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The Following Episode 5: The Siege

Posted by Amber Keller on February 18, 2013

A cheeky beginning to tonight’s episode titled, “The Siege,” has Paul, Emma and Jacob sharing a bed after their shower scene in the last episode. Paul and Emma have really hit it off now, but Jacob isn’t handling the previous night’s situation so well. In the meantime, Joey sneaks the phone and calls his mom. Claire is elated to hear from him and begins asking him many questions, gaining an insight to his whereabouts. In a spooky moment, Joey admits to being scared of Paul, and who else shows up to drag Joey away screaming, but Paul himself.

The FBI is able to track the signal from Joey’s phone back to Duchess County, New York. When Joey questions Emma about his mother not knowing where he is, she retorts by saying that the police are bad men, and that his mother is trying to protect him from them. Poor tortured Megan is still tied and bound downstairs where Paul promises her she will never go home again. Paul then gives Jacob a smaller, thinner knife to kill Megan with, but an apprehensive Jacob asks Paul to kill her for him and admits that he isn’t homosexual. With Jacob as their weakest link, yet I mean that in a good way, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he won’t give in and kill Megan.

Carroll’s appeals attorney, Olivia, is called to visit him. As her discomfort and general uneasiness about being summoned are questioned, we see a flashback from 2010 when she had represented Carroll and reached an impasse. Unable to continue working with him, she wished him well. While it’s not clear why, it’s apparent that Carroll holds some power over the attorney. Carroll tells her that he wants to know everything that’s happening with the FBI and the media. Soon after, Olivia holds a press release and reads a statement from Carroll which turns out to be Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death”. This was a way for Carroll to use an encoded message to trigger his cult, and as she reads this, two police officers are activated. One of them happens to be in the same room as Ryan Hardy.

Hardy is poised to go to Duchess County, and Agent Parker swears him in and deputizes him. Hardy is visibly pleased with this. Before Hardy leaves, he apologizes to Claire for their early relationship and tells her that he wants to talk about them after he comes back with Joey.

More of Paul’s violent tendencies show up as he tells Emma that Joey needs some smacking around. Thankfully, Emma doesn’t agree. Jacob is back downstairs with Megan, attempting to become a killer. Olivia visits Claire and delivers a message from Carroll telling her to go to a specific meeting spot alone if she wants to see Joey again.

Hardy arrives in Duchess County and begins the arduous task of locating the right house and Joey escapes. He’s running through the woods when an elderly neighbor helps him. Taking Joey back to his house, Joey asks the neighbor and his wife to use their phone to call his mom. The wife recognizes Joey from the television and tells him the police are looking for him. He responds by telling her the police are bad. Before he gets a chance to use their phone, Emma shows up and whisks him away. In the woods, Jacob and Paul catch up with Emma and Joey, and Paul goes back to the elderly couple to “give his thanks”.

Emma takes Joey back to the house and locks him in his room. After hearing noises in the house, a man appears, Hank who was sent by Roderick, and tells her that they all have to leave the house.

Claire is able to leave the house, but only with the FBI tagging along, while Hardy shows up at the elderly couple’s home. With no answer to their knocks, he goes in the house and finds the couple dead. Knowing he’s close, he runs through the woods and finds the house. Paul and Jacob are outside, packing to leave, and Hardy calls Weston for backup.

Claire loses her FBI babysitters and goes to the meeting spot.

Hardy, who is with a scared, local cop, decides to get closer to the house. The cop finds himself face to face with an armed Hank and he’s shot. Hardy shows up and shoots Hank, but it’s too late for the wounded cop.

Joey becomes agitated at being locked in his room and breaks out.

We see why Olivia is still helping Carroll out through a flashback that shows Hank visiting her a fear years back, after she denied her services to Carroll. He uses a tool to cut off two of her fingers.

Claire is picked up and driven away. Hardy breaks into the basement and finds Megan, promising to help her leave. Upstairs, Joey has broken out of his room and Hardy finally finds him. Before he can help Joey, Paul finds him in the house and puts a gun to his head.

These are high stakes, and with the episode to be continued next week, I’m very eager to see how they write their way out of this one. The plot thickens, and the situation is tense. Did Hardy come all this way only to meet his doom in the farmhouse? Will Jacob bring himself to kill Megan? And what has happened to Claire? Who else will be a part of the cult? I can only hope we get some answers next Monday.

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