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Cast Sets Sail for The Terror

Posted by Steve Barton on November 18, 2016

AMC is well aware that “The Walking Dead” fervor is not going to last forever so they’re trying some new things, including “The Terror.” Deadline is reporting that Edward Ashley (In the Heart of the Sea), Liam Garrigan (“Once Upon a Time”), and Ronan Raftery (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) have signed on for recurring roles in AMC’s anthology drama series, based on the bestselling 2007 novel by Dan Simmons.

Scott Free, Alexandra Milchan’s Emjag Productions, Entertainment 360, and AMC Studios are producing the 10-episode straight-to-series drama set to premiere in 2017.

Written by feature writer David Kajganich, who co-showruns with Soo Hugh, the series is set in 1847, when a Royal Navy expedition crew searching for the Northwest Passage is attacked by a mysterious predator that stalks the ships and their crews in a suspenseful and desperate game of survival. It is a fictionalized account of Captain Sir John Franklin’s lost expedition of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. Ashley and Garrigan will play stewards aboard the HMS Terror, and Raftery will play a Lieutenant on the HMS Terror.

Generic Ghost Ship

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Jared Harris and AMC Unleash The Terror

Posted by Steve Barton on September 29, 2016

More TV horror is on its way from the network that has brought us “The Walking Dead” and “Preacher.” Read on for the latest on “The Terror.”

From the Press Release:
AMC announced today that Jared Harris (“Mad Men,” “The Crown”) has been cast as the lead actor in the network’s anthology drama series “The Terror,” an adaption of the bestselling novel by Dan Simmons. David Kajganich (True Story, A Bigger Splash) and Soo Hugh (“The Whispers,” “The Killing”) are serving as executive producers, writers, and co-showrunners with Scott Free, Emjag Productions, and Entertainment 360 producing the series in association with AMC Studios. Production begins this winter in Budapest with the 10 one-hour episodes set to premiere in 2017.

“The Terror” is set in 1847, when a Royal Naval expedition crew searching for the Northwest Passage is attacked by a mysterious predator that stalks the ships and their crew in a suspenseful and desperate game of survival.

Harris (pictured below) will play Francis Crozier, Captain of the HMS Terror and second in command of the expedition. He is a brilliant sailor and captain, but an Irishman who has reached his glass ceiling in the British Royal Navy and has become disillusioned with its pomp and politics.

Additional casting includes Ciaran Hinds (“Game of Thrones,” “Rome”) as Sir John Franklin; Paul Ready (“Cuffs,” “Utopia”) as Henry Goodsir; and Adam Nagaitis (“Houdini and Doyle,” Suffragette) as Cornelius Hickey. All will play integral members of the crew aboard the ships. Tobias Menzies (“Outlander,” “Game of Thrones”), who was previously announced, rounds out the casting as James Fitzjames, a member of the Royal Navy.

“The story of man’s battle with nature and an unknown predator makes ‘The Terror’ a gripping and imaginative series and calls for a special kind of actor,” said Joel Stillerman, president of original programming and development for AMC and SundanceTV. “We are thrilled to expand our relationship with Jared Harris and look forward to watching him transform into the complex and fascinating character of Captain Crozier. We are also delighted to work with this versatile and talented cast and share with audiences the despair and horror inside this journey of survival, hope, and recognition.”

Jared Harris

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DVD and Blu-ray Releases: May 31, 2016

Posted by Sean Brickley on May 31, 2016

Howdy, folks. Hopefully everyone is fully rested from a three-day weekend. We have a short list this week, but for just six releases, it’s pretty stacked.

First up is 1966’s Blood Bath. I’ve seen a slight discrepancy with this title. Some sites say May 30th while others say May 31st. Either way you’ll soon be able to watch this classic with Sid Haig.

There are also a few other classics to choose from. You can check out Jack Nicholson and Boris Karloff on the Blu-ray release of The Terror. There’s also the Collector’s Edition Blu/DVD of 1981’s Venom. Rounding out our classics for the week is Psychic Killer from 1975.

In addition to the classics, we’ll also be seeing the DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K releases of Pride + Prejudice + Zombies. I have a feeling I’ll be buying this for my wife (I swear it’s for her).

We should be seeing at least 20 releases on each list for the next couple of weeks, so be sure to keep checking back. Pleasant viewing, friends.


Blood Bath (1966) (2-Disc Limited Special Edition)

Blood Bath (1966)


Sid Haig, Lori Saunders, Marissa Mathes, William Campbell


A crazed artist who believes himself to be the reincarnation of a murderous vampire kills young women, then boils their bodies in a vat.


Pride + Prejudice + Zombies (2016)

Pride + Prejudice + Zombies (2016)


Jack Huston, Douglas Booth, Matt Smith, Charles Dance, Lena Heady


A zombie outbreak has fallen upon the land in this reimagining of Jane Austen’s classic tale of the tangled relationships between lovers from different social classes in 19th century England. Feisty heroine Elizabeth Bennet (Lily James) is a master of martial arts and weaponry and the handsome Mr. Darcy (Sam Riley) is a fierce zombie killer, yet the epitome of upper class prejudice. As the zombie outbreak intensifies, they must swallow their pride and join forces on the blood-soaked battlefield in order to conquer the undead once and for all.


Psychic Killer (1975)

Psychic Killer (1975)


Jim Hutton, Julie Adams, Greydon Clark, Paul Burke, Neville Brand


Arnold Masters (Jim Hutton) is a mild-mannered man who obsesses over his mother, but finds himself implicated in a murder he didn’t commit, and is sent to an asylum. While incarcerated, a fellow patient teaches him the techniques of Astral Projection, also known as the Kirlian Effect, which is the ability to use his mind to control objects at will. When the real killer is found and Arnold is released, only to find that during his time in the asylum his mother has died, he vows vengeance against those responsible for setting him up and begins to use his powers to exact a bloody revenge.


The Terror (1963)

Terror, The (1963)


Jack Nicholson, Boris Karloff, Sandra Knight, Dick Miller


The ghostly apparition of a young woman is witnessed by an 18th Century French Lieutenant in Napoleon’s army. After two failed attempts to keep up with her, Lt. Andre Duvalier (Nicholson) heads to the castle of Baron Von Leppe (Karloff), where he notices a painting of the Baron’s late wife Ilsa, who looks identical to the ghostly woman. Duvalier is now determined to unravel the castle’s mystery, and the Baron’s hidden secrets. Though officially credited to Roger Corman, The Terror had a total of five collaborative directors, including Nicholson himself, and Francis Ford Coppola.


Unhallowed Ground (2016)

Unhallowed Ground (2016)


Ameet Chana, Poppy Drayton, Marcus Griffiths, Thomas Law, Andrew Lewis


Six students who spend a night patrolling the eerie grounds of their historic school are taken hostage by burglars whose attempts to steal a priceless collection of artifacts disturb the spirit of a malevolent Plague Doctor and opens a portal to Hell.


Venom (1981)

Venom (1981)


Sterling Hayden, Klaus Kinski, Sarah Miles, Nicol Williamson, Susan George


Behind the drapes… Between the walls… In your bed… A thriller to make your skin crawl!

It was supposed to be the perfect crime: the sexy maid (Susan George of Straw Dogs), a psychotic chauffeur (Oliver Reed of The Brood) and an international terrorist (the legendary Klaus Kinski) kidnap a wealthy ten-year-old boy from his elegant London townhouse. But they didn’t count on a murdered cop, a desperate hostage siege, and one very unexpected houseguest: a furious Black Mamba, the most lethal and aggressive snake known to nature. It can attack from ten feet away. Its bite brings excruciating death. And it is on the loose. Now, terror knows no antidote… and the ultimate in slithering mayhem is Venom.

Sterling Hayden (The Killing), Nicol Williamson (Excalibur) and Sarah Miles (Blow-Up) co-star in this gripping suspense thriller based on the novel by best-selling author Alan Scholefield and directed by Piers Haggard (The Blood On Satan’s Claw). Venom has been newly transferred in 2K High Definition from its negative and features some very real – and extremely deadly – Black Mambas!


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The Terror Getting a Definitive Blu-ray Release

Posted by Steve Barton on May 12, 2016

The classic flick The Terror has been available countless times on just about every single medium that there’s ever been. Now it’s hitting Blu-ray in what we hope will be a be-all, end-all edition!

From the Press Release:
Roger Corman’s 1963 thriller The Terror – transferred from 35mm archival film elements – will be available on Blu-ray May 31 from The Film Detective (distributed by Allied Vaughn).

Famous for being one of Jack Nicholson’s earliest film roles, The Terror was shot on sets remaining from the shoot of the iconic horror film The Haunted Palace. Although officially credited to Corman, The Terror had a total of five collaborative directors, including Nicholson himself and Francis Ford Coppola.

Commented film historian Phil Hopkins, owner of The Film Detective, “After years of sub-par versions, The Film Detective brings The Terror to the screen as it’s never been seen before, fully restored from 35mm archival material in its original aspect ratio. I think fans will be thrilled with the unparalleled quality of this Blu-ray release, not only visually but by the impact of the soundtrack.”

Also starring Dick Miller (A Bucket of Blood) as Stefan, married in real life to Sandra Knight (who portrays the ghost of Ilsa, the Baroness Von Leppe), who was visibly pregnant with their daughter during filming.

The Terror is presented in full screen with an aspect ratio of 1.85:1 and original sound.

In 18th century France, Lt. Andre Duvalier (three-time Academy Award winner Jack Nicholson; The Departed, As Good As It Gets, A Few Good Men, The Shining), an officer in Napoleon’s army, has been separated from his regiment. Wandering near the coast, he spies a young woman (Sandra Knight; Frankenstein’s Daughter, Blood Bath) and calls out to her. When she fails to acknowledge, he follows her into the dark surf and strangely loses consciousness.

He awakens in a house tended by an old woman, Katrina (Dorothy Neumann; Sorry, Wrong Number, The Ten Commandments), who claims not to know the mysterious lady. On his way once again, Andre comes upon the castle of Baron Victor Frederick Von Leppe (Boris Karloff; Frankenstein, The Mummy, How the Grinch Stole Christmas).

There he learns that the girl is in fact the spirit of the Baron’s late wife, being used as a pawn by the witchy Katrina, who is bent on driving the elderly Baron to suicide.

The Terror

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Exclusive: Juliet Landau Talks the Future of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Tim Burton, The Terror, and More!

Posted by Sean Decker on May 2, 2016

Last week we brought you exclusive word that co-director Juliet Landau’s exhaustive vampire documentary A Place Among the Undead has evolved into a full-fledged series, and today we bring you the rest of our interview, in which we chat about the future of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” her experience working with director Tim Burton on the set of Ed Wood, and more.

Landau, who is best known to genre fans for her turn as the deranged, yet enigmatic vampire Drusilla in Joss Whedon’s iconic “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” series (as well as for her portrayal of Loretta King in Tim Burton’s celebrated 1994 feature Ed Wood), said of the latter, “Vickie Thomas, who cast me in my first job ever, brought me in [for Ed Wood]. I was actually cast before my father [Martin Landau] was in the movie. I recall that I was shooting another film at the time and had been working all night, and I think I was slightly delirious when Vickie taped my audition.”

After receiving a call back, Landau was prepared to read again, but as she remembers, “Tim [Burton] told me he loved my audition tape and said he just wanted to chat. We talked for over an hour, and we discussed the role/film a tiny bit, but it really was just this amazing, stream-of-consciousness, free-flowing conversation. I felt an immediate affinity and connection with Tim. As for the film, I’d read Rudolph Grey’s book Nightmare of Ecstasy, which the screenplay was largely based on, but I don’t think we discussed it at that time. The minute I read the role of Loretta, I knew I had to play her and felt that I would. The script had an inherent sweetness in it. It was a love letter to filmmaking and creativity.”

As for her working relationship with the director, “I loved working with Tim and with Johnny [Depp],” said Landau. “Tim created the best atmosphere: an extremely fun, open, but focused environment where everyone was excited and inspired to bring their ‘A’ game. I felt incredibly free to try things and to discuss ideas with Tim. I am now a bit in awe of my younger self and the things I voiced. For instance, there was a beat in the bar scene with Johnny where Tim asked me to smile. I wanted to save the smile for the end because I saw Loretta as very similar to Johnny’s character of Ed. I saw it as my mission to sweetly out-con the sweet con man. I knew what Tim was going for. He needed a delineation, a response in the beat that was transpiring, so I asked if I could try something else. I tried it in the next take, and Tim started to bounce. He was very cute because when he liked a take, he would bop up and down with this joyous, ebullient energy. When we interviewed Tim recently for A Place Among the Undead, we reminisced a lot. Ed Wood was a very special and personal film for him, and it was for me as well.”

Concerning the long speculated reboot/redux/reimaging of Joss Whedon’s cult hit television series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” we asked Juliet if that were to come to fruition, whether or not it would be something she’d be interested in participating in.

“I would love to, assuming Joss was helming it,” she answered, “but the thing with playing a vampire is vampires never age, so if I was going to play Dru, I’d better do it quick and with great lighting!” (Writer’s Note: Landau doesn’t appear to have aged a day since stalking Sunnydale).

Joss and Juliet 2

Of the “BtVS” universe, Landau assisted in expanding it from screen to print by co-writing (with Brian Lynch) in 2009 Issues #24 & #25 of the IDW comic series Angel: After the Fall, in which Drusilla has a two-issue arc.

“I had a wonderful time working with Brian,” offered Landau of the experience. “It was surprising how easily I slipped back into Dru’s skin. I guess when you inhabit a character over the course of six seasons, you really get immersed in her logic, or with Dru… her illogic. I got the call from IDW while I was in the edit bay, and by the end of the edit session, the story had come to me. I went home, wrote it in script form, and sent it in. Once it was approved, Brian and I worked together via email, and it was a lot of fun! I designed the alternate covers, and I think I pulled something like 1,500 reference images for the interior pages. My husband, Dev, and I found them and labeled them for each panel.”

Adding to her historic hats of actor, director, writer, and producer, Landau has also worked extensively in the world of voice-over, lending her vocal talents to both animated television series (“Justice League”) and video games (Final Fantasy, Bioshock), among others.

“I love doing voice-over,” she effused. “For a lot of the animation I have recorded, you work with the other actors and really get to play. I can pretty much do every accent under the sun, but voice acting expands the roles you can play even further because you can inhabit roles that you would never be cast for physically. Also, you don’t have to primp… no make-up, no hair, no wardrobe, which can be liberating and great.”

As for feature work, Landau shot a cameo in FX maven and director Todd Tucker’s recently wrapped The Terror, which revolves around a fifteen-year-old boy who, after being brutally beaten up by high school bullies, unknowingly unleashes the “Terror of Halloween” upon them.

Of the shoot, Landau said, “A few years ago Todd directed me in the adorable kid’s movie Monster Mutt, in which I played the blonde, Russian baddie. I slinked around in black catsuits and did nefarious deeds. He is a wonderful director. He asked me to play the cameo role of Nurse Pryce in The Terror, and I was in! I also hooked him up with Christian Kane and Eric Roberts, who also appear. Todd’s company, Illusion Industries, built all the effects; and they are imaginative and brilliant.” (Writer’s Note: I recently had a chance to tour the sets of The Terror with director Tucker and can attest to this; more to come on that in the months ahead).

For more on Landau and her fan-backed A Place Among the Undead (you can still get involved here), see our previous interviews with Landau (Part 1 here and Part 2 here).

“Buffy” fans, take note: Juliet will serve as the Guest of Honor this May 13-15 at Whedonopolis 2016, a charitable and jam-packed convention organized by Whedonverse, to be held at Airtel Plaza Hotel (7277 Valjean Ave., Van Nuys, CA) in the Los Angeles area.

Juliet beret 1

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AMC Greenlights Horror/Suspense Anthology The Terror

Posted by Debi Moore on March 2, 2016

AMC today announced that it has greenlit a new anthology drama series called “The Terror,” an adaption of the bestselling novel by Dan Simmons. Scott Free, Emjag Productions, and Entertainment 360 are producing the series in association with AMC Studios.

Written by David Kajganich (pictured below right; True Story, A Bigger Splash), who will also serve as co-showrunner with Soo Hugh (pictured below left; “The Whispers,” “The Killing”), the series is set in 1847, when a Royal Naval expedition crew searching for the Northwest Passage is attacked by a mysterious predator that stalks the ships and their crew in a suspenseful and desperate game of survival.

Executive producers are Ridley Scott (“The Good Wife,” “The Man in the High Castle”) and David W. Zucker (“The Good Wife,” “The Man in the High Castle”) of Scott Free; Alexandra Milchan (The Wolf of Wall Street) and Scott Lambert (Paranoia), both of whom are principals at Emjag Productions; and Guymon Casady (“Game of Thrones,” Steve Jobs) of Entertainment 360, the content arm of Management 360. AMC has ordered 10 one-hour episodes with an expected premiere date in 2017.

“We’ve been focused on developing this incredible story for television with these great partners for a couple of years, and we think it provides rich dramatic material but also an opportunity to explore the anthology format, which is something we’re extremely interested in and offers some unique possibilities,” said Joel Stillerman, president of original programming and development for AMC and SundanceTV. “Originality is still something that gets our attention every day, and the very unique mixing of historical non-fiction with a gripping and imaginative science fiction overlay in Dan’s novel is something that we hadn’t seen before. That, combined with an exceptional team behind the project, made this something we really wanted to bring to air on AMC.”

“Dan’s novel is that rare combination of fascinating actual history, groundbreaking genre storytelling, and the complex character work of literature,” Kajganich said. “The chance to launch a series that will incorporate all of these elements going forward, and with a team of this caliber, is extraordinary.”

“As a long-time fan of Dan Simmons, the opportunity to join this project is a dream come true,” Hugh said. “We look forward to bringing this story to life for the passionate AMC audience.”


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AMC Bringing on The Terror

Posted by Uncle Creepy on February 13, 2013

AMC is no doubt enjoying the record-breaking ratings that "The Walking Dead" is giving them. That's why it comes as no surprise the network would want to lock down some more tales of horror. Enter an adaptation of the novel The Terror.

According to Deadline, AMC has put in development "The Terror," a drama series adaptation of the 2007 bestselling novel by Dan Simmons, which is being executive produced by Scott Free TV, Television 360, and feature producer Alexandra Milchan.

Written by hot feature writer David Kajganich, "The Terror" is set in 1847, when the crew of a Royal Naval expedition to find the Arctic’s treacherous Northwest Passage discovers instead a monstrous predator – a cunning and vicious Gothic horror that stalks the ships in a desperate game of survival, the consequences of which could endanger the region and its native people forever. Kajganich executive produces with Scott Free’s David Zucker and Ridley Scott, TV 360′s Scott Lambert, and Meghan Lyvers, Milchan, and Simmons.

AMC Bringing on The Terror

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