by an even more terrifying threat driven to the surface by the heat: swarms of flesh-eating Funnel webs.

Funnel Web Spider

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New Artwork for The Nest 3D Comes Crawling

Posted by Uncle Creepy on February 12, 2013

If you watched Bait 3D, then you know that director Kimble Rendall knows how to take advantage of nature running amok. In fact during that sharkfest there was a scene featuring hundreds of scurrying spiders. Get ready for that moment times ten in his latest flick, The Nest 3D.

Below you'll find the sales art and synopsis for the flick Rendall is helming for Darclight Films. Look for more on this one soon!

When an Australian scientist goes missing in the Chinese desert, a team of his friends and colleagues embark on a search and rescue mission. However, once in the wilderness, the search party is forced by a flash fire to abandon its mission, and on seeking shelter in an abandoned building, they find themselves face to face with an even more terrifying threat: the Funnel Webs. Swarms of the deadliest subterranean spiders have been driven to the surface by the heat, and now the mission has quickly become one of survival.

New Artwork for The Nest 3D Comes Crawling

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